The convenient Bride

Chapter 90: I Must Marry You

“Sachin, Rosiley is more charming than you!”

After watching the video, Payton said in surprise. But then he was a little worried. "I don't think TEG will
let Rosiley go so easily.”

"I think so.”

Sachin crossed his fingers and leaned against the table thoughtfully.

“At this time, aren't you going to do something, Sachin?"

Seeing that Sachin didn't move at all, Payton couldn't help but ask.

Sachin shook his head and said, “It's not needed for the time being. Rosiley should have next move.
We'll see what will happen.”

Sachin was worthy of being the person who understood Rosiley the best. Just as the video started to
go viral online, Rosiley had already started to prepare for the next move.

After she left the scene of the press conference, she immediately returned to her office without
stopping. She instructed Yayoi, "Yayoi, did you prepare the things I need?"

Yayoi was ready to fight. She said, “I've already prepared it. What should I do next?"

Rosiley said anxiously, “Pots it online anonymously. Hurry up. I think the senior executives of the
company will come looking for me very soon.”

Yayoi also knew the seriousness of the matter. She nodded and immediately turned to do what Rosiley
had told her.

About three minutes later, a summary of Rosiley's achievements in TEG appeared on the Internet.

Rosiley was inured to hardships and worked hard. She wrote and reported much news for charity, and
has gained quite a lot of repercussions.

At the same time, Rosiley also won a number of honors for TEG, including awards on the Domestic
Media Power Rankings.

Only at this time did all the netizens know that Rosiley was not only an entertainment reporter, but also
a very kind hearted reporter.

She had been paying attention to children with rare diseases. In the news, she appealed to charitable
people to raise money and care for these children.

She had reported on some stray cats and dogs, hoping that everyone would treat these lives well. She
also raised a sum of money for an orphanage...

However, Rosiley's reports did not attract much attention. Most people's understanding of her was still
limited to the fact that she was a paparazzo.

Of course, some netizens thought that it was Rosiley's hype, so they began to dig deeper into the truth
of the news.

In the end, it turned out that all the reports were true. Rosiley did not cram for the sake of hype and
restoring her image.

As a result, there were more insults and hostile references flooding TEG.

“TEG's senior executives are all idiots. Rosiley made such a great contribution to the company, but she
was treated badly.”

"They didn't cherish such a good staff, just to help a bad actress. No wonder TEG can never catch up
with a first-rate entertainment group like REG.”

"I beg REG to poach Rosiley. It is a waste of talent that such a good reporter stays in TEG.”

“TEG is short sighted to help Rorey. I don't know a bad actress like she would be popular.”

"l urge TEG to apologize to Rosiley...”

The online news about this matter was exploding, and TEG fell into a crisis because of Rosiley.

The senior executives were furious about what Rosiley said in the press conference and they were
about to fire her as punishment.

However, when so many netizens collectively crushed them, they hesitated.

TEG was the one in the wrong. Rosiley had never done anything wrong to the company from the
beginning to the end. However, in order to help Rorey, the company made it a habit to push Rosiley
around with power.

Rosiley caved in at first, but the company pushed her too far, so she had no choice but to fight back in
the end.

The senior executives of TEG couldn't find a reason for a moment. Besides, the public opinion was on
Rosiley's side. If TEG fired Rosiley at this time, it would probably be at the forefront of the storm once

At this moment, REG, which had always disliked interfering in the gossip news, suddenly posted an
announcement on the official Weibo, "A good company should treat its good employees well.

Employees are the foundation of the company, and talent plays an important role in improving the
company. REG will always open to those who have abilities."

At the end of the announcement, REG directly mentioned Rosiley's ID on Weibo and announced that it
gave an offer to Rosiley.

The Internet was completely boiling.

Everyone knew how tough it is to get in REG. No matter if they were stars or other staff members, they
had to put in all their effort to compete with others for an offer.

This time, REG gave Rosiley an offer officially. It was obvious that the REG thought highly of Rosiley.

All of a sudden, everyone was gloating over TEG's foolish actions.

Because of REG's intervention, the senior executives of TEG began to evaluate Rosiley's importance
to TEG.

After the discussion, many executives realized that Rosiley's contributions to the company over the
past two years were more than that of some of the old employees who had worked for seven or eight


However, they were desperately trying to bully such a talented person.

Just as the senior executives of the company were doing emergency public relations, Rosiley was
relaxed and sat in her seat, doing whatever she had to do, eating well, and living a good life.

Yayoi looked at her with admiration and said, “To tell the truth, Rosiley, if you are a man, I will definitely
marry you. Even if I die, I will marry you frantically.”

Rosiley laughed, "I have a high standard for husband, so I may not like you.”

"It doesn't matter. I am drawn to you.”

Yayoi winked at her and smiled charmingly.

Rosiley couldn't help but tremble, and she said, "No. I'm afraid I can't stand you.”

"It's fine. I can stand you.”

Yayoi made a funny face, and then she changed the topic, "Seriously, do you consider resigning and
joining in REG? It's better to stay in REG than in this shitty company. If you join in REG, no one will
dare to bully you since Mr. Lu is your backer. And... maybe I can ride on your coattails and join in REG
with you together.

“Your analogy is quite appropriate.”

Rosiley was amused, but she shook her head and said, "Perhaps I will join in REG in the future, but not
now. I know that REG’s announcement was posted by Sachin to help me, but I think that I need more
training. I want to see where my limits lie.”

"l knew it.”

Yayoi waved her hand with dislike and said, "However, this matter was blown into a major controversy
this time. If you don't go to REG, the netizens might scold you again and say that you're ungrateful.
Have you thought about that?”

"Isn't that simple? I'll tell the netizens that although TEG has let me down, Lina is the good judge of my
talent. I can't leave simply. Otherwise, I would be sorry for Lina's supporting me and helping me grow.
As for REG, Sachin will definitely cooperate with me, so I'm not afraid. Furthermore, this is not the right
time to leave TEG.”

At this point, Rosiley's charming face turned serious and she said, "The news will definitely angered
Rorey a lot. She must go crazy. Lina has helped me a lot. I'm worried that Rorey will cause trouble for

Yayoi nodded in agreement and said, “That's true. Rorey has always been vindictive. It's not easy for
Lina to get where she is. We can't repay her with troubles.

Rosiley shrugged and said, “So, I can only stay. Only in this way will Rorey focus on me.”

Yayoi sighed helplessly, "OK. It seems that it's really difficult for you to get rid of Rorey in this lifetime.”