The convenient Bride

Chapter 68: It Feels Great to Pick Clothes for My Husband


Rosiley was shocked.

Sachin wanted to go shopping with her?

Is she in a dream? How could such a posh person suddenly want to do something that only ordinary
people would do?

Rosileys thoughts were written all over her face, making Payton laugh, “Rosiley, come with us.
Otherwise, if Sachin and I go shopping together, we will be misunderstood.”

Rosiley curled her lips and glanced at them. “You guys are so handsome. l will be troubled ¡f Ì go
shopping with you.”

She didn't want to be surrounded by jealous women. That was simply too terrifying.

Payton looked at her in surprise and then said to Sachin, “Sachin, this is the first time I've heard a
woman say that she would be troubled to go out with US.”

“Your Rosiley is not someone who would be easily attracted by people's appearance." Sachin said with
a smile.

“That's our Rosiley!”

Payton praised and followed Rosiley into the dining room, persuading, “But Rosiley, are you really not
going with us? Think about how cool it is to walk with two handsome men like us on the street. Not
everyone has the honor!”

Rosiley sat at the dining table, looking at him up and down as she ate her breakfast. “Why are you
being so attentive? Are you up to something?”

Payton looked at Sachin and laughed dryly, “How would I dare? Sachin wouldn't go easy on me if Ì

“That's true.”

Rosiley nodded. Then she glanced at Sachin and thought for a moment. Finally she said, “Alright, I'll go
shopping with you.”

“Great, enjoy your breakfast. Sachin and I will be waiting for you outside."

Payton cheered and left the dining room excitedly.

After breakfast, Rosiley got dressed and followed the two men out to a large department store on the
busiest street in Benin City.

The maill had six floors. On the first floor, there were all jewelry and cosmetics counters. The other
floors were restaurants, shoe and clothes shops, and so on. Most of them were flagship shops of the
most famous and fancy brands from home and abroad.

This wasn't Rosiley's first time here. Things here were extravagant. Despite her economic capability,
these were not the level of clothes that she would normally buy.

When Sachin and Payton stepped into the store, Rosiley was soon shocked by the way they spent

Especially Payton. After entering a shop, he pointed at a row of clothes and said to the shop assistant,
“This, this, this ... and that, bring them over for me to try on."

These shop assistants were sophisticated enough to be attentive to this distinguished customer. They
immediately moved all the clothes over.

When he was trying on the clothes, Payton kept asking Rosiley, “How about this one?”

“It looks good.”


“Very cool.”

Rosiley kept nodding, feeling that she had enjoyed a visual feast. It was like watching a fashion show.

Sachin originally didn't want to buy anything. His clothes were almost all tailor-made by famous
designers abroad. Therefore, when Payton was trying on his clothes, Sachin had been quietly watching

However, Rosiley couldn't let him sit there for nothing. She helped him pick out several sets of clothes
with great interest.

Rosiley had a good taste in clothes and knew a lot about fashion. Therefore, things she picked were all
extremely suitable for Sachin.

Of course, Sachins perfect figure also helped.

His was tall, his legs were slender, and his was noble and elegant. He looked good no matter what he
wore, grabbing the attention of girls passing by.

Sachin also praised Rosiley's taste in clothes. However, he seemed to be implying something as he
said, “Rosiley, you seem to have a lot of experience in choosing clothes for men.”

Rosiley was struck dumb. But then a sweet smile appeared on her face. "l like to read fashion
magazines, so l know a lot about mers and womens clothing. And you look so handsome in these
clothes. I can't stop having ideas and putting them on you. lt feels great to pick clothes for my husband.
This is the first time I've picked clothes for a man other than my father!”

She meant to tell him that Yunis had never enjoyed such a treatment when she was with him.

Sachin seemed very satisfied with the answer. His cool face lighted a bit. Then, he handed out a black
card and said to the shop assistant, “Wrap it all up.”


The shop assistant smiled as he took the card and wrapped up all the clothes. The two brothers spent
more than a million yuan.

Rosiley was impressed.

Rich people were terrifying. They just spent a million yuan within the blink of an eye.

After the two finished shopping for clothes, Rosiley asked Sachin, “Are we going home now?”

“No, I have something else to buy.”

Sachin smiled and told Payton to take their clothes to the car. Then he led Rosiley into a women's
clothing store.

Rosiley was at a loss for a moment and asked in surprise, “Are you going to buy me clothes?”