Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 43: Spend One Night with Me

“Okay, I'II drink.”

Rosiley took a deep breath and stood up from her seat. She picked up the glass on the table and drank
three in a row.

After drinking, Rosiley frowned and sat back beside Yayoi, telling her, “Watch me later.”

Yayoi nodded. “Don't worry.”

Suddenly, a female star said, “Hey, isn't this the reporter who had an affair with the young leader of the
.Ji Group?”

“That's right. It's her!”

“Miss Tang, I heard that many companies have asked you if you want to make a debut recently.
Director Angus and some other investors are here tonight. You have to seize the opportunity.ˆ

“That's right. You have been a hot topic. This is what the most popular stars can achieve.”

Many people followed them, and there were even some malicious voices.

Angus smiled and said, “Miss Tang looks great and grateful. lf you have a good team, you will definitely
become popular. l

don know if you want to join us. lÝ you do, we can have a private chat.”

“Damn it!”

Yayoi was so angry that her face turned green.

“How dare this bastard publicly imply that he wants to have an underground relationship with Rosiley?
He was too shameless.”

Rosiley's expression was also very bad.

Lonny was indeed planning to embarrass her.

However, Rosiley suppressed her anger. She smiled and said, “Thank you, Director Angus, but I don't
want to enter the

entertainment circle. The female stars around you seem not popular. They would like to have a 'private'
talk with you.”

Their expressions changed sharply when those women heard her words. The atmosphere became

However, Rosiley ignored them.

She clearly remembered that the women had teased her on purpose together. She wouldn't let them go

“Miss Tang is special, but we are all in the same circle. It's better to have someone to help than
nothing. Besides, I'd always like to help the talented.”

Angus said these hypocritical words while his eyes were filled with malice.

Angus used to see sexy women in the entertainment industry, so Rosileys innocence and grace
seemed to attract him even more.

More importantly, her shape was perfect. Angus couldn't help but imagine how amazing it would be if
he made out with her.

Yayoi was so furious that she wanted to kill him. Rosiley was also raging, but she maintained rational
and stopped her. She said, “Thanks again. However, even though we are all in the same circle, lm
different from them who flatter you just for a chance. l wish we wouldn't meet each other for the rest of
our lives.”

As soon as Rosiley said those words, the atmosphere became more serious. People were incredulous
of her boldness.

“Rosiley, he is indeed disgusting, but we are still in his territory and his background is not simple. You
offended him in public. Would it..."

Yayoi was also taken aback by Rosiley's counterattack.

Yayoi was satisfied with Rosileys words, but she also knew that Angus was so arrogant and
unscrupulous, because his

brother-in-law was the boss of Lake Entertainment Group. Therefore, she was worried about their

LEG was only second to REG in the country. With the support of his brother-in-law, Angus could have
whichever of them he

liked in the entertainment circle.

In the past, Angus had gotten whatever he wanted without hindrance, but he hadrït expected that he
would be publicly

opposed by Rosiley.

“He has been spoiled. He really thinks that he can mess with every woman.”

Rosiley didn't care about Yayoi's worries.

Anguss expression changed drastically. He turned from red to green, and finally, to purple.

“Miss Tang, you should appreciate it if Director Angus wants to help you. How dare you offend him?”

“Shameless. You just took a man from your sister a few days ago. How lofty are you?”

The women who had been mocked criticized Rosiley with rage.

Rosiley snorted and stared back at them. “I didn't name anyone. lf you think it's you, its none of my

“Rosiley, do you really think I don't dare to deal with you? You should know how easy it is for me to
make you lose your job,

right? I'll give you a chance now. Apologize to me, and spend one night with me. Then, [II forgive you.
Otherwise ... you and your friend will be fired tomorrow!”

Angus stopped beating around the bush and threatened Rosiley directly.

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