Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 33: My Husband Is More Handsome Than You

"Thank you!" Rosiley tried not to laugh. She had realized who he was, so she sat there and listened.
Otherwise, she would have told him to go away.

"No, I'm telling the truth. Are you free at noon? May I take you to lunch? We can know more about each

Now that Rosiley wasn't displeased, he decided to strike while the iron is hot.

"..." Now Lane could only pray for Payton.

Rosiley laughed, "you're good at chatting up, aren't you?”

"Miss Tang, what are you talking about? It's not like I can meet a girl like you every day. I may seem
like a playboy. But in fact, I'm very loyal." Payton defended his reputation seriously.

Lane rolled his eyes. Obviously, he disagreed with him.

Rosiley was amused by his serious expression, “Alright, even if you are loyal, i'm afraid I can't have
lunch with you."

"Why?'' Payton was shocked.

He was handsome and was always popular among girls. He never expected that he would be rejected
one day!

"Because I'll have lunch with my husband. Otherwise, he will be unhappy. What a pity!" Rosiley said,
pretending to regret.

Payton got astonished, ˆYour... your husband?”

"Yes, l'm married.'

Rosiley blinked and smiled innocently.

Payton didn't know what to say.

The most painful thing in his life was that the girl he had a crush on turned out to be already married.

Payton wouldn't want to have an affair with a married woman, but he still stared at Rosiley in doubt.

She looked young and in her early twenties. She was beautiful and had fair skin. Her innocence made
her a fairy. Moreover, she didn't wear any ring. It was impossible that she was married.

Payton looked at Rosiley in confusion and said, "Miss Tang, was that an excuse?”

Rosiley shook her head, "Of course not! i'm really married. And my husband is more handsome and
charming than you!"

She meant it in her heart.

Although Payton was indeed dazzlingly handsome and could easily draw girls' attention, Sachin was
more charming for his grace and calmness.

Payton said with excitement, "Miss Tang, now l['m sure you're lying. lm not a narcissist but being
honest. I've lived for over 20 years. In my lifetime, I have only met less than ten men who are more
handsome than me.

Obviously, Payton was very confident about his appearance.

Rosiley agreed with him on that, too.

His finely curved features were even more beautiful compared with most women. He should be

She smiled, “But I still think my husband is more handsome than you. lf you don't believe me, look
back. He is standing right behind you.

"Huh?" Payton looked in the direction Rosiley pointed.

Sachin was standing there. He stared at Payton coldly, which was frightening.

Payton was shocked and widened his eyes in disbelief, "You... you mean he...he... is your husband?"

"Yes!" Rosiley smiled and nodded.

Payton got a little startled and burst into laughter, “Impossiblet

However, Sachin slowly walked over and patted him on the shoulder. "You accosted my wife as soon
as you came back. Nice try,' said he.

Sachins words astonished Payton. He pointed at Sachin and then Rosiley. "you're married?' asked him.

"What? Do you want me to show you the marriage certificate?" Sachin laughed happily.

Payton was so excited that he seized Sachin on his collar. He said, "you're married! I thought you
would end up as bachelor. I never expect that! Why didn't you tell me about it?"

Sachin narrowed his eyes with displeasure and glared at Payton’s hands, "If you don't let go, FIl make
you single for a lifetime!"

Payton trembled and hastily withdrew his hand. "l was just too shocked. I'm your brother. How could
you not tell me?”

Payton complained, but Sachin ignored him. He asked Rosiley, 'How is your visit?”

"It's awesome. But the building ¡is too large. I can't visit everywhere in one go." Rosiley said regretfully.

"It's OK. You can come here next time. Let's go back to the office first."

Sachin smiled and reached out to hold Rosiley's hand as he walked towards his office.

Sachins smile startled Payton.

Goodness! Where was the real Sachin who was always decisive and cold?

He was actually smiling gently!

That was unbelievable!

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Payton wouldn't have believed that Sachin would actually smile
at someone this gently.

"Mr. Payton, are you going to stay here?" Lane really wanted to laugh as he saw Paytons expression.

The girl he accosted turned out to be his brother's wife. That was really funny.

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