The convenient Bride

Chapter 80: Vanity

At two o'clock in the afternoon, Rosiley was making out with Sachin when the doorbell in the room
suddenly rang.

Rosiley went to open the door and saw Stacie standing at the door. She asked doubtfully, “What's up?”

“Nothing. l'm just here to inform you that it's almost Rory's shooting time. Prepare yourself and go out
with us.”

Stacie said coldly, but her eyes darted towards the room as if to see what the presidential suite looked

Rosiley stood in front of her and said emotionlessly, “I see. I tidy up and come right away. You can
leave now”

Stacie seemed a little reluctant to leave. But Rosiley had made it very clear, so she could only shut up
and leave resentfully.

After Stacie left, Rosiley returned to the room and saw Sachin reading the documents on the sofa. The
man took a glance at her, “Are you going out?”

“Yeah, what about you? You work here?”

Sachin had come all the way to accompany her. She felt a little guilty for leaving him here.

“No, the branch office is nearby. I will go there to take a look."

Rosiley blinked her eyes and stared at him doubtfully, “REG has a branch?”

Sachin paused and chuckled, “Not REG. lts a family business.”

Rosiley was lost for words for a while before she suddenly tilted her head and glared at him, “Apar†t
from REG, you also manage the family business?”

Sachin nodded evenly, “Yes.”

Rosiley remained silent again. She looked at him strangely, “Benin's four great families are led by Lu,
followed by Shen, Chu, Ling ... lf I guess right, are you and River and others from the four great

“lt's so obvious. There's no need to guess, right?”

A strange, somewhat meaningful smile touched Sachin's lips.

Rosiley couldn't help but take a deep breath, feeling a little dizzy.

Actually, she had thought of it as early as that night at the party. lt was just that she had never
confirmed it. Now that Sachin had acknowledged it, she was quite shocked.

The four great families

That was a well-known aristocratic family in the country. Their family businesses were all over the
country. Even ten .Ji Groups might not be able to match them.

Rosiley tried her best to calm down. After a long time, she smacked her lips and muttered, “Incredible!
How lucky l am! My randomly picked up husband has such an impressive background.”

Sachin laughed when he saw his little wife shaking her head.

Her reaction was truly interestingI

Rosiley picked up her camera and met Rorey and the others at the entrance of the hotel.

They got in the car and rushed to the shooting scene.

Along the way, Rorey was dismissive of Rosiley, while Yunis stared at her with a complicated look on
his face. He seemed to want to say something but stopped.

As for Stacie and Gracie, instead of feeling ashamed, they were very jealous of her.

After all, not everyone could have a first-class seat and a presidential suite!

Rosiley ignored them and photographed the scenery along the way, enjoying herself very much.

About twenty minutes later, the five finally arrived at the set.

Rorey got a sportswear advertisement. The brand was not high-end, but it was not bad in the domestic
market. The theme was very simple. She just needed to show the youthful energy of the sportswear.

After they arrived at the studio, Rorey went to put on her makeup, followed by her agent and assistant.
Rosiley and Yunis were left alone.

Rosiley had no intention of communicating with Yunis and was fiddling with her camera.

Disregarded by Rosiley, Yunis looked a little annoyed. “Is it that man? He booked you the first-class
ticket and the presidential suite?”

“What does it have to do with you?”

Rosiley said bluntly. What she did now had nothing to do with him.

“Rosiley, you've changed. You weren't so vain before.”

Yunis's tone was extremely cold.

In his eyes, Rosiley had become a vain woman.

She used to be delicate, but she never cared about these superficial things, let alone humiliating
someone in such a way.

Yunis was very disappointed at what Rosiley had done to Rorey today.


Surprised, Rosiley looked at the man in disbelief, “I'm vain? Yunis, don't you think you should tell Rorey
that? lf I were vain, wouldn't she be even worse? She flaunted your support and tried all she could to
humiliate me. Isn't it ridiculous for you to say that to me?”

Yunis paused, “At least she wouldn't be like you today.”

“What have I done? Think about the way Rorey flaunted flying business class before boarding. Why
don't you blame her? Or do you think that if you don't get to fly business class, neither do I?”

Rosiley sneered and looked at him sarcastically.

Yunis didn't say anything. He glared at her coldly.

Rosiley was right. A person like Yunis was born arrogant. He got whatever he wanted and received the
best treatment wherever he went.

But today, he felt defeated because of Rosiley.

Because of the mysterious man behind her.

Because of that man, his pride was bruised. And Rosiley's disregard and ridicule had become too
much for him.