The convenient Bride

Chapter 78: Surprise

Stacie nodded, stood up, and stopped a stewardess, “Excuse me, the lady who entered just now was
from economy class. Why didn't you stop her?”

The stewardess smiled friendly and replied, “Miss, that's right. That lady booked the economy class
ticket. But she changed to the first-class before boarding.”

“Didn't you say the first-class was fully booked? Why can she change it while we can't?” Stacie was

“I'm sorry. There must be some misunderstanding. The seat in the first class is reserved for that lady by
a quest.”

“How could it be?”

Stacie was astonished. Even Yunis couldrt book a first-class cabin. How could someone manage what
Yunis couldn't do?

Stacie was not stupid. Soon, she thought of something and asked, “What's the name of this guest?”

“Sorry, we can reveal the identity of our guests.”

Even if the stewardess didn't tell, Stacie guessed she probably knew who this guest was. She
supposed the one who booked the first class cabin was Rosiley’s mysterious boyfriend.

The corner of Stacie’s lips twitched. Suddenly it dawned on her why Rosiley had that strange look
when they were in the departure hall.

When she thought of what she had said to Rosiley, she couldn't help but feel extremely embarrassed.

“What happened?”

Rorey asked Stacie impatiently, who had remained silent after coming back.

Stacie hesitated for a moment and said with trepidation, “Someone seems to have specially booked the
first-class cabin for Rosiley.”

For a time, none of them said anything. However, judging from Rorey's twisted face, it was imaginable
how angry she was.

“Alright, Rorey, since she has already gone to the first class, let it be. Don't be angry."

Yunis didn't seem that dramatic. But he cast an unreadable gaze towards the first-class cabin.

Rosiley wasn't interested in checking out her colleagues' expressions when she entered the first class.

She just wondered why she had been upgraded to the first-class.

All of her doubts disappeared at the sight of a man.

She saw the man holding a glass of wine and carefully tasting it in his seat.

He was in a well-tailored vest suit, with a pair of golden-rimmed glasses on his face. His legs crossed.
He looked noble and elegant. His sexy thin lips curled up into a gentle smile. When the black eyes
behind the glasses landed on her, they emitted a dazzling light.


Rosiley looked at him in surprise, "“Why are you here?”

Sachin smiled and waved to her. When she walked over, he pulled her to sit on his lap, “Surprise?”

”It's not just a surprise. It's amazing.”

Rosiley nodded excitedly, “I was wondering who promoted me to first class.”

Sachin touched her head, and a smile reached his eyes, “Didn't I say I would see you later when you
were leaving?”

“How could I know you mean this?”

Rosiley glared at him, and then glanced around, “Why are there so few people here?”

“Just the two of us. I don't want anyone to disturb us.”

Rosiley looked at him in surprise, “You booked the entire first-class cabin?”

“Yep.” Sachin nodded.

Rosiley smacked her lips, Wow, how rịch.”

Sachin was amused by her. He couldn't help but kiss her on the cheek, “Do you want something to

“I want juice."


Sachin called the waiter and asked for a glass of juice. Rosiley held the cụp and asked him curiously as
she drank the juice, “Why did you follow me? And you didn't tell me at all.”

“Because you said that you would miss me. I came so that you would not miss me too much.”

Sachin watched her affectionately, his voice was exceptionally sexy.

Rosileys heart skipped a beat and her cheeks flushed.

“Are you happy?” Sachin stroked her cheek.


Rosiley nodded seriously. As long as he was around, she was not afraid of anything.

Because of Sachin, the three-hour flight did not feel boring. After getting off the plane, they agreed to
meet up at the hotel and separated.

Outside the airport, Rosiley saw her colleagues again.

Now their expressions were different from before. Rorey was gloomy. Stacie and Gracie were too
ashamed to look into Rosileys eyes.

As for Yunis, despite his vicious gaze, he said nothing.

lt was a little awkward, but Rosiley was at ease. Ignoring them, she picked up her luggage and walked

After a while, the car to pick them up arrived. Rorey and Yunis took the lead in getting on the car,
followed by Stacie and Gracie. When Rosiley was about to get in, Rorey suddenly said, “Rosiley, since
you can afford the first class, you wouldrt want to be in the same car with us, right? I think you'd better
take a ride on your own."

Without waiting for Rosiley to say anything, she slammed the car door shut.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows. She wasn’t angry. She just felt that the woman was so childish.

She shook her head, carried her luggage, and went to hire a taxi herself.