The convenient Bride

Chapter 50: Unfinished Business

When the couple walked out together, they saw Payton leaning against the wall with a weird smile on
his face.

Sachin was as composed as ever.

Rosiley, however, became uncomfortable from his stare. She flushed as she glared back at him.
“What? Is it the first time you've seen a beautiful lady?”

Payton continued smiling without saying anything.

Rosiley became even more awkward. She rolled her eyes at him angrily and ran downstairs.

Sachin watched her leave before he ran his eyes at Payton and asked, “What's the matter?”

“Invite you to dinner of course. I have already booked a table in the restaurant. And i'm gonna report to
you about Rosiley."”

“Okay, I drive.”


At seven oclock in the evening, they arrived at a fancy Chinese restaurant downtown. They chose a
small private room, placed the order and chatted while eating.

Payton threw a significan't look at Sachin. “Someone has been investigating on me these days.”

Sachirrs hand, which was cutting the goose liver, paused, and his eyes darkened. “And?”

Payton sneered. “Of course he found nothing. Who am l? How can ordinary people investigate
whatever they what about me?”

“Well, you'd better be more careful. Don't get me involved.”

Sachin soon resumed his composed face and reminded him.

Payton patted on his chest and guaranteed, “Don't worry about it.”

Sachin took another look at him without saying anything.

Rosiley frowned. “Who is investigating you? What happened?”

“It's fine, just some minions. Don't worry, Rosiley. Come on, have more dishes."

Payton smiled as he put more vegetables on her plate.

Rosiley stared at them suspiciously, but she didn't know the person they were talking about was Yunis.

Ever since he saw Rosiley got in Payton’s car that day, Yunis had been investigating on Payton.
However, Payton had taken precautions, so he found nothing.

Sachin added, “It's just some unfinished business with his former lover. lfs no big deal.”

“I see.” Rosiley glanced at Payton with sympathy and said earnestly, “It's not a good thing to be with too
many women. Sometimes they bring you trouble. Do yourself a favor, Payton.”

Payton didn't know what to say.

He stared at Sachin in grievance and roared in his heart, ”“That is your wifes unfinished business, not
mine! Why did you frame me? Why did you undermine my image?”

However, Sachin turned a blind eye to his accusatory gaze.

Halfway through the meal, Rosiley went to the bathroom. But she ran into Yunis and Rorey.

The first thought she had was to ignore them. But Rorey stopped her with a smile. “Rosiley, what a
surprise! I didn't expect to see you here."

Rorey held Yunis's arm and proudly walked over, bubbling with joy and smugness.

These days, she had been in a good mood because she thought she had Lonny teach her a hard
lesson. Now that she saw her, she would use every

chance she had to tease her.

“That's nice. I will have to throw up my dinner.”

Rosiley looked at them in disgust without the slightest bit of smile.

“You came here alone?”

Yunis asked Rosiley as he ran his eyes through the restaurant, trying to find the man he saw the other

Rosiley gave him a frosty look and said drily, “It's none of your business."

“How could you come alone? There must be a man coming with you. Maybe we can get to know him

Rorey held on tight to Yuniss arm with a hint of mockery. lt was as if she was suggesting that the best
man in Benin City was already hers. Even if she really came with another man, he couldn't even

Rosiley looked at Rorey as if she was a clown. “You're not worthy to meet him.”

“Interesting. You are not worried he is inferior to Yunis, are you? Is that why you don't want us to meet
him? Actually, it's fine. Very few people in this city are better than Yunis. Don't worry, we won't laugh at

Rorey thought Rosiley was intimidated and became even more complacent.

Rosiley was amused. "lf you think the scum is the best thing you can have, then you two deserve each

Yunis's face changed as he fixed his eyes on Rosiley.

The girl who once loved him more than anything now disdained to see him.

Rorey might not know, but Yunis knew better than anyone that Rosiley did have a very outstanding
man with her, way more outstanding than himself.