Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 70: Up to No Good

Just as the people in the room were looking at Rosiley, Rosiley was also looking at them.

Apart from Payton, there were also three men and a woman inside.

The three men were about the same age as Sachin. Their all looked extraordinary, and she could tell
that they must come from wealthy families.

As for that woman, she was about the same age as Rosiley. She had a very beautiful oval face.
.Judging from the elegant temperament, she clearly came from a noble family as well.

“Nice to meet you.”

After looking at each other for a while, Rosiley took the lead to greet everyone. Her voice was clear and

Her smile brought the four people back to their senses. They all looked impressed by her.

“Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you!”

They stood up at the same time and greeted Rosiley in a friendly manner.

The three men were extraordinarily handsome and the woman was exceptionally graceful. When they
greeted Rosiley at the same time, she couldn't help smiling.

Sachin led her to the sofa and pointed at them one by one. “River Shen, Allen Chu, Diego Ling, and
finally Diegơs younger sister, Paige Ling. They grew up together with Payton and me” he introduced to

Rosiley nodded and smiled at everyone, “Hello, my name is Rosiley Tang.”

“We are all close friends. We don't need to be so polite with each other. Just take a seat.”

River waved his hand and let everyone sit down.

Payton ran over and pulled Rosiley to the side. He said politely, “Rosiley, let me show you around.
There are a lot of interesting things here. Most importantly, Sachin hid a lot of good wine here. I don't
even have the chance to drink it. How about we take this opportunity to bring out a few bottles?”

Rosiley looked at him, and then looked at Sachin and the others behind her. She seemed to realize
something. So she nodded and said, “Alright!”

When the two of them walked away, the few people on this side finally withdrew their gazes and looked
at Sachin. Their faces were filled with disbelief, “Payton said that you were in love, bụt we didn't believe
him. Now, it seems that it's true?”

“As you can see”

Sachin shrugged with an indifferent expression on his face.

“Her appearance and temperament are not bad. You two are a good match," River said calmly.

“Why does she look a little familiar?” Allen thought for a moment, looking puzzled.

“Rosiley. Wasn't she the celebrity on the entertainment news a while ago?” Diego thought for a long
time and finally thought of who she was.

“She is the one Sachin ¡is in love with?”

Paige frowned, as if she didn't believe that.

Facing the four people's different reactions, Sachin only lightly nodded, “It's her.”

The four of them looked at each other and didn't know what to say. After a while, Allen asked in
hesitation, “That news is like poison. So you know the truth behind?”

“The news is not true. Don't worry about it."

Sachin stayed calm.

Hearing this, they were relieved. Then, Diego said, “So, our Rosiley is a clever person. ve seen the
news before. Her counterattack is quite smart”

“Sachin is so picky. Do you think that an ordinary person could attract him?”

River smiled and picked up his glass. “No matter what, congratulations to Sachin. He is the first among
us to find true love.”

“You're right. We thought you would be single forever. It's great that you could find someone!”

They normally wouldn't have the opportunity to tease Sachin, so they made a good use of this one.

At this time, Rosiley and Payton had already returned. They left empty-handed. But when they
returned, they both held two expensive bottles of red wine in their hands.

Payton excitedly rushed over and placed the wine on the table, shouting, “Guys, thanks to Rosiley
today, everyone can have a good taste of Sachin's precious red wine"

Hearing this, Diego was instantly excited, “These are the wine he refused to take out on my birthday,

Payton smiled and said, “Yes!”

“Looks like you have to be generous tonight.”

River and Allen also smiled. Obviously, they had longed for these red wines for a long time.

Sachin didn't seem to care so much. He only said indifferently, “Drink as much as you want.”

“You can't go back on your word.”

The few of them hurriedly opened the wine. When the wine was ready, Allen waved to Rosiley,
“Rosiley, come here. It's our first time to meet each other, so you must have a drink with everyone

“That's right. Please drink with us.”

The men greeted Rosiley with wine glasses in their hands.

Rosiley did not refuse.

She couldn't drink much, but a glass of wine was fine. So she raised her glass and finished it.

Everyone was in high spirits after drinking, and they turned to persuade Sachin to drink. Soon, the
party was livened up.

Halfway through, Payton suddenly suggested, “It's no fun to just drink. How about we play a game?
Whoever loses should drink three glasses!”

“Alright, should we roll the dice? Or guess the points?”

“Guess the points. Rosiley, get on board!”

Payton smiled wickedly and said to Rosiley. It was obvious that he intended to get Rosiley drunk.

He knew that Rosiley couldn't drink much. Once she got drunk, she would lose her mind. At that time,
she may finally want to have sex with Sachin.

The others took the hint and said, “lf Rosiley is going to play the game, there is no reason why Sachin
should not participate.”

Rosiley knew what they are up to. She laughed and said, “Anyway, Sachin can drink for me when I
can't drink anymore.”

“Sure. Sachin is good at drinking.”

The men got more excited. Being able to get Sachin drunk once in their life would be a mission

Rosiley looked at their expressions and didn† say anything. Suddenly she blinked and smiled, “But
guessing points alone is quite boring. Do you want to add another punishment?”

“Punishment?” Everyone was baffled.

Rosiley smiled and nodded, “Well, the one who loses the most should go out and say '1 love you' to the
first man he meets. How about this?”

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