The convenient Bride

Chapter 94: A Car Accident

Xenia was so furious that her entire body trembled.

Rorey softly pulled Xenia's sleeves as a consolation. Then, she looked at Seneca with a grim face.
"Dad, no matter what, my mother is still her elder. Are you going to let Rosiley insult her like this?"

Frowning, Seneca was also upset by what was happening. He couldn't help but berate angrily, "You
two, shut up! I don't care how much trouble you guys make outside. Since you've returned to this
house, you must put aside your prejudices. Dont be like enemies every time you meet. That brings
shame on me!"

Hearing this, Rosiley couldn't help but curl her lips.

Rorey and she were already enemies. To be more specific, they were sworn enemies.

Without saying anything else, Rorey and Xenia sat back on the sofa. However, a hint of malice
appeared on their faces.

After a while, Rosiley was about to go upstairs. But Seneca suddenly stopped her and said, "Since you
are back, I have something to discuss with you."

"What is it?”

Rosiley stopped and asked doubtfully.

"It's about the division of our company's shares.”

Seneca stood up from the sofa and handed over a document that he had prepared beforehand.

"Distribution of our company's shares?"

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and took the document from him. "The shares of the Tang Group are all
mine, right? Why should they be distributed?"

Without answering her, Selena just signaled her to look at the document.

This was a Letter of Share Transfer. It clearly stated that Seneca was willing to transfer 20% of the
Tang Group's shares to Rorey. The only requirement for it to take effect was that Rosiley had to sign

the document.

Rosiley skimmed through the whole content.

Then she immediately understood Rorey's intention.

No wonder Rorey didn't fight her back in a hurry. It turned out that she was planning to take the Tang
family's property.

How shameless she was! After doing so many bad things to her, she still had the face to ask for the
family's property from her.

Rosiley was dumbfounded. After a long time, she finally managed to organize her answer. "You are just
daydreaming. How dare you take the family's property away from me?"

Rosiley just looked at Rorey and Xenia mockingly. She threw the document back to Seneca, which
indicated that she was reluctant to give the property to Seneca.

Seneca had expected this and did not say anything. Xenia immediately shrieked angrily, "Rosiley, your
father promised to give 20% of the property to Rorey as her dowry, so you have to sign it."

"It's he who promised that. Why should I sign it? A portion of the Tang Group's shares was left to me by
my mother. Do you deserve to own it?"

Rosiley sneered and then turned to look at Seneca. She said indifferently, "Dad, although you have
always been in charge of the Tang Group, I am the one who is qualified to inherit it. My mother left the
property to me, and no one is allowed to snatch it away. If you are reluctant to break off your
relationship with me, don't let them have this idea again, because I will never agree to it even if I die.”

With that, Rosiley directly turned around to leave without waiting for Seneca's answer.

Out of anxiety, Xenia caught up with Rosiley and grabbed her hand. "Rosiley, you can't refuse. Your
father agreed to give those shares to Rorey. He is your father, and you should listen to him. My
daughter really needs the shares now. Otherwise, the Ji family would not take her seriously.”

"What does it have to do with me?"

Rosiley shook off Xenia's hand in disgust and sneered. "Rorey took my fiancé from me. However, she
has always been against me. Did she ever feel apologetic to me? I wonder how shameless you two

are. How dare you make such a request?"


Since Rosiley had a tough attitude, Xenia looked pleadingly at Seneca behind her.

Seneca opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but when seeing Rosiley's sharp gaze, he
couldn't utter a single word.

"Mom, since she doesn't want to give it to me, we shall give up. Why bother begging her?"

At this time, Rorey finally spoke, as if she wasn't too surprised by the result.

Xenia was reluctant to give up and wanted to fight for the shares again, but Rorey stopped her.

Now that Rosiley and she held grudges against each other, it was within her expectations that Rosiley
would refuse her request.

However, Rorey did not want to give up so easily. Since Seneca had made a promise, she would use
every means to obtain her property.

No one could take away her things!

Since Rosiley had a fight with her family again, she didn't want to stay at home any longer. After going
upstairs to pick up some things, she left immediately.

At the door, she met Rorey who was preparing to leave.

Xenia stood beside her angrily, not knowing what to say. When she saw Rosiley, she no longer
concealed her resentment and malice.

Rosiley sneered and looked away, brushing past them.

Gritting her teeth, Xenia said with a resentful look, "Rorey, are we going to let this bitch go? That 20%
of the shares should have been yours!"

"Mom, haven't you accepted the harsh reality? Seneca never thought of giving me the property. He
knew that we are on bad terms with Rosiley, but he still let us persuade Rosiley into signing the
document. He didn't want to give me any money.’

Rorey clenched her fists. Hatred filled her heart.

"I have devoted myself to the Tang family over the years,’ said Xenia.

She also looked ferocious, and a vicious idea suddenly occurred to her. "If this little bitch dies, then
everything in the Tang family will be yours."

Hearing this, Rorey couldn't help shuddering with excitement, and she wore a fierce look. “Mom, I'm
leaving first. Rosiley can't take the Tang family's property from me. I will think of a way to take all the
shares. Don't worry about it.”

Before Xenia could answer her, Rorey got into the car and drove in the direction where Rosiley had left.

The Tang's villa was in the suburbs. If Rosiley wanted to leave, she had to walk for four to five minutes
before finding a car.

At this time, there were very few cars outside the villa. The car Rosiley hailed online hadn't arrived yet,
so she could only wait at the roadside for a while.

However, at this moment, a red Porsche came from behind at lightning speed, which was at least a
hundred kilometers per hour. The car rushed straight towards her.

Rosiley was shocked and could only step back to dodge it.

However, it was too late. The car was so fast that it directly brushed past her.

Hit by the car, Rosiley rolled onto the ground. Her head was spinning, and her arms and calves were
scratched. Burning pain spread all over her body, with red blood oozing out of the wounds.

She lay motionless on the ground, but the driver of that red Porsche had no intention of stopping.
Rorey stepped on the gas pedal and quickly drove away. She didn't give a crap if Rosiley lived or died.