The convenient Bride

Chapter 34: Counterattack

As they returned to the office, Payton finally accepted the fact that Sachin was married and began to
pester Rosiley, "Sister-in-law, may l take you to lunch?"

He called her in a different way, but still talked about the lunch.

"Why?" Rosiley laughed.

"You're my brother's savior. My family thought he would be single for a lifetime. lt was you who saved
him from the misery of

bachelorhood. So, l must treat you to a meal!''

Payton was even more enthusiastic than he was while chatting up with Rosiley.

Rosiley glanced at Sachin. This was the first time she had met Sachin's family. Although they were
biological brothers, their

personalities were completely different. One was calm and reserved, while the other was flamboyant
and unruly. lt was extremely interesting.

Rosiley smiled brightly, 'If Sachin agrees, I have no objections.'

Sachin said calmly, "You can order any food you like. It doesn't matter how expensive it is. This
opportunity is quite rare.'

Payton nodded excitedly and agreed, “That's right! You can order anything you want!"

Rosiley blinked, "Then let's go to the Harmony Restaurant. Your brother likes the Chinese food here.'

Sachin glanced at Rosiley in surprise and smiled slightly.

Payton nodded without hesitation, "Your wish is my command."

Since it wasn't lunchtime yet, Sachin returned to work.

Payton had nothing to do. Seeing that Rosiley was frowning and staring at the computer, he couldn't
help but approach curiously, "Rosiley, what's wrong?"

"Nothing.' Rosiley replied calmly, keeping browsing.

"Are you the one they scolded?” Payton looked at her with a shocked expression.

Payton had heard about her news, but he didn't pay much attention to it. He didn't expect that the girl
being scolded was Sachin's wife.

"Sachin, why did you stand by and do nothing?” Payton blamed Sachin.

"don't blame him. I refused his help. And I can handle it. It's time to fight back now."

Rosiley suddenly smiled in confidence.

At around eleven in the morning, Rorey thought she managed to reverse the public opinion against
Rosiley. .Just then, a piece of news was posted online, stirring up public anger towards her.

That piece of news looked very ordinary with a simple headline: ".Justice Will Prevail."

When people clicked the web page, they discovered that there was a recording.

The first half of the recording was exactly the same as the one released by Rorey. However, the
second half was different.

Xenia said, "Rorey, it's clever of you to slander her in this way. She will never be able to recover her
reputation in this case."

Rorey said, "No one would ever expect that I should retreat for the sake of advancing. I pretended to
admit my mistake and then took this opportunity to destroy Rosiley.'

Xenia said, "You're right. But you really frightened me. l thought she did kick you on your belly."

Rorey said, "How was that possible? I won't hurt my baby. I just need to play a trick to fool the public.'

Xenia said, "You are my good daughter. Then what are you going to do next?”

Rorey said, "Just let her enjoy her night. Tomorrow morning, I will definitely ruin her! Let's wait and

The entire conversation was obvious in telling the truth. Basically, it was the conspiracy of Xenia and

As the news went viral, those who had abused Rosiley realized that they were wrong.

Some still didn't believe it. They thought it was just a piece of fake news with a fake recording. They
even asked experts to confirm the authenticity of the recording to expose her hypocrisy.

However, the recording was proved to be true.

"They must be ashamed of their stupidity.' After reading the news, Payton said.

"You're so calm even while all people were abusing you online. I admire you for that, sister-in-law.
When can you stop impressing me?” He had witnessed how Rosiley counterattacked calmly and

praised from his heart.

"Thank you." Rosiley turned off her computer and nodded her head.

Payton smiled and said, ˆ! meant it. Sachin must be impressed by you too.'

Sachin did as Payton said. He had always been looking forward to Rosileys counterattack and was
surprised when Rosiley exposed Rorey’s lie easily.

"When did you get that recording?”

Rosiley smiled, "When l went home yesterday, I turned on the recording pen just in case. As expected,
Rorey was malicious. She recorded the video to frame me, but she didn't know that I also left the
recording pen there to record the conversation between her and her mother."

"You're very smart. Rosiley. Let's have lunch and celebrate it!" said Payton.

Finally, they went out for lunch.

In the garage, Sachin took the initiative to open the door for Rosiley and reached out to protect her
head from hitting the car.

Payton was shocked by Sachin's considerate behavior.

His cool brother was actually so thoughtful Unbelievable

He should film that scene so that he could show it to their friends.

However, if he really did, he might be beaten up by Sachin.