The convenient Bride

Chapter 45: His Wife

“Hey, we can save the fare tonight.”

Rosiley seemed to have anticipated this and pulled Yayoi into the car.

Yayoi did not react at all. Only when the car door was closed did she suddenly stare at the man sitting
beside Rosiley with wide eyes.

It was actually Sachin!


Yayoi couldn't complete her words. She opened her mouth wide and her eyes were filled with disbelief.


Sachin greeted Yayoi.

Yayoi was excited and replied, “Mr. Lu ... Good evening.' Then, she looked at Rosiley, and her mind
went blank.

Rosiley thought Yayoi's reaction was funny. She pointed at Sachin. “Let me introduce to you my newly
married husband, Sachin.”

Yayoi said, “...”

It was quiet for a minute. Yayoi's expression gradually turned from blank to astonished, and finally to

“So ... your mysterious gentleman is ... Mr. Lu?”

Yayoi was stunned for a long time before finally finding her voice.

“Exactly.'' Rosiley nodded seriously.

Yayoi fell silent again, but after two seconds, her eyes suddenly showed excitement.

“It was unbelievable!”

Yayoi never thought that Rosiley would marry Sachin.

When she learned that Rosiley was married, she thought that Rosiley was so sad that she married
someone ordinary. She never expected that Rosiley would marry the boss of REG.

Yayoi was unable to control her excitement.

No wonder Sachin suddenly decided to invest in a stupid movie and went to TEG. lt turned out that he
did it all for Rosiley.

No wonder when the scandal between Rosiley and Rorey spread over, she ranked high on the Hot
Topic. lt was probably because she had Sachin back her.

No wonder he suddenly stopped and said that to Rosiley. It turned out that he was helping her out.

Rosiley suffered a lot when she stayed with Yunis. However, a good person deserved a good reward.
Now, such an excellent man came to her and would take good care of her forever.

Yayoi suddenly felt happy.

Just as Rorey was feeling complacent about staying with Yunis, Rosiley had already married Sachin.

Even though they were excellent, they were totally different. One was a hypocritical bastard, and the
other was a noble gentleman.

“Vunis and Rorey, those bitches, never thought that you would marry Mr. Lu. I am so happy! l can wait
to see their shocked

expressions. lt must be funny!”

After a long time, Yayoi finally heaved a sigh of relief and felt sincerely happy for Rosiley.

Rosiley and Sachin looked at each other and chuckled. “Not many people know about my marriage
with Sachin, and I don't want to make it public.”

“Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Rosiley, l'm really happy for you.”

“Thank you.”

Rosiley was also very delighted. She was delighted that she married Sachin, not Yunis.

After sending Yayoi back to her home, Rosiley and Sachin returned theirs.

On the way back, Sachin said to Rosiley, “You have a good friend.”

Rosiley nodded. “I also have a good husband.”

“I would prefer it if you call me darling.”

She couldn't help but blush. “1l try my best to correct it.”

Rosiley and Angus broke up unhappily at the reporters' gathering this time, so Lonny scolded her.

“Rosiley, do you think you're a superstar because you're famous now? I told you that you mustn't mess
things up. Well, what did you do last night? I received a complaint call early in the morning. I told you
that you'd better apologize to Director Angus. Otherwise, let's wait and see.”

“Then what do you want? It was you that asked me to go to the gathering. I went there. I have done
what I should do. What2 Do you really think I don't know what yoưre up to? Those people last night
were all your acquaintances. They humiliated me as much as possible. Do you think I have to sleep
with Angus as you expected?”

Rosiley looked at Lonny with a cold smile.

“What? Rosiley, do you have a problem with your superior s orders now? Do you really think Sachin
asked you to work for REG? Who do you think you are? lf you can enter REG, then l can be Sachin's

“Mr. Lu won't cast a glance at you at all.”

Yayoi snorted in her heart with a trace of mockery.

She really wanted to tell her loudly that Sachin's wife was standing right in front of her!