The convenient Bride

Chapter 22: Don't Hurt Her

After a while, Rosiley entered Lina's office.

"Manager, are you looking for me?"

"Yes. Do you know why?" Lina looked at her with sharp eyes. Her voice was daunting.

Rosiley had respected and admired Lina because she not only showed excellent capacity in work but
also was good at management.

Everyone would admire crackerjacks, right? Besides, Lina had promoted her several times.

"I don't know. Please tell me." Rosiley shook her head and looked at Lina calmly and sincerely.

"Rosiley, although I appreciate your work, I don't hope your personal life will affect work. Did you see
the reporters downstairs? They have affected your colleagues and their work. You made the trouble, so

you have to solve it. Anyway, when we get off work, I want them already gone. Understand?”

Linas voice was loud and her expression was stern, which added more majesty on her good-looking

Now Rosiley khew why she was here.

She didn't go outside for news gathering today, so she wasn't aware that a large number of reporters
were gathering downstairs.

However, she did make the trouble, so she was willing to solve it.

Therefore, she didn't find any excuse but replied directly, 'Manager, don worry. II work it out as soon as

"Good. You can leave now. But remember, you're excellent. don't ruin your career due to some people.
I believe you can win yourself a brighter future."

Linas expression got softer and her words were comforting.

Rosiley froze for a moment but soon she got her point. She supposed Lina had read the news in the
morning and was telling her not to care those who weren't worthy.

She smiled, "Thank you, Manager. Ì agree with you.'

Then she nodded at Lina and left the office.

Hearing this, Lina also smiled in the office. lt was comfy to talk with smart people. Without being too
frank, she could get the point with just a hint. That also was why she appreciated Rosiley.

After Rosiley left the office, she went downstairs without hesitation, preparing to send the reporters

There were security guards at the gate, so reporters could only wait outside. When she showed up at
the gate, what she saw first was reporters holding cameras in the dazzling sunshine. Sweat dripped
from their faces, but they endured and stayed there.

She went outside immediately, handing out the bottled water she bought previously to them, "Take the
water please. Don't stay in the dazzling sunshine here. lt is so hot today and you'll get sunstroke easily.'

Her appearance was out of expectation. Nobody had expected she would appear in person, so none of
them replied.

Finally, someone shouted in surprise, "It's Rosiley!" Soon tens of reporters rushed on and surrounded
her tightly in the center.

"Miss Tang, what's the relationship among you, Mr. Ji and Miss Gu? The rumour said that Miss Gu is
the mistress who seduced your fiancé. Is it the truth?"

"Miss Tang, someone said you stepped in their relationship and wanted to snatch your sister s fiancé.
What do you think of ¡t2 Do you wanna explain?"

"Miss Tang, the news caused an unprecedented sensation and made you famous now. ls it the strategy
of your company? Do you plan to enter the showbiz?"

"Miss Tang, you are said to pay for manipulating the public opinion and even taking a revenge on
Rorey Gu and Yunis Ji. Is it true?"

Tens of reporters came to Rosiley with various tricky questions. They were so good at imagination that
at last they even asked whether all of this was commercial conspiracy.

And Rosiley couldn't be calmer while facing these tricky questions.

After all, she was a reporter herself. Nobody was more familiar with the circumstance than her. So she
just responded to them with ease.

"Thank you very much for coming this far and interviewing me. I'll answer all questions here. First of all,
I don't plan to enter the showbiz. I am a reporter like you. I like this job and I don't wanna change it right

"For your second question, I have nothing to say. Rorey is my step mother's daughter. Yunis ¡is my
childhood sweetheart. They both are my family. So... I have to say I respect their decision to be
together and I wish them happiness since they truly love each other. I'm willing to Sacrifice myself to
fulfill their love.”

“And finally I beg you not to stick to the news anymore. My sister is pregnant now, please don't hurt

After finishing these words, she bowed deeply to the reporters. Her expression looked so sincere and

But from her words, the reporters could obviously feel her mixed feelings of disappointment, sadness,
pain and so on, which made them have sympathy for her.

At this moment, the reporters didn't know what to ask next.

While for Rosiley, she knew she had achieved her purpose.

Perhaps she was not as competent as the experienced reporters present, but her ability to deal with
matters of sudden urgency was always outstanding.

Her words contained much information, leaving enough room for reporters to imagine themselves.