The convenient Bride

Chapter 89 We Won't Take the Blame

Yayoi was shock to hear that Rosiley was willing to clear the air publicly. "Rosiley, are you crazy? Why
did you agree to clear the air? I really want to cut your head open and see what is in it!”

"Don't be anxious. The good show has just begun. Do you think I can be taken advantage so easily?"

Rosiley glanced at Yayoi, who went crazy, and said calmly.

"What do you mean? Do you have a way to deal with it?"

Yayoi finally calmed down a little, but she was still a little confused.

"Yes, but I may need your help.”

"What can I do?”

"It's just a small favor. Help me...

Rosiley whispered to Yayoi about what to do. Then Rosiley patted Yayoi on the shoulder and said, "You
can do this, right?”

"Of course I can. But why are you doing this?”

Yayoi looked at her in confusion.

Rosiley shrugged and narrowed his eyes. She said, "Since the company wants to help Rorey make
things difficult for me, then I don't need to be kind. I want the company to realize that it was wrong to
push me around.”

“But what if the company fires you?"

Yayoi frowned, worrying.

However, Rosiley sneered, "Fire me? Don't worry. I'm sure they will be afraid of firing me.”


Although Yayoi was still worried, she could only temporarily put aside all her worries since Rosiley was

It had to be said that TEG was efficient. In less than two hours, they had arranged everything and just
waited for Rosiley to come on stage to clarify.

Before coming on stage, Rosiley called Sachin tell him about the situation.

After the call, Payton looked at Sachin, whose face darkened, and said, "Sachin, Rosiley is being
bullied in that shitty company. Are you going to look on indifferently and do nothing? Aren't you sorry for

Sachin glanced at him and said indifferently, “I've said that I won't interfere in her affairs unless I have

Payton rolled his eyes, unfit his image. He said, “Is that a good reason? She is your wife. If you don't
help her, nobody will help her.”

"Rosiley didn't allow me to help her.” Sachin gradually regained his previous indifference and
continued, "Moreover, she has just been hurt not long ago, and she is covered in thorns. She needs to
prove herself on her own. All I can do now is to be nice to her and slowly cure her broken heart until
she completely accepts me. And before that, I can't act rashly. Otherwise, if she runs away, where can I
find another girl like her?"

"That's the case.’

Payton finally came to a realization. Then, he looked at Sachin in disbelief and said, "I'm surprised that
you are so considerate, Sachin. You have impressed me."

"Don't underestimate Rosiley. She has indeed suffered a lot. However, those who try to hurt her will not
have an easy time."

Then, Sachin suddenly smiled and looked at the computer screen.

Payton also looked at the screen and saw a video of Rosiley publicly clearing the air.

The woman in the video was sitting in front of the camera. Her beautiful face was fearless and calm.

Then, reporters asked her a series of questions.

"Miss Tang, have you really made up with Rorey? Or are you forced by the company to do so?"

"Miss Tang, it is said that you voluntarily forgave Rorey and made peace with her. Is that true?"

"Miss Tang, back then, when you and Rorey were fighting, so many netizens supported you. Now you
are ignoring your dignity and forgiving a home wrecker. Don't you have anything to explain to

Troublesome questions came one after another, and they were all hard-hitting.

This video was broadcast live online and could be seen by all the netizens. Many people were
immediately angered and they cursed at Rosiley.

"Since you're not a star, don't keep doing these headline-grabbing things. It's an embarrassment for
others to support you.”

"You actually speak up for a home wrecker not long after you were abandoned. Rosiley, you're so

"You waste so many netizens’ help. I wonder if you are insane."

"What a messy business..."

Rosiley did not see these insulting words, but she could guess that the internet was definitely in turmoil
at this moment.

However, her face did not change at all. After the reporters finished asking, she smiled and said slowly,
"First of all, I would like to thank you for your concern. I'm just a nobody. Secondly, I am here to clear
the air, mainly for myself. I would like to clarify three points."

"First, I have never made peace with Rorey! She stabbed me in the back. I won't give her another
chance to stab me again, because I am not a fool.”

"Second, it's none of my business that Rorey joined hands with TEG. I hope that some people with
intentions don't hype up me and ruin my reputation. I am not a star but a reporter. I have every right to
sue you.”

"Third, I have been working for TEG for two years and I made a lot of contributions to TEG. I hope that
the company will let me go because of my two years of hard work. I am powerless, so I cave in.
However, if you make it a habit, you are stepping on my dignity. I, Rosiley Tang, have a clear
conscience in this company. Therefore, I beg all of you to be merciful and let me go!"

"That's all I want to say in this press conference. Thank you very much!"

After that, Rosiley stood up and bowed, and then she left beneath those astonished eyes.

Everyone was unable to respond. And the reporters were stunned. Only when Rosiley's figure
disappeared did a commotion erupt.

All the netizens exploded again.

"Holy shit, what did Rosiley just say? Was she complaining about TEG's injustice? She was simply...

"The silly company actually bullies an outstanding reporter for a little-known artist.”

"Don't cry, Rosiley. We won't take the blame!"

"Rosiley is so courageous. This is the Rosiley we like and support.”

Countless netizens changed their thoughts and supported Rosiley because of what she said

Quite a few of influencers also reposted the news to support Rosiley.

In just a few minutes, TEG was flooded with insults.