The convenient Bride

Chapter 37: A Threat

Hazel was dressed elaborately. The latest Chanel dress brought out her perfect figure. Wearing the
light makeup and her hair falling in curls over her shoulders, she was charming and sexy in her high
heels. She had an air of a superstar.

At this time, Hazel turned to look over.

When her gaze fell on Rosileys face, she was shocked and exclaimed, “Rosiley?"

"Yes.' Rosiley was checking the camera and looked at her indifferently.

Hazel raised her eyebrows, and said with a sneer, 'Oh, I remember that I'm supposed to be interviewed
by another reporter, not you, the popular Rosiley!"

"The reporter is ill in hospital. m taking her place for now. lf Miss Ning is fine with that, lets begin."

Rosiley ignored Hazel's mockery and said straightforwardly. Obviously, Rosiley didn't want to waste
time talking to her.

However, Hazel was unwilling.

She turned arrogant and sat down on the sofa opposite Rosiley. She stared at Rosiley maliciously and
said, "There's no hurry. I rarely get a chance to meet an old friend like you. Why don't we talk about the
old days?"

"I don't think there is any point in talking about the old days."

Rosiley said coldly because she knew very well that this woman only wanted to take this opportunity to
ridicule her.

"How can you say that? No matter what, we were classmates for four years in college. Besides, we
liked the same man. How come we have nothing to catch up with each other?" Hazel's eyes turned

She did want to deride Rosiley to vent her anger. When they were in college, they were often compared
by others. However, Rosiley outdid her in everything, appearance, temperament, family background,

and grades and so on.

What made her most resentful was that the man she had fallen in love with turned out to be Rosiley's
fiancé and her childhood sweetheart.

At that time, Hazel became a laughingstock, and she blamed Rosiley for that. She couldrt bear the
insult and regarded Rosiley as her bitter enemy from then on.

But over the years, she couldn't find any opportunity to embarrass Rosiley, and just held a grudge
against Rosiley in her heart.

Now, Rosiley appeared in front of her as a 'loser'. How could she let such a good chanee slip away?

“Then there's nothing to talk about. You must have heard the news recently. To put it bluntly, I was too
young to tell his true colors. And you should thank me by the way. Otherwise, you would be the victim

Rosiley said with a calm expression, which was completely different from what Hazel had expected.

Hazel wondered why she was so calm. Just a few days ago, she was dumped and everyone knew
about it. Shouldn't she be sad and too fragile to stand any abuse?

Or... was she trying to hide her sorrow from Hazel?

“Rosiley, I underestimated you." Hazel stared at her for a moment, thinking that she was pretending.

With her eyes full of spite, Hazel said, "You gave me a hard time because of Yunis. But now Yunis
hooked up with your sister and dumped you. If l remember correctly, Yunis and you were going to get
married soon, weren't you? What's the taste of betrayal? Do you like it?

Rosiley kept silent after hearing these. Of course she was hurt by the betrayal, or else she wouldn’t
have hated Yunis and Rorey so much.

But if Hazel thought that she could hurt Rosiley by saying this, she was completely wrong.

"Why don't I like it? My sister helped me get rid of the seum. l can feel more fortunate, although l was
caught off guard. However, someone never gets the man she wants and can only feel better by
laughing at others. Shouldrt she be the most pathetic one? "

“Rosiley, you... Hearing Rosiley's unyielding mockery, Hazel turned flushed with anger.

Rosiley already knew she would get mad. So she smiled calmly, "Why are you angry? I didn't say who
she is. Do you think its you?”

Hazel looked embarrassed. She took a deep breath and suppressed her anger.

"“Rosiley, you can do nothing but sit here and argue with me. The fact is that you were dumped by your
fiance. What's more, I am a popular star instead of that poor girl in college. Offending a celebrity is not
good for a reporter. Think about that. Ì can easily use some connections to get you out of this industry!"
She snorted, "Now, Yunis worry protect you anymore."

She was glowering at Rosiley and threatening.