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Chapter 35: Rosiley Was Pretty Nice

Rosiley ordered a lot of expensive dishes in the Harmony Restaurant.

However, Payton didn't realize it. Instead, he said happily, "you're very slim, but you have a good

“Thank you. l just did as Sachin said. So, I ordered many dishes regardless of prices.' Rosiley had a
taste and said slowly.

"Didn't you notice that these dishes were all my favorite?” Sachin said casually and gave Rosiley a
doting look.

Payton was surprised. Suddenly, he whispered in Sachins ear, “Sachin, you really like her?”

"Or what?" Sachin glanced at him and gave him an ambiguous answer.

"I thought you were going to be a bachelor forever. But you met the girl you like. Congratulations!
Rosiley is very nice. You shall treat her well" Payton said.

"I will, lest you chat her up again." Sachin looked at him with a faint smile.

Payton said, "Come on. I didn't know she was your wife. lÝ I did, I would definitely keep away from her.'

Sachin snorted, "Great.'

"What are you whispering about?” Seeing them whispering, Rosiley loòoked at them and asked.

Payton smiled and said, "l praised him for his good taste. He found such a good wife!"

Rosiley rolled her eyes and said calmly, "You're so honey-tongued. You must have tricked quite a few
girls, havert you?”

Payton was dumbfounded. He was handsome, rich and sweet. Girls liked him. How could she say that
he “tricked” those girls?

Payton really wanted to defend himself, but finally he gave up.

"You're really smart." Sachin smiled when Payton fell silent. He added some food to Rosiley's plate

Payton was impressed by Sachin's behavior.

He was different after he got married. He became so gentle and considerate. He even had never
treated Ellie Ning like that before!

But Payton could also tell that their marriage was not as simple as it seemed.

The news about Rosiley was still overwhelming. He didn't believe they only married for the sake of

However, he still had a good impression of Rosiley.

He liked her!

"Sachin, you must win her over. OK? You're Mr. Perfect, remember?”

Sachin knew that he had already sensed something between them. He smiled, "! know what to do."

The lunch lasted for over half an hour amid chatting and laughing,

As they went out of the restaurant, Rosiley said to Sachin, "I'm not going to the company this

"Do you have other plans?" Sachin looked at her in confusion.

"I'm going home and write a press release." Rosiley smiled. Now that she had solved the problem, she
was relieved and was in the mood for work.

Sachin nodded and said, 'F'll send you home first.'


In the Jis villa, people gathered together.

Right after Rosiley released the recording, Quinta immediately called Rorey and Xenia over.

In the spacious and luxurious house, the atmosphere was depressing.

Quinta, Yuniss mother, sat on the sofa. She glared at Rorey with dissatisfaction and said angrily, 'Now
look what you've done. You disgraced us at the party. Now everyone knows your stupid scheme. Yunis
has worked hard to operate the company well. However, you made such a big trouble! Whats wrong
with you?”

Quinta was an elegant lady. But her anger was intimidating. Overall, she was the hostess of the Ji

Rorey trembled in fear, “Sorry, I didn't expect that.

"Why didn't you think twice? l’ll it weren't for your baby, I wouldrt agree on your marriage.' Quinta
snorted coldly.

Rorey clenched her fists, feeling aggrieved and angry.

However, she did not dare to complain. She lowered her head and apologized, "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I
know Yunis works hard, so I wanted to teach Rosiley a lesson. But I failed. I didn't expect that Rosiley
was so scheming."

Quinta scoffed at Rorey's explanation, ˆlt was stupid of you to leave evidence. You two lost to one girl.

"Mrs. Ji, don't be angry. I'm to blame. Rorey only wanted to avenge Yunis. But she didn't expect that
Rosiley was such a vicious bitch.”

Xenia smiled and defended her daughter in embarrassment.

Xenia and Quinta were about the same age. But Xenia was afraid to offend Quinta and talked with her
very respectfully.

Although Quinta was angry, she didn't embarrass Xenia. She just said coldly, “Anyway, from now on,
yoưd better stay at home. After our company goes back to normal, I let Rosiley pay the price. lf you
make any trouble again, I'll cancel your wedding despite your pregnancy.'

Apparently, Quinta was warning Rorey.

Rorey s face turned pale instantly.

She knew that Quinta didn't approve Yunis Jis marriage with her. In fact, she preferred Rosiley to her.
Of course she did. Rosiley was the legitimate daughter, making her a perfect match for Yunis in terms
of social rank. But she was just Xenias daughter. So, Quinta loòoked down upon her.

If it weren't for her baby, she would have been kicked out long ago.

"Why didn't you answer me?” Quinta frowned in displeasure.

"OK. don't worry. I know what to do." Rorey said respectfully, bụt her heart was filled with hatred.

If it weren't for Rosiley, she wouldn't have been humiliated like this.

She wouldn't let it go

She must make her way in the showbiz and crush Rosiley one day!

She would do anything to make Rosiley pay the price.

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