Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 60: She Was Drugged

“What do you think? How do you feel now? Do you feel that your feet are floating and your entire body
is burning, yearning to be satisfied by a man?”

Rorey walked over to Rosiley with a sneer on her face. She was complacent since her trick had

Rosiley suddenly understood.

She was drugged!

But when was she drugged by Rorey?

Tonight, she had always been on guard against Rorey. She was very cautious. When was it?

A few fragments swiftly flashed through Rosiley's mind. She finally thought of something and her entire
body trembled.

When she went upstairs, she instructed the butler to bring the sober-up tea. That was it!

lt was impossible for the butler to drug her. Rorey must have added something to the tea without the
butler noticing.

“Rorey, you're so vicious”

A wave of humiliation and anger intertwined in her heart.

Rorey gave an evil smile and said, “Blame yourself. Why must you go against me? Rosiley, don't you
always think you are better than me? I wonder if you can still think that way after tonight. And will your
outstanding boyfriend still think you are pure and clean?”

As she spoke, Rorey smiled at Liam and said, “Mr. Lin, Il lẻéave my sister to you. You must treat her

“Don't worry. How could I not be nice to such a delicate beauty?”

Liam smiled as he walked up to Rosiley and wanted to take her away.

Holding her soft hand, he could feel his desire for her.

Rosiley couldn't think straight. Her cheeks were crimson and her eyes blurred with desire.

However, when Liam tried to take her away, she pushed him away fiercely with the last bit of judgment
and strength.

Liam wasn't on guard. Rosiley pushed him so hard that he almost fell over. He couldn't help but be a
little angry, “Maybe I should stop being so gentle with you. Because you don't deserve it. Do you really
think I won't beat you?”

Rosiley could feel nothing but fear. She wanted to run into the banquet hail.

As long as she went inside, she would be safe.

However, Liam didn't give her the chance. He brutally pulled her over.

Rosiley was unable to stand steadily, and with this pull, she was about to fall off the stairs.

Just at this moment, an arm suddenly came from nowhere, steadily supporting Rosiley's body and
pulling her into an embrace.

The appearance of this man caught Rorey and Liam off guard.

Rosiley was also shocked. She reached out, trying to push him away. But then she heard a familiar
voice beside her ear, “It's me. don't be afraid. You are safe now."

The familiar voice and smell from his body immediately calmed Rosiley down.

She tightly grabbed his clothes and leaned against his chest. She was panting, and the scorching heat
from her body passed through their clothes and

almost burned him.

When the man found out that she was drugged, his eyes immediately became gloomy and filled with
killing intent.

Payton, who had come with him, stood in front of him and glared at Rorey and Liam, “How dare you!
You drugged her?”

Rorey was shocked. She hadn't expected that the man who seemed to be Rosiley's boyfriend would
show up.

Liam was also shocked by the sudden appearance of Payton. He questioned, “Who are you? Get that
man behind away from my woman!”

“Who are you?”

Payton asked back with mockery, and looked at Liam with his cold eyes.

At this time, Rosiley had already lost her mind. She tried so hard to drill into the man's embrace. And
she kept groping around his chest with her hands.

Sachin looked down at the woman in his arms.

He was so angry that his eyes began to frozen. He looked terrifying.

However, seeing Rosiley like this, he could only suppress his anger for now. He hugged her, and turned
around to leave.

“Come back! Do you know who I am? How dare you steal my woman?”

Seeing that Rosiley was taken away by the man in black, Liam shouted at Payton, enraged.

Rorey was a little scared, so she took a stealthy step back.

Because she knew very well how terrifying this man in front of her was.

Payton narrowed his eyes as he looked at Liam and said, “Repeat what you just said. You said she
was your woman?”

“Yeah, I want her. She is my woman.”

Liam shouted loudly without the slightest bit of guilt.

Payton smiled as he walked forward, “I don’t think so. You actually think you are worthy of her?”

As he finished speaking, he raised his long leg and kicked towards Liam.

lt was a fierce kick. Liam flew for a while before he crashed into the wall and fainted.

Rorey was so frightened that her face turned pale and her entire body trembled. She turned around
and wanted to run into the banquet hall.

However, Payton did not intend to let her go. He stretched out his long arm and dragged Rorey over.
Then he raised his hand and slapped her fiercely, “As a gentleman, I rarely beat a woman. But you've
just crossed the line. How dare you, drug her like this!”

He slapped Rorey so hard that for a moment, she blacked out. Her pace turned extremely pale as she
screamed miserably.

“You slapped me? I call security!”

“You got lucky today. I would have killed you. But I don’t want my hands to get dirty.”

Payton said fiercely. He didn’t look gentle at all.

Rorey was intimidated.

This man seemed ruthless. He really meant what he said.

“lf you do it again, I won’t let you off so easily.”

Payton turned around after threatening her.


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