The convenient Bride

Chapter 58: You're Nothing to Me Now

Since nearly all the guests had arrived, Seneca went up to the stage to give a speech and thanked
their presence. Afterwards, the guests were free to do whatever they wanted.

Rosiley talked and drank with the guests on behalf of Seneca for about an hour. Then she got a little
tired. So she quietly went upstairs and wanted to take a nap in her room.

After some champagne, Rosiley became a little dizzy. The butler brought her a glass of sober-up tea.
She drank a few mouthfuls and was about to call Sachin when someone suddenly opened the door.

Rosiley was shocked. She turned around and saw Yunis walking in alone.

The door was quickly closed. Rosiley frowned as she looked at him, “Yunis, what are you doing? This
is my room. Please leave.”

Yunis stared at her, having no intention of leaving, “Rosiley, I want to talk to you.”

“We have talked enough. There's no need to talk anymore.”

Rosiley's face turned cold, and she became vigilant.

She didn't know why Yunis sneaked into her room. But it definitely wasn't anything good.

“But I want to talk to you! I have a lot to tell you.”

Yunis stared fixedly at her, and he gradually felt something.

He knew it was his love for Rosiley.

“Vunis, does Rorey know that you are here? Dorït you think what you are doing is a little

Rosiley took two steps back.

Yunis was now making her feel dangerous. Especially when she saw the expression on his face, she
got nervous and looked at him with precautions.

"It doesn't matter. Rorey won't know it. Rosiley, I want you back. it was my fault. I shouldn't have hurt
you. You should know that I always love you more.”

When Yunis said this, he looked at her hopefully. Rosiley almost thought that she had a hallucination.

She glared at Yunis in disbelief. After a while, she took a deep breath and said with anger, “Yunis, are
you joking? Do you know what are talking about? I remembered that, just now, you were still holding
onto your new wife”

"I'm not joking. Rosiley, I know that you hate my betrayal. But I don't believe you have no feelings for
me anymore. Come back to me. Rosiley, I will cherish you.”

Yunis repeated it again, and the absurd thought of getting Rosiley back became even more intense.

Rosiley suddenly quieted down. This was the first time she felt that she didn't know Yunis well.

“Yunis, what about Rorey? What about the baby?”

“I will take good care of her and the baby. Meanwhile, I can give you whatever you want.”

Yunis stared at her firmly and sincerely.

Rosiley found this man disgusting.

“Yunis, you are unbelievable,' she said in disbelief, “Do you really think I'lÌ come back to you after being
hurt like that? You already have Rorey, and even iÍ you don, I worry come back to you anymore. I can
believe you want to have two women at the same time. Wake up!”


Seeing that Rosiley was still looking at him coldly after he had said so much, Yuniss eyes suddenly
turned red, “It hast been too long since we broke up. You haven't forgotten your love for me, have you?
Rosiley, if you want, we can always start over. And we'll be happy as we used to be.”

“As long as you come back, I can give you anything.”


Rosiley remained unmoved and asked him to leave with a flat tone, “Yunis, we can never get back
together. Please leave. Don't force me to call anyone up. If Rorey finds out, you will be embarrassed.”

Finally, Rosiley s firm attitude irritated Yunis, “Rosiley, are you rejecting me for that man? Are you in
love with him?”

"What does it have to do with you? Yunis, who do you think you are? You have no right to talk to me
like this!”

Rosiley was also annoyed by his questioning tone, so she said coldly.

“Who is that man? How do you know him? What is your relationship with him?” Yunis said furiously as
he walked towards Rosiley step by step.

“Let me repeat it, it has nothing to do with you. Get out of here.”

Rosiley glared at him in disgust.

Yunis was irritated by her gaze.

He took a deep breath and looked at her, “The Rosiley I used to know has always loved me. She is
gentle, not as cold and heartless as you.”

Rosiley sneered, “So what? When I love someone, Ì can give him the whole world. But when I don't
love him, he means nothing to me. Yunis, you are now nothing to me.”

When Rosiley said this, she felt a surge of joy.


She had long forgotten this wicked man. Now, he meant nothing to her.

When Yunis heard that, his face twisted.

He strode in front of Rosiley and held her shoulders crazily, threatening to kiss her.