The convenient Bride

Chapter 41: I Want to Take a Bath with You

“Hey, Rosiley, Sachin is good at cooking. You ll never regret the food he cooks, I promise.”

Payton smelled the delicious food which made his mouth water.

Sachin had already turned on the stove and stirred garlic. Rosiley couldn't help but swallow a lungful of
the aroma of garlic.

“Who taught him to cook?” she asked curiously.

“Self-taught. He took good care of himself when he was studying abroad. However, he seldom cooks
for others. Ì have only eaten his food once, even if I am his younger brother. I can have it again all
because of you.”

“Well, is your lucky day."

Rosiley pouted and rolled her eyes at Payton. Then, she stopped talking and fixed her eyes on Sachin.

Sachin was so skillful that the food was perfectly arranged.

About half an hour later, five dishes and a soup were served on the table. They were beautiful and
delicious and gave people an appetite.

“Wow! You're amazing!"

Rosiley was surprised and exclaimed. She felt that Sachin's cooking was not inferior to hers.

”Is that so? Can I eat now?”

Payton sat on the other side, holding chopsticks in one hand and a bowl in the other. He stared at the
dishes and couldrt wait to have a taste.

Sachin glanced at him and said, “Eat and go!”

“No problem.”

Payton grinned and immediately began to eat.

Rosiley laughed, picked up her chopsticks and put the food in her mouth.

Sachin looked at her and asked calmly, “How does it taste?”

“Great! Frankly, you cook better than me.”

Rosiley gave him a thumbs up, but she seemed a little worried. “What should I do? I don't think my
cooking skills can support me to be a good wife anymore.”

“It doesn't matter. As long as you are by my side, you will be a good wife."

Hearing Sachin's affectionate words, Payton didn't know what to say.

He thought that everyone would change, but he had never expected that his brother would cook for a
woman and say such disgustingly romantic words.

They ate all dishes soon. Payton engulfed most of them. His stomach was bulging, as if it could burst
out at any time.

Rosiley found it funny, bụt Sachin asked him to leave.

After Payton left, Sachin and Rosiley both went upstairs and entered the study. He worked while she
was writing a press release for today's interview.

They were busy with their own work and did not interfere with each other. They had a rapport, as if they
had been an old couple for decades. The atmosphere was nice.

Around ten oclock, Sachin finished the work at hand. He walked over to Rosiley and sat beside her. He
put his arm around her wrist and asked, “How much is there left?”

Rosiley subconsciously leaned against his chest and smiled, “Almost finished. You can go take a bath.
I'll be right back.”

“I want to take a bath with you tonight."

Sachins low and husky voice rang in Rosileys ears. His warm breath sprayed on her face, making her

Rosiley trembled. Her fingers, which had been tapping on the keyboard, suddenly stopped. She held
her breath nervously, and felt something hot laid upon her body.

“Are you ... are you joking?”

She turned to look at him with an indescribable embarrassment in her eyes.

Sachin looked down at her charming face and kissed her. He shook his head. “No! I said that I wouldn't
sleep with you if you didn't want. I won't eat my words. But I want to know when you will be ready. l'm
afraid I won't be able to control myself.”

His deep and gentle voice echoed in her ears.

Rosiley realized that a strange feeling surged in her body. She felt that she couldn't reject his invitation

However, Rosiley finally looked at Sachin with apologies. “l am sorry that you make compromises for
me to such an extent. However, I'm not ready yet. You deserve the best, but I'm not now. So, give me
some more time and I will adjust as soon as possible, okay?”

“Alright. l am happy to hear that. I'll wait you forever.”

Sachin smiled and nodded, his eyes filled with satisfaction.

Rosiley heaved a sigh of relief and turned off the computer. She quickly stood up and said, “I'm going to
prepare the bath for you.”

Sachin was surprised, but his gaze always followed the beautiful figure walking away. His thin lips
curled into a pleasant smile.

Rosiley helped Sachin get the bath ready and left the room.

Sachin didn't ask her to join him anymore. After all, he couldrt guarantee that he would be able to
maintain his rationality every time.

Rosiley took advantage of his bathing time to finish her work.

When she returned to their bedroom, Sachin had just walked out of the bathroom.

His hair was wet, and droplets of water kept falling from his head. His slender body was wrapped in a
bathrobe, revealing his sexy collarbone and strong chest. He showed a sense of wildness and

Rosileys heart almost skipped a beat, and she was lost in his handsome appearance.

“Are you looking at me like this to invite me to kiss you?” Sachin smiled and walked up to her.

The rich male hormone mixed with the fragrance of bath brought Rosiley back from shock. Just as she
was about to flee, Sachin stretched out his long arms and hugged her waist. Then, he kissed her

This time, Rosiley did not resist. She indulged in his kisses.