Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 25: I'm Afraid to Scare You

"Don't be so confident. We all know Rorey. She is such a bitch that she might set you up secretly. You
might as well keep an eye on her in case that she'd get back at you for revenge.”

When it came to Rorey, Yayoi had never ever let her guard down.

Having known Rosiley for years, Yayoi witnessed Rorey used a variety of dirty tricks to hurt Rosiley,
and that was why she hated her so much.

"you're right. In the farce, Rorey's reputation was competently ruined. Right now she might even want
to kill me. By no means would she forget this and move on." Rosiley agreed with Yayoi.

After all the years living with Rorey, no one could know Rorey better than her.

"You can never be too careful." Yayoi smiled and stuffed the meat into her mouth, chewing hard, "Well,
you put on quite a

show, and your step-mother, didn't even say a word?"

"Not at all. She had no guts. When l was a little girl, she might play dirty tricks behind my back. Now, I
worry allow that.'

Speaking of Xenia, Rosiley's face turned deathly cold suddenly.

She still remembered that day on Rorey s engagement party, Xenia gave the necklace her mother left
her to Rorey. That necklace never belong to her! How could she just take it! She had already taken her
dad. wasn't that enough? Or did she want to have everything? Impossible!

If so, Rosiley didn't mind teaching her a lesson of what to take and what to let go.

"Why are you looking so serious2 You scared me... Yayoi patted her chest exaggeratedly, pretending to
be terrified.

“Because I'm thinking about selling you out.' Rosiley glanced at her and joked.

"Me? I'm afraid you have to pay others to take me away.' Yayoi grinned.

Rosiley burst into laughter and forgot all the bad things for the first time.

"Thank you, Yayoi. Thanks to you guys' support, or I wont get through all the sufferings."

"Huh?" Yayoi noticed something instantly, "You guys'? What do you mean? Who else is there for you?
The mysterious one you mentioned before and didn't want to tell me?”

"Yep!" Rosiley smiled and nodded.

"Rosiley, how could you! You told me his existence, yet you refuse to tell me who he is. What a
cliffhanger! Now I'm dying to

know everything about the one'!" Yayoi lost her appetite and begged Rosiley to tell her.

"Careful. Curiosity kills the cat. i'm afraid to scare you." Rosiley sipped her juice, looked quite poised.

“Don't be ridiculous! Nothing can scare me. .Just tell me about him, please!"

Yayoi was heady, and she was being tortured by the curiosity aroused by Rosiley on purpose.

"If I tell you, can you promise not to get mad, pound the table, or scream?”"

"Of course, I can! I promise!" Yayoi took it seriously.

"Well, l got married, with the one'.ˆ

'Ok, I get it, you're married...' Yayoi nodded with a smile, but then the look on her face was frozen,
"What...what did you say?

Say it again.'

'I'm married." Rosiley repeated in a calm voice.


With her voice rising in surprise, Yayoi stood up and pounded the table, unable to believe it. You are
married? How come you are married?"

Rosiley seemed to have foreseen her reaction and smirked. 'Keep your voice down. You promised that
you wouldn't Overreact.'

"Fine. But how come you got married? When did it happen?” Overwhelmed by the shock, Yayoi found it
hard to calm down.

"The next day after l found Yunis cheated on me.”

"!!!" With eyes widening, Yayo¡ was startled and worried, "Rosiley, are you telling me that you find a guy
to marry at random just to take a revenge on Yunis?"

Rosiley smiled, 'Correct.'

'Are you crazy, Rosiley?

Other than screaming and shouting, Yayoi got disappointed and lowered her voice. 'Yunis this a son of
a bitch is not worthy of

your revenge. How can you just marry to punish him? Marriage matters to your lifetime happiness, and
you... chose to marry a

stranger? Damn it! What's his name? Age? Address? Appearance? Does he deserve you?”

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