Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 65: This Won't Happen Again

After discussing, the two followed Lina to greet everyone. After that, they picked two seats and sat
down, quietly waiting for the others to arrive.

After about ten minutes, the other senior managers attending the party arrived, including TEG's general

After everyone took their seats, waiters began to serve food and wine. After the table was full of food,
the general manager stood up with a smile and said, “It seems that everyone has arrived. Since that's
the case, [l just make a short speech. I believe many people here should know that there have been
some changes in the company these past few days. TEG has a new shareholder, and the one who
invited everyone to the party tonight is him.”

The moment he said those words, many people present looked surprised.

However, some of them did not have much reaction. Undoubtedly, they knew about this.

Rosiley and Yayoi looked at each other in surprise.

lt was a big deal that TEG had a new shareholder, but it was surprising that as TEG's employees, they
hadn't heard this news.

For a moment, many people on the scene began to discuss. They tried to guess who this new
shareholder was.

Seeing everyones curious expression, the general manager smiled and said, “Since you are so
curious, let's invite the new shareholder in.”

As the general manager finished speaking, the door of the private room was pushed open again.
Immediately afterwards, two people walked in from outside under the gaze of everyone.

A man and a woman walked in. The man looked noble and handsome, and he had an elegant
temperament. The woman was sexy and beautiful, with an appealing flirtatious smile on her face.

The moment Rosiley and Yayoi saw them, their expressions immediately changed. These two were
Yunis and Rorey!

"l am sorry to have kept everyone waiting."”

Yunis smiled as he said to the crowd with a gentle and courteous attitude.

TEG's general manager immediately came to greet him, “President .Ji, you finally arrived. Come and
take a seat. Everyone is here now, except you and Mrs. Ji."


Yunis nodded and led Rorey to take two main seats at the table.

As they sat down, the atmosphere gradually became warmer. During the banquet, many people held
wine glasses and toasted to Yunis. All of them wore flattering expressions.

Seeing this, Yayoi, who had been quiet for a long time, suddenly looked at Rosiley solemnly and said,
“They took action so quickly. I can't believe that they have become TEG's new shareholders. They are
planning to thwart your career!”

Rosiley frowned and remained silent. it was obvious that she was caught off guard by Yunis and
Rorey's surprising plan.

Yunis became TEG's shareholder. This meant that Rorey would sign the contract with TEG. In this
case, TEG would give Rorey full support, and Rosiley couldn't gain the upper hand.

Thinking of this, Rosiley shook her head and smiled. “They have tried everything to deal with me”

“Why can you still smile at this moment?”

Yayoi rolled her eyes angrily. “They are so annoying. Ifs still unknown how they will deal with you. Why
aren't you nervous at all?”

Rosiley looked at her with a strange expression. “Why should I be nervous? Since she took action first,
[II try my best to frustrate her. Ïm even afraid she won't make a move.”

Yayoi kept silent for a moment. She could only sigh, “l just can't be as optimistic as you. That bitch has
so many tricks, and l am worried that you will be framed by her again. Dorrt forget that you just came
out of the hospital a few days ago."

“I understand, but i worry give her another chance again. At least, what happened to me a few days
ago will never happen again.”

“That's good.” Yayoïs expression finally turned a little better. Then, she said with a sullen look, “That's
too bad. Seeing these two people, I don't even have the appetite to eat”

"Me too.”

Rosiley nodded in agreement. Then she blinked at Yayoi and said, “Do you want to eat somewhere

“Yes. But it's not good for us to leave now, is it?”

“It doesn't matter. We can come back before the banquet ends.”

Rosiley smiled and pulled Yayoi to her feet, preparing to leave the room.

However, just as they were about to leave, Rorey, who was surrounded by many people, suddenly
winked at Lonny.

Lonny got her message. She smiled at Rosiley and said, “Rosiley, everyone has toasted to President
Ji, except you and Yayoi. How about you two toast to him now?”

Lonnys voice was neither loud nor small, but it was very clear. Everyone present heard her.

The noisy private room suddenly quieted down. Dozens of people turned to look at Rosiley with strange

The scandal between Rosiley and Rorey had spread like wildfire, and everyone present knew about it.

However, it had been a long time since that happened. When the party started, although some people
thought it was strange to see both Rosiley and Rorey, they did not mention it in public. They just
pretended not to know about that matter.

However, Lonny's words instantly made the atmosphere awkward and tense.

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