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Chapter 91: She Has the Power to Decide Her Fate

As Rosiley won support from an increasing number of people, the higher-ups of TEG immediately tried
to redeem the company's reputation.

Firstly, they made a statement to apologize for this matter. They promised that if Rosiley was treated
unfairly again in the company, they would investigate the whole matter to clear her name.

Secondly, they declared that they would never give up on such an outstanding employee like Rosiley.
As for Rorey, they would strictly follow the company's rules and never give her any privileges.

Many netizens ridiculed TEG's remedy. They commented that the top managers of TEG were so stupid
to ruin the company's reputation for the sake of Rorey.

Following that, many people demanded TEG to publicly apologize to Rosiley. She had been bullied so
much, but the company just wanted to pretend that nothing had happened. It was a bit too perfunctory.

In order to redeem TEG's reputation, the top executives had no choice but to guarantee that this matter
would be properly resolved.

Just as everyone was overwhelmed by anxiety, Lina went to Rosiley's office again to converse with her.

Lina looked at Rosiley with fresh eyes now. With her eyes lit up, she said, "You indeed took a drastic
measure to deal with the situation’'

“Are you praising me?”

Rosiley blinked and asked with a smile.

Smiling, Lina said, "Yes. Although you've made the company a mess this time, I think you've done a
good job. I like smart people, and you're one of them. Rorey can't be compared with you at all.”

"I have to use special methods at special times. Otherwise, I'll be suppressed by others for the rest of
my life. I don't want to be that kind of person,’ said Rosiley.

For some reason, Rosiley felt Lina and she was the same kind of person, so she talked with her on
equal terms.

Lina didn't have much reaction to her straightforwardness. After looking at her quietly for a while, she
nodded and said, "Actually, you are quite similar to me. We are all strong-minded people. However, I
think you might be better than me. If I were you, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do such a thing."

"That's not necessarily the case. If people are pushed to the limits, they can do anything."

Rosiley didn't tell Lina that such a drastic measure was only made possible with Sachin's support.

Although she always said that she didn't want to rely on him, she had already treated him as her last
resort. That was why she was so fearless.

Lina did not dwell on this issue. After chatting with Rosiley for a while, she went straight to the point. "I
came here to tell you two things. First, you were promoted to deputy manager. Second, the top
executives wanted to know if you could make it clear on Weibo that you forgive their mistake this time.”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and thought to herself, Those people are so brazen. Do they want to offer
me some benefits before taking advantage of me?’

Lina added, "It doesn't matter if you don't want to. I don't think they will hold a grudge against you. After
all, they owe you that.”

Since Rosiley remained silent for a long time, Lina thought she might be reluctant to agree to this

Rosiley finally said, "Actually, I am OK with this suggestion. At the very least, I'm not planning to leave
TEG yet, so I don't need to be against the high-ups.’

The implication was that she agreed.

Hearing this, Lina nodded in admiration.

This girl was capable of adapting to different situations. She was indeed worthy of her appreciation!

Rosiley's efficiency was very high. Right after the company held a press conference to apologize to her,
she immediately posted on Weibo, expressing her willingness to forgive TEG. After all, she had been
working in TEG for two years. Most importantly, she was very grateful for Lina's instruction and support.

Shortly after, she rejected REG's invitation on Weibo and thanked REG's appreciation for her.

The moment she posted this, it caused an uproar among netizens.

It was mainly due to TEG's special position in the show business.

Since it was the leading company of the industry, a great number of people tried their best to gain a
position in it. However, Rosiley gave up such a precious opportunity.

Some people thought that Rosiley was stupid, while others said that she was ungrateful.

At this moment, REG made another statement that Rosiley could work in the company whenever she

This simple announcement stopped people from criticizing Rosiley. They were now jealous of her good

After about three days, the public finally lost interest in this matter. Rosiley had regained her fame, but
on the contrary, Rorey's population plummeted.

In the Ji's villa.

After reading the netizens’ criticisms for three consecutive days, Rorey was depressed. At the same
time, her hatred towards Rosiley grew even more intense.

She had thought that she could use TEG to suppress Rosiley, but she didn't expect that Rosiley could
always reverse the situation.


Rorey was reluctant to admit defeat.

In TEG, she held a high position and had the power to decide Rosiley's fate at will. But why did she still
lose to her in the end?

Rorey found it hard to accept reality. With her hands on the belly, she sat on the sofa dejectedly. “Yunis,
what should I do? Rosiley is too ruthless. By doing this, she almost ruined my two months of

Standing by the window, Yunis was irritated. His dissatisfaction with Rosiley had reached its peak.

Before becoming TEG's shareholder, he had made an accurate assessment of the company. And then
he managed to persuade those conservative people to invest in TEG. However, a few days later, such
a thing happened to TEG.

What annoyed him the most was that the shareholders of TEG had demanded that he could no longer
use his power to help Rorey with her career.

For a moment, as a new shareholder, he was questioned by many people.

Yunis was furious, and he lost his patience to coax Rorey. With a cold face, he said to her, "I told you
long ago that you shouldn't start working until you give birth to the baby. But you didn't listen to me. You
have caused so much trouble for me. How dare you complain to me now?"

Rorey felt wronged and her expression softened. "How can I be blamed for this? I just wanted Rosiley
to make peace with me, but she refused. Now that she holds a high position in TEG, it will be even
more difficult for me to develop in the entertainment industry in the future”

Hearing Rorey's words, Yunis also became upset.

He had thought that Rosiley was always under his control.

In his opinion, she had to be obedient to him at all times to please him.

However, after this incident, Yunis suddenly realized that things were out of his control. That woman
seemed to be getting further away from him.

Yunis felt a little uncomfortable for no reason.

He didn't like this feeling, and he became a little anxious.

He had to be more ruthless to keep that woman by his side. Otherwise, he would regret losing her in
the future.

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