Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 31: An Eye for an Eye

"What would you like to drink?”

After Rosiley stopped looking around, Sachin asked.

He had already taken off his suit jacket and wore a white shirt. His sleeves were rolled up to his
elbows, and his collar was unbuttoned, revealing his sexy collarbone.

He wore a pair of golden-rimmed glasses, which gave his cold face a sense of gentleness.

Rosiley was surprised. He was so handsome that he could amaze anyone anytime.

"Coffee, please.' She smiled and sat down on the sofa.

Sachin nodded and called Lane to bring in two cups of coffee. Then, he handed a notebook to Rosiley.
"I have some work to do. .Just enjoy yourself. [II finish my work within 30 minutes and come back."

"Alright. Get your work done first."

Rosiley nodded and watched Sachin sit down behind his desk.

After a while, Lane brought in two cups of coffee. He wasn't surprised by Rosiley's arrival and
respectfully put the coffee in front of her.

It was quiet in his office. Occasionally, Rosiley heard Sachin turning pages. Rosiley did not disturb him
and quietly opened the web pages.

She began to browse the news and found that the news about Rorey and her had caused a
increasingly heated discussion again.

Countless curses flooded to Rosiley like raging tides. She received malicious messages and comments
on her Twitter account.

Rosiley was calmer, not as angry as she was in the morning. She decided to endure Rorey’s
complacency for now. The more netizen took her side, the worse consequence she would suffer.

She was determined to let Rorey to know that she was no longer someone she could bully at will.

An eye for an eye. In the end, she would reap the consequences.

Rosiley closed the web pages after a while and ignored those negative comments.

She looked at Sachin. He seemed focused and indifferent, like always. His slender fingers were flipping
through the documents.

Rosiley drank the coffee while looking at him. lt reminded her of a saying that a man devoted to his
work was the hottest and most charming.

Rosiley didn't get that before, but at that moment, she did.

Besides his dazzlingly gorgeous face, there was more making him fatally attractive.

Although they didn't get married for love at first, she was happy and proud for having him as her

She knew so many women must envy her if they knew their marriage.

“Honey, I can focus if you keep staring at me. Are you trying to seduce me?” Sachin suddenly raised
his head and looked at her with a meaningful gaze.

Rosiley blinked, her cheeks burning with embarrassment, ''Sorry. Go on please."

Sachin smiled and got up from his seat. He sat down beside her and said, "Did you see the news? I'm
afraid everyone was aware of it now. When do you plan to counterattack?”

"No hurry. She must be so pleased and proud now. As her 'sister', I shouldn't upset her too soon. .Just
let her savor her joy for some time.

Rosiley said so casually as if she was just talking about the weather.

Sachin admired her confidence. He smiled and said, ˆNow that you have your plan, I won't interfere. [II
attend a meeting later. Please wait here.

"OK. See you later,' Rosiley nodded.

Since Sachin was in charge of such a large company, she knew that he must be busy and had much
work to do. Therefore, she didn't want to take up too mụch of his time.

Anyway, it was not the first time she had been framed by Rorey. She had got used to it and had found a
way out.

Still, Rosiley was a bit moved.

She only married Sachin a few days ago, but she could feel he cared about her very much.

"I'II be back soon. If you feel bored, you can go outside and look around."

Sachin pondered for a moment and added.

Hearing that, Rosiley was surprised. "I don't think that's a good idea. lf someone recognizes me..."

"It doesn't matter. My employees always keep their mouth shut. Whoever spreads rumors will be fired.
Suit yourself as long as you don't bother them." Sachin said casually with a sense of partiality.

"Really?" Rosileys eyes sparkled with great passion.


"Well, thank you!" Rosiley was excited.

It was a rare opportunity to visit the REG Building freely. She must seize the chance and have a good

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