Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 61: He Is Indeed a Gentleman

Just as Payton was teaching Rorey and Liam a lesson, Sachin had already returned to the car with
Rosiley in his arms.

At this moment, Rosiley was completely unconscious. Lying in Sachin's arms, she kept putting her
hands into his clothes. She felt a fire burning inside, and she wanted to release the heat.

Her tiny face flushed red, and she constantly rubbed her face against his. Her eyes blurred, and she
kissed Sachin's lips with her soft red ones.

Sachin had looked sullen, but when feeling Rosiley's warm breaths on his neck, he tried his best to
suppress his desire.

“It's so hot. I don't feel good...”

Rosiley gasped and kissed him enthusiastically.

Her lips were soft and hot, and her entire body smelled fragrant. Taking a deep breath, Sachin was
afraid that he would no longer restrain his desire. He pushed her face away in a hurry and comforted
her, “Wait a moment. You won't be hot anymore after I take you to the hospital!"

Rosiley still felt hot all over, and she couldn't help tugging at her clothes. She wanted to take them off,
as if this would reduce the heat.

Sachin held her hands, but Rosiley began to tug at his shirt.

His tie was twisted, and two buttons of his shirt were torn off. His sexy thin lips became red and swollen
because of her kiss.

Payton saw this when getting into the car. He was startled and quickly looked away. “Boss, do you want
to find a hotel first?”

Sachin took a deep breath and said in a hoarse voice, “Cut the crap. Get in the car and send us to the
hospital immediately.”


Payton sank into bewilderment. He got into the car and said, “Why are you going to the hospital? Boss,
aren't you the best medicine for her?”

Taking a deep breath, Sachin said in a low voice, “l promised her that I wouldn't touch her until she

He just made a mistake two days ago, so he couldn't lose his mind this time.

Payton was rendered speechless. He stared at Sachin in disbelief for a moment and nodded. “Got it.
Boss, please sit still”

Sachin did not say a word. His breathing gradually became heavy, and he felt like his blood began to
boil. He found it harder to keep cool-headed anymore.

However, Rosiley continued to seduce him.

Sachin could only hug her and let her kiss him.

They kissed each other more affectionately. Rosiley wrapped her vine-like arms around his neck tightly.
it seemed that she was trying to be arousing.

Gradually, she turned him on. His voice became hoarse and his eyes were bloodshot. There was a hint
of strong desire on his face.

Seeing such a scene, Payton kindly reminded, “Boss, don't you want to find a hotel? You can take this
opportunity to sleep with her, and maybe she will love you whole-heartedly from then on''

“Shut up and drive!”

Sachin reprimanded Payton in a husky voice. He had always looked calm, but now he wore an anxious

Payton secretly admired his boss.

He thought Sachin was indeed a gentleman, for he could still suppress his desire with a beautiful
woman like Rosiley in his arms

They soon arrived at the hospital and Rosiley was taken to the emergency room.

Payton wanted to laugh when he saw Sachin's disheveled look.

However, fearing that Sachin would punish him, he didn't dare to laugh out loud.

“Find out who that man was just now."

Sachin regained his composure, and his face darkened. He looked quite ferocious now.

Payton took out his phone and looked at the message that Lane had just sent him. “That person is
Liam from the Lin Group in Benin City. He is a playboy and has a bad character. What's worse, he has
a tendency to abuse women. Countless women have been tortured by him”

“The Lin Group?”

Sachin put on a fierce look. I”II leave this matter to you. Since he likes to torture women, let him
experience what it's like to be tortured.”

“Don’t worry, boss. I will handle this properly.”

Payton patted his chest and said confidently. With an excited look, he asked, “By the way, how should
we deal with that woman? I am sure she has something to do with tonight.”

“Leave her to Rosiley. She has to pay for it herself.”

“That's right. Anyone who dares to offend the Lus will be severely punished.”

When Rosiley woke up, it was already the next morning. Sachin was there with her. When he saw her
open her eyes, he said gently, “Are you alright? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“What's wrong with me?”

Rosiley sat up from the hospital bed and was a little confused.

Sachin explained to her, “You were drugged last night. I arrived in time and brought you to the hospital."

Hearing this, Rosiley thought of what happened last night. Recalling Rorey's viciousness and Liam's
persecution, she couldn't help but tremble all over.


That bitch really went too far!

“You're fine now. Dorït be afraid.”

Sachin hugged her and comforted her gently.

Rosiley leaned against his arms, with tears welling up in her eyes. “lf you had arrived a little later,
something terrible might have happened to me”

“This will never happen again.”

Sachins voice was slightly low, and it sounded a bit terrifying.

However, Rosiley was touched after hearing his words.

She knew how terrible her condition was last night. It was that kind of drug. Normally, the antidote
should be him.

However, Sachin kept his promise and didn't touch her.

Maybe this was why she trusted and loved him so much.

Payton bought some food and comforted her, “Rosiley, don't worry. I disabled Liam Lin last night. That
should be a memorable lesson for him. As for Rorey, I think she wouldn't dare to provoke you in the
near future.”

Rosiley looked at him curiously and asked, “Did you do anything to Rorey?”

Payton shrugged and answered, “I just slapped her. I had never hit a woman before. But beasts have
no gender. Boss, am I right?”

“Yes,” Sachin said coldly.

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