The convenient Bride

Chapter 30: Rorey’s Scheme

All sorts of negative comments flooded to Rosiley, mixed with personal attacks.

"Well, well. Smart move. Rorey did it."

Even though Rosiley was mentally prepared, she was still annoyed as she read that news.

No one liked to be scolded or slandered. Those virulent comments really hurt.

Sachin raised his eyebrows, "You seem to have expected that."

“Not really. I knew she was up to something but didn't know her specific plan. Clearly, she wanted to
use the video to ruin me and explain herself."

"Then what's your plan?" Sachin asked.

Just now, his eyes were filled with anger, but he calmed down soon.

"I've always been watching out for Rorey. l know what to do."

Rosiley looked at him and smiled, "I'm sorry to let you worry about me early in the morning, but please
leave this to me. l can handle it.'

"Good” Sachin let out a sigh of relief and stroked her long hair. "When did you meet her?”

"Yesterday, when I went back to get my stuff.”

"If something like this happens again, you must tell me. I don't want you to be hurt." Sachin said coldly.

When he woke up in the morning and saw the news, he flew into a rage and immediately ordered Lane
to delete the news by all means.

However, now it seemed he was worrying too much.

Rosiley looked confident and extremely charming when her beautiful eyes shone with wisdom.

Few women in the world had refused his help. And she was one of them. Since she asked, he decided
to step out and let her handle in her way. But he would help her if necessary.

After making up his mind, Sachin smiled and kissed her on her cheek, "l will wait downstairs and have
breakfast with you.

"OK." Rosiley smiled sweetly and quickly got dressed.

They had some bread and milk as breakfast. Rosiley took the day off to avoid the chaos. While Sachin
wasrrt in a hurry to leave for work. Instead, he sat on the sofa and continued working on his computer.

"You might be late for work. Do you go to the company today?” Rosiley asked him curiously.

"I don't care about being late. Efficiency goes first. Even if I don't go to the company, no one will dare to

Sachin looked at her and answered in confidence.

Rosiley sighed, "This is the difference between a capitalist like you and a nobody like me. That's

Sachin pondered for a moment and chuckled, "Now that you don't go to work today, do you want to
know how capitalists usually work?"

"What?" Rosiley was surprised with her eyes twinkling, “Are you inviting me to visit Regal
Entertainment Group?”

"Yes, are you willing?"

"Yes, yes, yesl" Rosiley was so excited that she said "yes" three times.

REG was the top entertainment company. Countless stars and media staff would kill for a job in it.

Rosiley used to wish to work for REG, but she didn't make it. She had never imagined that one day she
would be able to visit it.

She even got a free tour guide. How could she refuse such a good opportunity?

“Then get prepared. Let's get out."

Noticing her bright smile, Sachin couldn't help feeling sweet, too. He instantly put away his computer
and was ready to go out. He would seize every chance to make his wife happy.

Rosiley prepared herself quickly and then got into Sachin's car for REG.

About 30 minutes later, they finally arrived.

The REG Building was definitely one of the landmarks in the city.

The skyscraper whose exteriors were made of translucent glass towered into the clouds. The solemn
gilded words "Regal Entertainment Group” at the entrance was a symbol of its great and unshakable

ltwas Rosiley's first visit inside REG. She had seen the building from afar before but never been able to
get inside. With just a glance, she was immediately impressed.

"You know what? I wanted to work for REG before. But I didn't make it. What a pity.'

Rosiley turned to Sachin and spoke when the car slowly entered the underground garage.

Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly, You are welcome to work here if you want."

“Huh? You want to help me get a job here? Rosiley glared at him and pouted.

"Not really. you're capable enough to get it yourself.”

Actually, he did. But it didn't mean he had no confidence in her.

Rosiley frowned and said, "I don't need your hetp. If I didn't meet you, l might have given it a try. But I
don't want to now. FlÍ get what I want by myself rather than with others' help.'

"You're so independent. i'm happy with that yet worried sometimes."

Sachin said with a glimmer of smile in his eyes.

He appreciated her independence, which was a little stubborn but definitely attractive.

After parking the car, Sachin took the private elevator upstairs with Rosiley.

His office was on the 32nd floor. lt was spacious. One of the walls had floor-to-ceiling windows, through
which he could get a good view of the city below. The office was well-designed whose color, style and
furnishings all suited Sachin's taste, low-key and elegant.

There was a bar, a wine cabinet and a lounge.

So this was where the boss of REG worked every day. Rosiley spent a while looking around the office
and was deeply impressed.

How would Yayoi react if she knew Rosiley was in the office of REG's president?

She would probably get more excited than when she knew Rosiley got married.

They both used to dream to work for REG. But after graduation, they had to work in Times
Entertainment Group due to the intense competition and their lack of working experience.