The convenient Bride

Chapter 23: You Will be a Good Wife

The reporters left and a few seconds later, Rosiley's interview video was posted online, causing
another round of heated discussion.

The reporters analyzed her speaking word by word, and finally came to a conclusion that Rorey stole
Yunis, Rosileys childhood sweetheart and made him abandon her. But Rosiley not only held no
grudges but also defended them and begged the netizen not to hurt them.

The netizen were moved by Rosiley. Many people thought Rosiley was such a kind and sweet girl. She
was the heart-broken victim yet still generous to forgive and even defend them.

However, some people thought that Rosiley was actually scheming. She was just pretending to be the
victim. Her speech seemed to be defending them, but iÍ you thought twice, you would know she was
telling the public that they had hurt her.

But on the whole, most people choose to stand by Rosiley and Yuniss attempts to counterattack had

The cursing and abusing once again headed towards Rorey like a violent storm.

Yayoi was overwhelmed with joy while reading online comments.

"Rosiley, you really impressed me this time. You were so clever when dealing with reporters. They
helped you teach Rorey a good lesson without knowing it!"

Rosiley blinked her eyes innocently, "What do you mean? I did nothing but just repeated what Rorey

"Come on! You carrt fool me." Yayo¡i patted Rosiley on her shoulder, 'l am glad to see you fighting
back. When you were with Yunis, you were such an obedient little girl. Yunis probably never imagined
that you would fight back against him ruthlessly!"

At this moment, Rosiley's phone rang. She took a glance and couldn't help smiling, 'Hello——”

"l saw the news." Sachins sexy voice came from the phone.

"How do you feel?" Rosiley raised her eyebrow and asked.

"If my dear wife wants to be an actress, she will definitely be the best one."

"ƑIl take this as compliments." Rosiley burst out laughter.

"Please do. Besides, l booked a table in the restaurant tonight and will pick you up after work."

"Great!" Rosiley agreed instantly and then hung up the phone.

"Rosiley, look at your smile! Tell me, who was calling?" Yayoi came close and looked at her with her big
curious eyes.

"Just a friend. Rosiley said calmly.

"Come on. Do you think I will believe it?' Yayoi snorted.

"Well, more than a friend, but I can't tell you yet."

"Again? The same person who manipulated the public opinion for you?”

"Yes. I will introduce to you at the proper time."Rosiley glanced at her and made a promise.

"OK. lf you lie, I will... " Yayoi showed her tight fist to Rosiley.

After getting off work, Rosiley was picked up by Sachin for dinner.

The restaurant he chose was called Lavender located on the top floor of the skyscraper in the center.
The unique height offered an extremely wide view.

Lavender created a garden-style dining environment decorated with many crystals, which was pretty

When they arrived, they chose a table by the window. Looking down, they found the whole city was
extremely splendid and beautiful.

"This place is so fantastic and absolutely one of the best restaurants l have been." Rosiley praised and
her eyes shone brightly.

"The food ¡s good, too. Here is the menu. What do you want to have?" Sachin handed over a menu
and asked with a smile.

"Thank you." Rosiley took ¡t gladly and began to look it through.

There were various dishes, each of which looked exquisite and even had a romantic name.

Rosiley finished ordering quickly. While waiting for the food, she smiled and said to Sachin, "My best
friend seems to be very interested in you."

"The one who fought for you the other day?" Sachin raised his eyebrow and asked.

"Yesl" Rosiley nodded in amusement.

"“Did you tell her who I was?”

Rosiley shook her head, "Not yet. We have made an agreement. don't make our marriage public unless

"But I won't mind if you tell her.' When he went to TEG that day, he was impressed to see Yayoi was
fighting against others for Rosiley.

Most importantly, he read Rosiley's file and knew that Yayoi had always been a good friend and treated
Rosiley very well. So he agreed without hesitation.

"Then I don't have to hide it from her anymore. She is violent, you know.' Rosiley made a funny fact
and teased.

So there was a naughty side in her. Sachin was stunned by her smile and felt happy, too.

At this moment, the waiter brought the dishes to the table.

Sachin glanced at the food on the table, surprised, 'How do you know...'

"I said I would be a good wife. Maybe I don't know you so well now. But at least I can start from
knowing what you like eating. This is the most basic thing within a couple."

Rosiley poured wine for Sachin and herself with a smile, 'I ordered these specifically for you. Hope you
will enjoy it"

After hearing her words, Sachin fell silent, staring at her fixedly. But in his eyes, there were unknown

After a while, he said meaningfully, "You will be a good wife."

"I will try to do better. Rosiley nodded with an elegant smile.