Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 77: A Slap in the Face

Rosiley went to get her boarding pass. She thought the company had booked her economy class
tickets. But to her surprise, she got first class.

She wondered since when the company had been so generous. The company would only reimburse
economy class fares every time she went on a business trip.

But then she thought that it was probably because of Rorey’s special status. That was why entourage
got better treatments.

Rosiley was relieved. After taking the pass, she went back to her colleagues.

But this time, she was surprised to see Yunis next to Rorey.

The man was in a suit and looked very elegant. However, his gaze changed when it met Rosiley.

Rosiley pretended not to see him and stood silent, not even bothering to say hello.

Yunis's gaze darkened. Just as he was about to speak, Rorey said coquettishly, “Yunis, I said that I
would take good care of myself. You're so busy, yet you came here for me. Thank you.”

“Rorey, of course, is because Mr. Ji loves you. lIts enviable to marry such an excellent man.”

Stacie praised, her eyes filled with envy.

Gracie Lindley, Rorey's assistant, also parroted, “You are truly a perfect match. I'd be so happy if my
future husband could be a tenth as excellent as Mr. Ji."

The three didn't speak loudly, but it was obvious that they said to Rosiley deliberately. They seemed to
be showing off how much Yunis loved Rorey.

Standing not far away, she could certainly see their triumphant look. She couldn't help but sneer

If she hadn't met Sachin, perhaps she would have been very embarrassed in face of this.

But now, she only found Rorey's affectation very funny.

The three screwed up their faces at Rosiley's indifference.

Rorey didn't give up and winked at Stacie.

The assistant understood and said to Rosiley, “Right, Rosiley, the company booked an economy class
for everyone. But Mr. Ji was reluctant to part with Rorey and booked her business class. Thanks to
that, Gracie and I've changed to business class. You're the only one who hasn. Do you want to change
as well?”

”Business class?”

Rosiley looked at them in surprise.

Stacie curled her lips smugly. “Yes. Mr. .Ji wanted to change Rorey to the first class, but the seats were
full. So she changed to the business class. lf you want, he can handle it in no time.”

What she meant was very clear. lf Rosiley wanted to change, she would have to bow to Yunis. As long
as she did so, it would mean she surrendered to Rorey.

Rosiley didn't say anything. She just stared at them in astonishment

The company booked them economy class tickets. But why did she get a first-class ticket?

Rosiley was puzzled.

When Rosiley said nothing, Stacie thought that she must have wavered. She couldn† help but raise her
chin, “Actually, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Rorey is suụch a nice person. As long as you
ask, shell ask Mr. Ji to change it for you."

“Stacie, what are you talking about? Isn't it just a business class ticket? Just give it to her.”

Rorey uttered. She sounded as if she were patronizing some beggar.

Rosiley wanted to sneer at that, “No need, l think my seat is quite good”

Although she didn't know what was going on, she got first class. She would be stupid if she asked
Rorey for a business class ticket

“What an ungrateful woman”

Stacie snorted disdainfully at Rosileys detachment. The manager acted like she had an unaccountable
sense of superiority, as if she were better than others.

Rosiley didn't care. She sneered silently.

She was curious about what kind of expression they would have when they found her in first class.

After waiting for more than ten minutes in the departure hall, the plane was finally about to take off.

They went through security and got on the plane. Rorey and the other three soon found their seats in
business class.

They sat down and saw Rosiley heading in the direction of the first-class cabin. Rorey couldn't help but
snort, “Rosiley, economy class is in the opposite direction. Are you going the wrong way?”

Rosiley glanced at them but said nothing. She continued forward and went straight into the first-class

The elation disappeared from Rorey's face when she saw Rosiley walking into the cabin without being

She turned to look at her husband, “Yunis, what's going on? Didn't you say that the first-class cabin
was fully booked?”

“It was. That's right.”

Yunis frowned in confusion.

“Since when can Rosalie afford the whole first class?”

Stacie asked doubtfully. She did not believe that Rosiley was that capable.

Rorey also didn't believe so.

Just when she felt that she was superior to Rosiley in business class, that woman strutted into the first-
class cabin under her nose. She felt blood rush to her head and even had difficulty breathing.

“Go check what's going on.”

After a while, Rorey ordered Stacie gloomily.

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