The convenient Bride

Chapter 26: Another War

''Just calm down.”

"He a bit older than me, looks good, and lives in Lennox Villa.' Rosiley heard the series of questions
and answered one by one.

"He’s quite rich?" Yayoi was surprised.

“Honestly, he is. Rosiley thought and agreed.

'So what? Can he buy you lifetime happiness with money?" Yayoi glared at her in great anger. '`Youre
too stupid. How come ...How come you...

"Yayoi, I know you care about me. Maybe l was a little impulsive about the marriage. However, I do not
regret. Besides, he isn't so terrible as you think...Well, maybe you will get more excited if you meet

Rosiley tried to take baby steps. Because She knew Yayoi so well. lf she found her husband was
Sachin Lu, she might just go crazy on the spot.

"“Even if you think highly of him, you cart change my attitude.' After grumbling, she kept asking,
"What's his name?”

"His name is...' The phone ring just interrupted Rosiley from finishing her sentence.

They both looked at the phone...

"Its Xenia.' Rosiley became gloomy and frowned.

"What does she want?" Yayoi's attention turned from her husband to Xenia.

'I Have no idea. But it must be something bad."

Rosiley picked up the phone, just to hear Xenias angry voice piercing through her phone.

“Rosiley, how could you do this to your sister2 don't you know she 's pregnant? Do you want to murder
her2 You heartless bitch!

This series of questions just made Rosiley feel noisy and bothered.

'I don't know what you are talking. Rosiley answered in a cold voice.

"Rosiley, save it! lÍ it weren't for you, my Rorey wouldn't have passed out at home. Shame on you. She
nearly miscarried!"

Rorey nearly miscarried? Yayoi snorted and doubted.

Rosiley still said in a poised voice, 'Auntie Xenia, it's none of my business if Rorey fainted. I know you
are angry. But you are blaming the wrong one.ˆ

"How shameless you are! lf you didn't say anything to the reporters, Rorey wouldn’t have fainted.
Rosiley Tang, you are so vicious! I warn you if anything happens to my Rorey, you're doomed!"

After yelling desperately , Xenia immediately hung up.

“.. Frowning, Rosiley didn’t know what to say.

"Do you believe her?" Yayoi sneered and asked Rosiley.

After pondering for a moment, she said, “She seemed to tell the truth. I guess Rorey did faint, bụt
nearly miscarried...I think she is exaggerating. She shook her head, "Rorey is not that weak. She would
never be broken down so easily.'

Yayoi rolled her eyes, 'Leave her alone. She just got what she deserved. I wish she could go to hell.

"No, it's better I go back to check on her.'

'Are you insane? don't you tell me you're worried about her.' Seeing Rosiley was about to leave, Yayoi
stared at her in disbelief.

'Are you kidding? I want to go back to fetch my things and just visit Rorey by the way. After all, I'd better
know what she is up to, right?"

“Then I will go with you. I don't want to see you go back alone. Ì am worried Rorey and her mother are
so scheming that they will hurt you.

"Relax. I can handle that on my own.”

After saying goodbye to Yayoi, Rosiley left at once.

Rorey did pass out, but definitely not so seriously as Xenia described. She woke up in less half an hour
and showed no sign of so-called miscarrying.

On hearing Rorey fainted, Yunis rushed to her from his office in no time, worried and fretted.


Seeing him coming, Rorey cried loudly with tears streaming in her eyes, "Yunis, Rosiley did it on
purpose. She wanted to ruin my life, sending me to the hell."

"Sweetheart, don't be so emotional for the sake of your health and our baby."

Gentle and tender as his words were, his face was dark in anger.

"How can I calm down? Thanks to Rosiley, everyone cursed me now and asked me to leave the
showbiz for good. You know how much l want to be famous and successful in the showbiz. Recently, I
just obtained a leading role in a TV drama. Many famous stars wïill join, too. It will start filming soon,
but now [ve lost the chance, due to Rosiley.'

She cried hysterically and acted as miserable as she could.