The convenient Bride

Chapter 55: You Should Believe in Sachin

“You were able to find the problem with the film in such a short time and change it. This is enough to
show your ability. Do you want to work in REG?”

Rosiley winked and said, “Are you giving me an offer?”

“Exactly. You have potential and I don't want to waste your talent.”

Sachin said seriously and added, “Of course, I can see you more often if you work here.”

Rosiley laughed out loud, “I think it's better to forget it. lf your employees see me go to your office every
day, they would be envious and wish to kill me.”

Rosiley chatted with Sachin. At noon, Payton finally came back. When he saw Rosiley, he smiled,
“Rosiley, it's settled. The evaluation team said that your proposal was worth an investment."

“Can I go back and tell my boss the news now?” Rosiley asked uncertainly.

Payton said firmly, “Go back. lf you don't believe it, you'll know it's true when the movie is released. You
should believe in Sachin. As a weirdo, he does have a keen eye. lí he said the movie was good, then it
would definitely be popular.”

Sachin narrowed his eyes and looked at Payton with a faint smile, “What did you say?”

Payton was frightened, “l mean, you are wise and have a keen eye.”

“Coward”" said Rosiley.

Seeing that Payton was frightened as if he was a mouse seeing a cat, Rosiley joked at him. And then
she checked the time.

It was already noon. Rosiley was in a good mood, so she stood up and said, “Lets go. I’ll treat you a
meal to celebrate my liberation from the hard work. This stupid project has made me exhausted. I need
food to recharge myself.”

They went out for lunch. After lunch, Sachin sent Rosiley back to her company.

Rosiley went straight into the managers office and told Lina that REG wanted to invest in this project,
and Lina could send someone to sign a contract with REG.

Lina was very surprised, “Are you telling the truth?”

“Yes, the movie was approved by REG's professional evaluation team. I heard that Mr. Lu also read the
materials. All we should do is to negotiate and sign a contract.”

“Rosiley, you’re so capable. I see you in a new light.”

After a long silence, Lina said in surprise.

She knew that Rosiley was capable, but Lina hadn't expected her to get the deal with REG.

Rosiley became a hero to the company!

Rosiley wasift excited about Lina's praise. She said, “Thank you so much. I just did what I should do.”

“OK. Go back to your work. Í will tell the leaders as soon as possible."


Rosiley returned to her seat. Yayoi came over and asked, “Are you done?”

Rosiley smiled, “Yes.”

“Good for you. I want to see how Lonny will make things difficult for you in the future.”

Lonny did dare not to make things difficult for Rosiley anymore. She never thought that Rosiley would
actually nail the deal with REG.

Because of this, Rosiley's ability was now recognized by the company. Lonny's position was under

Lonny was very regretful.

She shouldn't have asked Rosiley to the party. As a result, she had to watch as Rosiley took the leap.

lf she was the one responsible for this deal, the credit would be hers.

Rosiley did not know what Lonny was thinking. Otherwise, she would be amused.

After all, not everyone could directly talk with Sachin face to face.

However, Rorey was unhappy that Lonny failed to make things difficult for Rosiley. She said to Lonny,
“Lonny, you've got quite a few benefits from me. Is this the way you pay me back? You disappointed

“Rorey, don't be angry. I do want to make things difficult for her. However, she is a hero to the company,
and I can't trip her up too openly. Maybe a little bit later, I will definitely find a way."

Lonny tried to please Rorey.

“I would like to see that happen. Lonny, Rosiley is my sworn enemy. lf you can make her suffer, my
benefits to you would have to stop. Then you can forget about marrying into a wealthy family.”

Rorey coldly warned Lonny, with threat.

Lonnys eyes were filled with viciousness.

To Lonny, Rorey was a stepping stone. She could only suck it up and settle for being Rorey's doormat.
She had to be humble because she was powerless. No matter how humiliating ¡it was, Lonny had to

Lonny took a deep breath and forced a fake smile, “don't worry, Rorey. I will do what I promised you.
But let's not rush. I remember that your stepfather's 50th birthday is coming. Rosiley will definitely go
back for his birthday, right? At that time, maybe you can find a way to defeat her.”

“Do you have any idea?”

Rorey's tone finally softened.

“I have a good idea...” Lonny smiled maliciously.