Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 81: No Gaffe

Yunis didn't say anything, and Rosiley didn't want to talk with him either. In retrospect, she was more
and more convinced that she had been stupid to have fallen in love with such a man.

They stared at each other expressionlessly. Rosiley's gaze was icy while Yunis looked rather gloomy.

After a while, Yunis said slowly, "Rosiley, I told you that sooner or later, you will return to me."

"You wish!"

Rosiley scoffed. The man must have lost his mind to make such a laughable claim.

Not feeling offended, he looked at her quietly and said evenly, "It's too early to tell. I'll try my best to
make you compromise! Believe it or not, we'll see."

His eyes went sinister when he came to the last sentence.

Rosiley felt a chill run down her spine. For the first time, she realized the man in front of her was

Even so, Rosiley did not want to surrender. She returned coldly, "Yunis, others might be afraid of you,
but I am not. I'm curious if Rorey hears what you just said, would she lose her mind and have a big
fight against you. After all, even I am a little afraid when she gets mad.”

Yunis's face went white.

He knew that Rosiley was true. Rorey had always been arrogant and possessive of him.

She had always regarded Rosiley as a thorn in her side. If she found out that he still had feelings for
Rosiley, she might do something terrible.

Seeing Yunis's hesitance, Rosiley knew that her words had worked. She snorted apathetically and
walked away without waiting for his reply.

About half an hour later, Rorey finally had her makeup done and walked over from the dressing room.

She stood in front of Yunis and complained in dissatisfaction, "Yunis, the shooting will start soon, but
this dress is so ugly. If I were dressed like this, I wouldn't look good in the camera and my image would
be undermined."

Rorey was in blue and white sportswear with a pair of white sneakers on her feet. Her sexy wavy hair
was now tied in a ponytail behind her. With little makeup on her face, she looked completely different
from her usual style of dress and looked ordinary.

This was not what Rorey wanted.

She had always thought highly of herself and reveled in her good appearance and temperament. She
believed she was more beautiful than some popular actresses, and only high-end brands could match
her beauty.

Yunis comforted her gently, "Rorey, you just came back to the entertainment industry. You can't get a
big brand endorsement all at once. So you should make do with it now. After you get popular, I'll get
you another endorsement. At that time, cosmetics or foreign high-end brands will be at your disposal.”

Rorey was still a little unsatisfied. But since the man had said so, she couldn't argue with that but said
coquettishly, "You promised. You can't go back on your word.”

"Of course, hurry up, go ahead. I'll watch you here."

Yunis would give Rorey almost everything she asked for. The sinister look he had shown Rosiley was
now completely gone.

“Well, then I'm leaving. I'll try hard.”

After giving Yunis a smile, Rorey turned around and left.

Before she left, however, she glanced at Rosiley not far away, with pride and show-off on her face.

“Ridiculous,” Rosiley thought.

Even now, this woman still believed that her younger step-sister cared so much about Yunis, so Rorey
put on that victorious face whenever she got a chance.

Rorey never found out that Rosiley had long since lost interest in Yunis. To Rosiley, her older step-
sister was just making a fool of herself.

The shooting was soon in full swing. Besides a few sets of photographs, Rorey had to shoot an

In the beginning, everything went quite smoothly. All Rorey needed to do was change a few sets of
clothes and poses.

But when it came to video ads, they just couldn't move on.

Rorey's lack of professionalism and acting skills prevented her from following the director's
requirements of demeanor, position, and reactions.

In a short half an hour, they reshot dozens of times. In the end, the director lost his patience and
sullenly asked everyone to rest before they started again later.

Rorey's face darkened.

It was undoubtedly humiliating to her, especially with Yunis and Rosiley watching it.

She couldn't stand the thought that Rosiley was sneering at her secretly.

"I'm done!"

Provoked, she lost her temper and shouted at Stacie and Gracie.

Stacie immediately handed her a bottle of water and comforted her softly, “Rorey, calm down. The
advertisement video is the only thing left now. Hold on for a while and it will be over soon."

Gracie came up to fan Rorey and complimented her, "Actually, you have already done a good job. The
director has too many requirements. Calm down and prepare yourself. I believe you can do a better,
impeccable job."

Rorey gritted her teeth in hatred. When her gaze landed at Rosiley, she bit her lower lip and said, “I
can't let that bitch laughing at me. Stacie, do something for me. If I don't feel good, neither could she."

Surprised for a short while, Stacie smiled maliciously, "Don't worry. Leave it to me."

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