The convenient Bride

Chapter 47: Weird, But I Like It

Rosiley had learned that the TEG wanted to work with the REG on a film. Why it didn't work out was
because the latter didn't think it was worth investing in.

Rosiley took a look at the script. There were a few highlights, but it was overall plain and conservative.
The cast were almost all A-list actors and actresses. Even the scriptwriter was a big shot. The cost of
making this film was enormous.

It felt stylish on the outside, but insubstantial on the inside. lt was pointless to invest in.

Rosiley frowned involuntarily after reading it.

She was only a reporter who knew nothing about film production. lt was quite a big challenge for her.

Yayoi couldn't help asking, “Why not turn to your Mr. Lu? One word from you is enough to solve any

Rosiley shook her head. “He's very busy. I don't want to trouble him with everything. Plus, I can handle
it myself.”

“Rosiley, you really are a weirdo in the showbiz. You have a backup, yet you'd rather be on your own.
Weird, but I like it.” Yayoi muttered in disbelief.

While Rosiley was busy, Rorey was gloating.

“Lonny, good job! That bitch should be taught a hard lesson. I can't make any move now, so you must
help me put her down.”

Rorey's malicious voice came through the phone.

“Don't worry. Her career was already at stake. The pressure from director Angus will soon get her fired.
Even if she goes to the REG, which by the way was very unlikely, she will probably be dismissed in
less than three days.”

Lonny smiled viciously with certainty.

However, Rorey disapproved of her plan. “don't fire her yet. I want some fun when I return to the
showbiz. I will tread her underfoot.”

“I see. Then I'll just continue to give her a hard time.” Lonny nodded and then asked, "How are you
doing now? That negative news has a great impact on you. lt might not be as easy to rebuild your
image again.”

“I'm fine. Yunis's company has stabilized and is ready to help me with my return. I will resort to some
philanthropy to restore my public image. There are also other celebrities who are willing to help. But I
still need your connections. You know a lot of reporters and directors. lf you can help me, I'll pay you

Hearing this, Lonny's eyes lit up with greed. “Rorey, you are my good friend. Of course I will help you. lf
you need anything, just ask away.”

Over the years, Lonny had received a lot of benefits from Rorey.

The reason why she was buttering her up was that Rorey was the wife of the Ji Group's young
executive. She was prestigious.

lf she could use Rorey to marry into a wealthy family and climb onto the upper class, then she would
never be the same.

“Okay, I gotta go now. I'll talk to you later if there's something new going on with Rosiley.”

After hanging up the phone, Rorey's face turned cold.

“Rosiley, you are no match for me. Let's see who will laugh in the end!”

“Rorey, that little bitch has tumbled. Will she hold it against you?”

Xenia was standing behind Rorey, worried.

She became afraid of what Rosiley would come next.

“No. With Lonny's help, she has to handle the pressure from both Lonny and the LEG. She can barely
make it through. How can she come after me?”

Rorey looked so complacent as if she had already seen Rosiley suffering.

Xenia heaved a sigh of relief. Then she grinned hideously. “Good. That little bitch deserves the
suffering. I'm curious to see what else she can do."

“Let's drop it, mom. I need to ask you about my 20% share of the Tang Group. When will I have it?
Seneca has promised it as my dowry."

“About that..."

Xenia was momentarily brought up short.

She sighed. “I've mentioned it to him, but he didn't reply. He's very disappointed at all the troubles you
made. After all, that little bitch is his daughter. He isn't happy to see her bullied. But don't worry. I will
make sure you have it eventually.”

“Over the years, I have worked too hard for this family. lf he doesn't give you what he has promised, I
worry let him get away with it.”

At last, Xenias face turned cold and mean.

“That old bastard. For all these years,I've been pleasing him as good as I can, yet he still prefers that
bitch Rosiley. He never treats me like his daughter at all. Perhaps, he married you just to find a nanny
who can take care of Rosiley for free.”

Rorey sputtered through gritted teeth. In her eyes were resentment and displeasure.

Xenia also looked gloomy. “Just hold it right there, Rorey. He should still have some affection for me. lf
it's really as you said, then I'm going to have a really big problem with him, for the sake of you."

“Agree. Otherwise, IÏl start to play dirty.”

In Rorey's eyes there was a glint of sinister chill.