Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 51: Only a Blind Man Would Fall for You

“Don't flatter yourself, Rosiley. Do you think you re worthy of an outstanding man?”

Hearing Rosiley insulting her, Rorey lost her patience and began to mock the former.

At this moment, a gentle voice suddenly spoke from the side, “Why is she not worthy of an outstanding

They looked towards the source of the voice at the same time and saw a handsome man slowly
walking towards them.

That man was elegant with an uninhibited and evil air. His charisma was genuine and breathtaking.

When they saw Payton, they responded in different ways.

Rosiley was calm and she knew that Sachin sent Payton to help her.

However, Rorey was blown away.

This man was so handsome, in luxury clothes and ornaments. His nobility was natural, and his aura
outshone Yunis.

As for Yunis, he darkened his face and looked at Payton with hatred.

Yunis recognized the man.

Rosiley smiled at this man and got in his car that day. They seemed intimate.

“Who are you?”

Rorey asked immediately.

Payton didn't look at her. He walked straight to Rosiley and said, “You haven't finished dinner yet.
Come on.”


Rosiley smiled and went past Yunis and Rorey.

Rorey did not give up and asked again, “Hey, I'm asking you. Who are you? What is your relationship
with Rosiley?”

Payton disliked Rorey's harsh questions. He replied in Rosiley's tone, “How is that any of your

“May I have your name? This is Rorey, Rosiley's sister. lm Rorey's husband.”

Yunis couldn't help but ask.

Payton sneered, “Sister? Rosiley was an only child. When did she have a sister?”

Yunis and Rorey's faces changed.

“Mind your words, mister!”

“Am I wrong? She is just a home-wrecker's child from a previous marriage, and she doesn't use the
same surname as Rosiley. She is not qualified to be Rosiley's sister.”

Payton sneered and mocked Rorey sharply.

Rorey was livid. She was about to say something, but Yunis stopped her. Yunis said to Payton, “Sir,
you are terribly unkind."

“Am I? I think I am very nice to you. Anyway, thanks to her, Rosiley left you. You didn't choose such a
good woman but a brainless one. Yunis, you were dropped on your head. lí you find yourself miserable
in the future, don't blame anyone but your wild animal desire. You deserve it because you fool around
with any woman.

Rosiley was speechless with shock.

What Payton said was so sharp.

For the first time, Rosiley found that Payton, who was usually like a rich playboy, was actually so sharp
when he mocked someone. He was simply rubbing Yunis's nose in it.

Rosiley suddenly felt sympathy for Yunis and Rorey.

Both of them were livid with rage. it was obvious that they resented Paytons sharp words.

Rosiley was pleasant.

What Payton said was sharp, but it helped vent Rosiley's hatred.

Rorey was so angry that she shouted like a shrew. She pointed at Payton and said, ”Do you think
Rosiley is chaste? She was my husband's girlfriend a while ago. Do you really think you got a good
woman? Maybe she slept with a lot of men.”

Rorey said recklessly and deliberately raised her voice, attracting the attention of many people around

Rosiley's face changed. Just as she was about to get angry, Payton smiled and said, “I'm not interested
in how many men you have slept with. Rosiley is unsullied, elegant, refined, strong, independent,
intelligent and considerate. She is more beautiful than you, has a better figure than you, and has a
nobler background than you. She's got everything I dreamt of for a woman."

Payton added, “As for you, you are vulgar, unruly and vicious. You seized Rosiley's father as well as
her boyfriend. You are ugly on the outside and dark on the inside. Only a blind man would fall for you. I
didn’t slap you in the face because I didn't want to dirty my hands.

Rosiley was lost for words.

Yunis was confounded.

Rorey was on the verge of going crazy with anger.

What Payton said was basically a knife stabbing in her sore spot.

Rorey was shaking with anger and she wished to kill Rosiley.

To her, Rosiley was a pain in the ass, anytime and anywhere.

Back then, when Rosiley was with Yunis, Rorey had nothing. Now, with painstaking efforts, Rorey
managed to win over Yunis, bụt Rosiley was with someone better than Yunis.

Rorey thought that Rosiley was always against her. Rosiley was more superior to Rorey in every way,
even her boyfriend was more superior to Yunis.

Jealousy surged in Rorey's heart. She looked at Rosiley viciously and aimed her gaze as a deadly

Rosiley turned a blind eye to Rorey's hatred. She reached out to pull Paytos arm and said, “Forget it.
We have to go. don't waste time here.”

She didn't want Sachin to wait for her for too long.

Payton withdrew his gaze and smiled at her, “OK, let's go back."

Before leaving, Yunis suddenly said, “Rosiley, your love is so cheap. You threw yourself in another
man's arms right after leaving me. You disgusted me.

“I was disgusted for being with you for a few years."

Rosiley didn't stop or look back, but said some indifferent words.

Behind her, Yunis looked at her leaving figure in great anger with clenched fists. And he looked at
Payton with great jealousy.

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