The convenient Bride

Chapter 29: You Tasted Better

In the evening, Rosiley went back home directly after work.

But Sachin had to work overtime and might get back late. So Rosiley decided to prepare a big dinner in

Judging from Rosileys appearance, it seemed that she wasn't good at cooking. But in fact, she enjoyed
cooking and might have a talent for it.

After a while, the kitchen was full of the aroma of food.

When Sachin arrived home, he stopped at the kitchen and appreciated the view.

His beloved wife was wearing the apron and busy cooking. Her figure was slender and graceful.

Right now she was apparently having fun and enjoyed the process herself.

Sachin slowly walked in and hugged her from behind.

Rosiley was so startled that she almost dropped the spatula. "You came back?”

"Yes.' Sachin responded and rested his chin on Rosiley's shoulder. "Your hands are soft and beautiful.
You shouldn't use them for cooking.' said Sachin in a low voice near her ear.

"Well. I can make yummy food with these hands." Rosiley chuckled, "Dinner will be ready soon. You
can just wait outside."

"No, it's better to wait here.'

Sachin said softly and his hand was still putting on her waist.

Rosiley was a little nervous, "Wait here like this? lf so, l cant cook myself."

"I can help you."

He smiled, his hands reaching forward and holding Rosileys hands. Now they seemed to be cooking

Rosiley could feel Sachin's breathing on her cheek. They were so close and intimate right now.

Her heart could not help beating faster and her face turned red. She was distracted by him and had to
push him a little.

"Sachin, l cart focus on cooking with you here, which will make me far away from being a good wife."

He pondered for a moment and said seriously, "There is the best way to be a good wife. lt is even a

"What is the shortcut?" Rosiley was curious.

"Like this..."

He smiled and turned her around easily. Then his kiss softly fell on Rosileys lips.

"But the steak is still in the pan...'

Rosiley let out a low voice of protest.

Of course, Sachin didn't give up. He hugged her tightly and kissed her passionately. They didn't stop
until Rosiley was out of breath in

his arms.

At this moment, who could care about the steak? Obviously Rosiley tasted better.

After dinner, Rosiley quickly went back to her room and took a shower.

She fell asleep soon since she had suffered a lot these days was exhausted. But at night when she
was sleeping, she felt someone coming and lying next to her. She felt familiar and safe, so she got
closer and naturally rested on his shoulder. Rosiley put her hand against his chest like a kitten as if that
was a safe place to stay.

Sachin smiled and hugged her tightly. He looked down at her sleeping face. lt was the first time he had
looked at her so closely.

She had rosy cheeks and long black hair. Her eyes were closed and he could see her long lashes. She
looked like an innocent baby.

lt was hard to imagine that such a girl was so strong and serious when she woke up.

Sachin stared at her for a moment and couldn't help kissing her on her forehead slightly. He held her in
his arms and slept with her safe and sound.

Rosiley had a good sleep last night and woke up in high spirits the next day. But Sachin wasn't by her

She thought that maybe he had left for work and was surprised to find him sitting on the sofa and
checking his computer in the room. lt seemed that he was in great rage.

"Sachin, what's the matter?" Rosiley came up to him barefoot and asked.

Sachin pulled her over and let her sit down next to him. He showed her his computer.

lt was a news webpage where the headline was "Update on “The mistress' drama: malicious Rosiley
beat her sister Rorey, despite Rorey being pregnant'.

Below the title, there was a video playing what happened between Rosiley and Rorey at home
yesterday. A article followed and accused Rosiley of her violence.

Rosiley was astonished by the news. She didn't know things would turn in this way after she woke up.

Tens of thousands of comments were posted below, all accusing her of being vicious and heartless.

Some people said since Rorey apologized, Rosiley shouldn't kick her even as a victim. After all, Rorey
was pregnant and the baby was innocent.

Others thought that Rosiley was more vicious than the mistress. Rorey had knelt down to confess her
mistake. How could Rosiley attack a pregnant woman?

Rosiley was also accused that she was just playing pitiful to get sympathy. But in fact, she was the
bitch and tried to snatch her sister's fiance.

One netizen even commented that Rosiley deserved being dumped like this. After all, no man would
ever want to be with a vicious bitch.