The convenient Bride

Chapter 62: I Can't Put up with This

Rosiley's face darkened when she heard the conversation between them. She had no sympathy for
Rorey's fate at all.

That woman was too ruthless. lf Sachin hadn’t arrived in time last night, she would have been
humiliated by Liam.

In that case, she would lose her virginity as well as dignity.

At the thought that she might have fallen into such a helpless situation, Rosiley still felt scared and
angry. She could not help

clench her fists and put on a cold look.

She must let Rorey pay for what she had done!

Just as Rosiley was feeling fortunate that she hadn't been raped by Liam, Rorey hid in her house in
agony and did not dare to

go out to meet anyone.

Paytons fierce slap made her cheek swell up and her mouth bleed. Even if she applied ice all night to
reduce the swelling, her cheek still looked red and swollen.

Hatred and grievance engulfed her, but when she thought of Paytons fierce gaze, she was still a little

It never occurred to her that a gentleman like Payton would slap a beautiful woman like her. And that
slap could be that


This was the first time Rorey had ever been humiliated like this.

“Damn it! I must make Rosiley and that man pay the price!”

Rorey was mad with anger, and her hatred towards Rosiley almost made her lose her rationality.

“Rorey, you should calm down. That man only slapped you on the face. lf he had been more ruthless,
he might have hurt† your unborn baby. My parents have already known this. Do you want to make
them unhappy again?”

Yunis's face darkened when he saw Rorey become hysterical.

He was already in a bad mood when Rosiley rejected him last night. He didn't expect Rorey to be hit by
a man with the presence of Rosiley.

When he thought of that outstanding man, Yunis felt depressed.

“Yunis, don’t you feel sorry for me, seeing me like this? That bitch found a cruel man to hit me. She just
can't accept the fact that I am leading a better life than her. Perhaps her goal is to harm my unborn
baby. Are you going to let go? It doesn't matter that l got beaten up, but if I miscarry, your child will be
gone. I really can’t put up with this!”

Rorey held Yunis's arm and said angrily. After that, she didn't forget to shed tears to gain Yunis’s

However, because her face was too swollen, she looked somewhat funny when putting on a pitiful look.

“What else can we do? We don't even know the identity and background of that man.”

Yunis was also a little anxious after being pestered by Rorey.

He had already sent his subordinates to investigate the man beside Rosiley, but no matter what
method he used, he couldn't find anything.

This was beyond his expectations, and at the same time, it upset him.

In Benin City, few people were capable of interfering with his investigation. This made him suspect that
mars background might be even more prominent than his.

After all, not everyone could afford a car worth 40 to 50 million yuan.

Rorey didn't have as many thoughts as Yunis. She said with a disdainful expression, What background
can Rosiley's boyfriend have? Even if he comes from a noble family, he couldn† be a match for you. In
Benin City, aside from the four great families, the .Ji Group can be considered number one. lf that man
is really from a powerful family, why didn't we even meet him before?”

There was a hint of jealousy and belittlement in her words.

Truth be told, Paytons appearance and temperament far surpassed Yunis. However, she just didt want
to believe that Rosiley could find a more powerful man after leaving Yunis.

Rorey had a point. After pondering for a moment, he finally said, “That man hit you. I won’t let him off.
However, you should behave yourself these days and stop making trouble.”

“OK. As long as you are willing to punish those bastards for me, I will listen to you.”

After hearing Yuniss promise, Rorey finally stopped crying.

Yunis pursed his lips and ignored Rorey, but he was preoccupied.

He disliked the man beside Rosiley. lf he could drive that man away from her, he would be delighted.

However, Yunis did not know that Payton, whom he tried his best to investigate, was only a person
used by Sachin to confuse them. Sachin's real purpose was to conceal his own identity.

Payton had lived abroad for a long time and no one knew him in Benin City, so ít was very convenient
for him to carry out Sachin's tasks. However, even so, Yunis could not deal with him so easily.

The Lus topped the four great families of Benin City. They could destroy everything Yunis owned
without any difficulty!