Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 48: I'll Show Him What True Power Is

To work on that project, Rosiley got up early and came home late every single day. She always looked
exhausted when she came home.

Seeing this, Payton looked at Sachin with a look of contempt. “Bro, Rosiley is working too hard. How
could you let her running around like that? it's so hard to see her delicate body worn out.”

“She told me to stay out of this.”

Sachin was cool when he said that. But every time he saw her haggard face, his heart ached.

“And you listen to her? I don't understand. All the other women are obsessed with you and are using
everything they can get from you to get ahead. But when it comes to Rosiley, all your wealth and power
suddenly become nothing.”

Payton smacked his lips, struggling to make sense of it.

But he did appreciate her for this.

An independent woman was always admirable.

No wonder she had won over his brother.

“She's different. Since she can handle it, I respect her will. As long as I can show up when she needs
me the most, it'll be enough.”

Sachin smiled with tenderness in his eyes.

Payton seemed surprised. “You have changed into a different person. lf mom sees you like this, she will
probably think her son has been swapped.”

Sachin glanced at him. “don't tell her. It's troublesome.”

“I would break mom's heart if she heard it.

Payton suddenly grinned. “But Sachin, even our father doesn't know about your marriage, does he?”

“He doesn't need to know.”

Sachins eyes suddenly turned cold.

Payton gloated, “1 can wait to see his furious face.”

Sachin didt speak. He cast a sullen glance at Payton. “TII help you turn down the marriage he secretly
arranged for you.”

“You already know?” Payton was surprised.

Sachin snorted. “His arrangement for me didn't work out. Of course he's coming for you next. But as
long as I'm here, I worry let him control our life, including marriage. You do whatever you like. ˆ

Payton was instantly moved beyond words. He said in a half joking way, “To be your brother is worth
everything in this world, Sachin.”

Sachin glanced at him. “Since you are not doing anything, come help me out at the company. Also,
keep an eye on Rosiley's schedule. I'm going on a business trip in two days.”

Payton instantly froze. “I knew you are up to no good!”

While Sachin was away on a business trip, Payton was temporarily appointed as Rosiley s driver. He
had to drive her to work and home every single day.

As he was driving one day, he felt sorry to see Rosiley burying herself in a big pile of documents.
“Rosiley, if you need any help, just ask me. Don't be shy.”

Rosiley looked up from the document and said with a smile, “When have I ever been shy to you?”

Payton shook his head. “True. But you've never asked for my help, either. I notice you are working on a
film cooperation project. But you are a reporter. Isn't that way out of your area of expertise?”

"I've offended someone, and I'm not powerful enough to compete. All I can do is work harder.” Rosiley
sighed and gave him the puppy eyes.

Payton immediately put on a straight face. “ˆWho said you can't compete? Bring him over, and I'll show
him what true power is.”

Rosiley was amused by his playful tone. “that's not necessary. Anyway, [ve already found a solution.”

Payton looked at her in surprise. “Already? I remember my brother told me about the movie you’re
working on. lt requires big alterations to get investment.”

Rosiley nodded. “Yes, so I'm making adaptations to the script with the help of a screenwriter I know. I
also re-selected the cast. In this way, apart from reducing the cost, I can also maximize it's selling

“It's gonna take you a lot of time and energy. Besides, we never know if it'll work.”

“How will I know if I don't give it a try?”

Rosiley was cool about Paytons worries.

She had already done everything she could. If one way didt work out, she would just find another. She
wasn't gonna give in easily.

“No matter what, I have your back. lf things went bad, I'l teach that stupid director who bullied you a
lesson. Or, let my brother directly buy them out. Let's see who the boss is.”

Payton sounded just as domineering as Sachin, except that he was more badass and bossy.

Rosiley looked at him in surprise. “1s your entire family all that domineering?”

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