The convenient Bride

Chapter 88: Absence Sharpens Love

"Afterwards, I was smart enough to find a way to escape.” Rosiley shrugged her shoulders, and added,
“In short, she is not a good person. I'll never forget that she had publicly humiliated me’

"In the future, I won't let you be hurt like this again.’

Sachin hugged her and patted her on the back to console her.

He could imagine how confused and frightened a young girl would be when she encountered those
hidden rules.

Fortunately, she was fine afterwards!

However, now that he knew it, he couldn't pretend that nothing had happened.

"Thank you, Sachin. I'll handle this by myself. I will get even with Manny sooner or later. As for these
photos, I don't intend to reveal it for now."

"What are your plans?"

Sachin let go of her and asked, frowning.

"It's not much of a plan. I'm afraid that Rorey will make troubles for me when we go back. Quite a few
celebrities, including Hazel and Manny, are helping to boom her popularity. If she can behave herself,
then we'll be at peace. If she can't, then don't blame me for taking special measures.”

"Sometimes, I wish you were not so strong."

Sachin sighed softly and held her face affectionately.

As a big shot in the industry, Sachin naturally knew that it would be very difficult for one to survive in
this industry without tactfulness.

In the past two years, Rosiley was exploited and on the thin ice. It was obvious that she had worked
hard to get where she was.

Rosiley intimately rubbed his warm and broad palm and smiled, "I'm doing what I want to do, so I don't
afraid of working hard. Besides, if I wasn't strong, I'm afraid that I should have been in troubles
countless times.”

"You already have a backer, so you don't need to be strong now.’

"I'm so fearless now because I have a backer.”

If it was in the past, Rosiley would stay calm and avoid conflict with others.

However, after suffering a huge loss due to Yunis, she realized something. Sometimes, if you endured
silently, the others would only think that they could push you around. Only if you fight back at the right
time, they would be able to fear you.

She was no longer the one who could be pushed around.

Since they finish the shooting, Rosiley and the others did not need to stay in City H, so they planned to
return to Benin City the next day.

However, the next morning, Rosiley knocked on Rorey's door and found an empty room. Rorey had
already checked out with her agent and assistant, and they had gone to catch a plane.

Evidently, Rorey had lost all patience on this trip because she couldn't take advantage of Rosiley.

Without Rorey and the others, Rosiley was free to stay with Sachin. And she returned Benin City with
Sachin in the afternoon.

After leaving the airport, Sachin sent Rosiley back to the company.

When Yayoi saw Rosiley, she rushed over happily and hugged the latter, "Rosiley, absence sharpens
love. I miss you so much."

Rosiley pushed her away and rubbed the goose bumps on her arms. She said in disdain, “Don't make
me sick. You just want a present. Sorry, no present!”

"You disappointed me."

Yayoi curled her lips and let go of Rosiley. Then, they walk towards Rosiley's desk and Yayoi asked,
"How was your trip?"

"What do think if you face a few annoying people all day long?"

Rosiley rolled her eyes and said roughly.

"That's upset. But what's worse, you're in big trouble now.

Yayoi looked at Lina's office with a serious expression and said, "Rorey came back this morning and
she complain to Lina that you did not obey the company's orders. She said that you refused to
cooperate with her and put company's reputation aside. She is quite capable. Lina was called to a
meeting early in the morning and now they are probably waiting for you.”

"Oh, really?"

Rosiley wasn't too surprised. Obviously she had predicted that Rorey would do this.

She pursed her lips and sneered, “OK, I'll go find Lina. I'd like to see what they greedily want.”

After a brief chat with Yayoi, Rosiley got up and went to Lina's office.

"You are here, Rosiley."

Seeing Rosiley, Lina stopped her work and her stern face softened a lot.

"Yes." Rosiley nodded.

Before Lina could say something, Rosiley bluntly said, "Lina, I heard that Rorey complained about me
to you. I wonder how the senior executives would deal with me."

Lina was stunned for a moment. She was surprised that Rosiley would be so straightforward. After a
while, she regained her composure and said, "I have convinced the senior executives to not deal with
you for the time being. You know, I don't believe in one side of the story. If I do, I'd rather believe you
than Rorey. After all, I've been your boss for two years!"

"Thank you, Lina.”

Rosiley was grateful and touched by Lina's appreciation.

"Tell me what happened.”

Lina pointed at the sofa and motioned Rosiley to sit down.

Rosiley nodded and sat down. She briefly explained the story to Lina. Then, she asked, "Does the
company want me to clear the air unilaterally?"

Looking at the girl with shrewd eyes in front of her, Lina sighed, "Indeed. Don't worry. You're not the
one to be blame for this matter from beginning to end. The company shouldn't blame you, so I won't let
them push you out to clear the air.”

To Rosiley, Lina was undoubtedly a good boss. Lina was discriminative between love and hate. She
was very strict and she was not blind to right and wrong.

Rosiley was grateful for Lina’s appreciation, but she could not watch helplessly the latter fought against
the senior executives of TEG.

It was not easy for Lina to have her current status. Rosiley did not wish that Lina would be targeted by
Rorey because of her.

After thought for a while, Rosiley suddenly said to Lina, “Lina, just follow the company's instructions. I
can clear the air publicly."

Lina couldn't help but be shocked. She said, "Are you sure? Rosiley, do you know that once you clarify,
you will live with the shame?"

"I know."

"Then you...”

"It doesn't matter, Lina. I have a way to deal with it! Thank you for protecting me. However, this matter
is a conflict between me and Rorey. I don't want to drag you down. I grew up with Rorey and I know

that she can do anything. I can't guarantee that she won't vent her anger on you in the future.
Therefore, so let's let it go.”

After that, Rosiley stood up and bowed to Lina before leaving the office.