Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 46: You Are Fired

“Yayoi, what did you just say?”

Lonny had a pretty bad look on her face when she heard Yayoi mutter.

Despite what Lonny said, she was indeed very jealous of Rosiley.

She regretted a lot about not having gone to that party last night. lf she did, perhaps it would be her
who received the invitation from Sachin.

For all those years she had been in TEG, the best she could do was only the deputy manager of the
department. But if she could get into REG, it would be a giant leap.

She believed Rosiley was not as professional as her, and she even had more experience than Rosiley.
REG would definitely choose her.

But Lonny never thought “a bad timing” actually got Rosiley such a golden opportunity.

Rosiley knew more or less about Lonny's narcissism. She did nothing but smile. “Lonny, I don't know
how much benefit you can get from Rorey. But if you still have some evil plans for me, just quit them.
You can't afford the consequences.”

“Rosiley, is this a threat?”

Lonny's eyes immediately turned cold.

“lt is a warning.” Rosiley was fearless.

“Whoa, Rosiley, do you really think I'm afraid to fire you? I have a lot of connections in the REG. You
have already offended director Angus. LEG will definitely give you a hard time. REG is just a pipe
dream for you. Apologize or get fired, choose wisely."

Lonny crossed her arms. Her words had made it clear that she wouldn't let Rosiley get in the REG too
easily. Clearly someone had her back.

Rosiley's performance was way better than Lonny's in the TEG. But it wasn't a good thing at all if she
went to the REG instead.

Besides, Rorey would never accept it!

Rosiley was angry and amused. “Who do you think you are to fire whoever you want? You are not even
the highest authority.”

“Of course I can handle the higher authority. .Just wait and see.”

Lonny was done talking. She turned around and went straight for the manager's office.

“She's telling on you. What should we do now, Rosiley?”

Yayoi leaned over to Rosiley and asked without showing the slightest bit of worry.

“Let's make countermoves then. How can I be afraid of her?”

Rosiley snorted and couldn't care less.

About ten minutes later, Lonny came out with a gloating look on her face. She said to Rosiley, “The
manager wants to see you.”

Rosiley threw her a placid look. She got up from her seat and directly entered the manager's office.

Lina looked serious with her delicate brows slightly furrowed. When Rosiley entered, she didn't beat
around the bush. “Lonny told me you humiliated Angus, a director with LEG, who has filed a complaint.
Now that LEG is going to abort the cooperation with us, what do you have to say about it?”

“Manager, do you even believe that?”

Rosiley frowned. She didn't expect the cooperation would be affected.

“I want to hear it from you.”

Lina's tone was harsh and her face was cold.

Rosiley shook her head, “Everyone knows what kind of person Angus is. I was the only one not from
LEG at the gathering. Angus asked me to spend a night with him. I got angry and confronted him. No
abuse and no humiliation, I swear.”

Lina wasrrt stupid. She could picture what was going on last night. And her face softened a little. “No
matter what, it has already affected the company. How are you gonna solve it? Angus is a really big
shot and LEG has his back. I'm afraid this isn't over. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Yes, I do.”

Rosiley nodded with a determined look. “But I definitely won't apologize to a person like him.”

Lina paused for a few seconds and continued. “I heard Mr. Lu from the REG wants to poach you from
us, doesn't he?”

“Well, that's what he said.”

“Miss Tang, I acknowledge that you are exceptional at your job. So I worry stop you if you want to go.
Being appreciated by Sachin speaks for your potential. If you go there, Angus worry be able to do

anything to you.”

Rosiley was taken aback by what she said.

She couldn't believe Lina was thinking for her rather than the greater good of the company.

Rosiley was moved, and she smiled. “Lina, I don't want to leave yet. REG is fine, but I also know who I
am. This whole thing is my fault. I didn't know this gathering could affect the cooperation between us. I
will try my best to make it right!”

“Well? What's your plan?”

Lina was surprised to hear Rosiley giving up on her chance into the REG. A gratified smile appeared
on her face.

“I remember the last cooperation project with REG didn't end well. Will it settle the problem if I can talk
them into cooperating with us again?”

Rosiley knew perfectly well that she couldn't fight them all by herself. She only had two options now—
either apologizing or seeking better cooperation for the company.

“lf only you can do that.”

Lina's eyes flickered with a peculiar light, with increasing appreciation for Rosiley.

“I'll do my best.”

Rosiley asked for some detailed information about the project that they wanted to cooperate with REG,
and then left the office.

Lonny threw a sympathetic look at Rosiley as if she had already seen her being fired.

But Rosiley ignored her. She simply got back to her seat and started her work.

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