Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 99: it Will Affect the Touch


Rosiley sneered at her and said, "I'm doing this for you. This annual meeting is very important. If you
perform well, you will have a chance to get promoted and make a fortune. Think about it. Last month, I
said that I would pull Lonny down from the position of deputy manager. Now I'm one of the deputy
managers, the same as her. But obviously, Lina attaches more

importance to me. Didn't you see that Lonny was upset these past few days?”

"I can't deny that, but what does it have to do with the tremendous amount of work you give me?" Yayoi
was at a loss.

Rosiley rolled her eyes and glared at her. “Stupid! Even though she's been suppressed by me now,
she's still the deputy manager. Are you interested in the position? How about bringing her down?
Without Lonny, Rorey will lose someone to work for her. Wouldn't it be more fun?"

Rosiley managed to wheedle her into doing it.

For all that Yayoi knew it, she did not repel it. Instead, her eyes lit up. "It seems ... to be fun."

“Yes. So, you should work hard. Your performance at this annual meeting is of utmost importance.
Don't let me down.”

Rosiley patted Yayoi on the shoulder with a serious expression.

Yayoi bobbed her head. With a smile, she said, "Don't worry. The position of deputy manager is mine!"

As the date of the annual meeting approached, the atmosphere within the company became more and
more lively. Many employees were secretly discussing the list of guests in the annual meeting.

From their conversation, one could occasionally hear the names of some influential starts, company
bosses, and great directors in the entertainment industry...

It had to be said that TEG had invested a lot of money to redeem the damaged image.

However, not long after the heated discussion, someone began to discuss whether REG would send
people over.

Speaking of REG, many people's faces were filled with longing. As the leading entertainment company,
it was a place that many people dreamed of.

Of course, everyone knew that it was not easy to join this kind of company.

The person who led REG to its current position was not only sharp-eyed, rigorous, insidious, and
enigmatic, but also notoriously picky and difficult to deal with. Employees he recruited were all elites of
the industry.

Sachin was a legendary name. Countless people followed him to appreciate his appearance and gain
some power.

For a woman, getting him meant getting everything.

For a man, becoming his acquaintance meant a glorious career ahead.

Yayoi also seemed to be interested in this question. She grabbed Rosiley and asked, “Tell me honestly,
will Sachin come to the annual meeting?"

Rosiley thought for a moment and shook her head. "I'm not sure. He did receive an invitation letter, but
it's unlikely that he will attend! Although TEG and REG have worked together on a movie, it's not
enough to have him come.”

“You never know. Aren't you at this annual meeting? Maybe the Prince charming will come.”

Yayoi knew how Sachin pampered his wife, and her tone was even more certain than Rosiley's.

Rosiley blinked her eyes and couldn't help but smile, “What you said makes sense. What about I go
home and ask him tonight?"

Yayoi nodded in high spirit. “Yes, you do that!”


In the evening, Rosiley finished bathing and sat beside Sachin. She lay down and put her head on his

Sachin was reading the documents. Seeing that, he put aside the documents and cast his gaze on her
face gently. "Are you tired?"

“Not really. Although I'm busy with the annual meeting, I feel fulfilled.”

Rosiley held one of his arms to rub her face against it gently.

Sachin allowed her to behave like a kitten and couldn't help but touch her cheek. "You seem to be thin
due to the injury and work.”

"It's good to be thin. Then I don't need to lose weight. As long as the wound doesn't leave a scar, it'll be

Rosiley smiled happily. After all, she was a girl and had a love for beauty.

"Your weight was perfect before. I don't life if you are too thin. It will affect the touch."

Sachin glanced at her lightly, his deep eyes flickering with strange light.

Shy, Rosiley was flushed by his ambiguous tone.

“What are you talking about?” She shot an angry glance at him and hurriedly changed the topic. “Let's
get down to business. Will you attend the annual meeting?"


Sachin replied coldly, his pitch-black eyes staring at her. “Do you want me to go?"

"I'm not sure.”

Rosiley moaned for a long time and gave an ambiguous answer.

Sachin couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, "Why?"

"You're so outstanding, so there must be many people watching you that night. I'm afraid that I'll hide
you away. But I still hope to attend a banquet with you standing side by side....”

Frowning, Rosiley was torn by conflicting thoughts.

Sachin couldn't help but smile and patted her cheek. “Don't worry. There will be a chance."

On the afternoon of the annual meeting, Rosiley arrived on site early.

“Have all the seats been secured? The entrance and exit and the signature wall are very important.
There ... there ... are vital spots for cameras. We must not make any mistakes!"

“Yes, Deputy Manager!"

The busy staff replied with one voice.

Rosiley walked around to see that everything is set. Then she walked towards Yayoi, who was not far
away. “Any problem?”

Yayoi gave her an OK gesture. “Fixed and mobile spots for cameras have been confirmed. If nothing
unexpected happens, there will be no problem.”

Rosiley heaved a sigh of relief. "Good. We've been busy for more than half a month, and the work is
almost done.”

“Almost? Aren't we done yet? We only need to pay a little attention to the party tonight.”

“Not really.”

Rosiley shook her head. Obviously, she wasn't as relieved as Yayoi. "I don't trust Lonny. Although Lina
let me take charge of it, Lonny was unconvinced. If she and Rorey were on the same side, it would be
impossible for me to get what I wanted. So, I can't guarantee that she won't set me up.”

Most importantly, there were quite a few people in the media department who supported Lonny. If they
secretly did something, it was hard to guard against them.

“Then what should we do now?"

Yayoi started to worry. She involuntarily glanced at Lonny who was not far away.

Rosiley followed suit, but Lonny seemed to have sensed her gaze and looked at her.

Rosiley could clearly see a malicious smile on the woman's face.

Rosiley's beautiful eyes narrowed. After pondering for a long time, she slowly replied, “Be careful. If
something happens, I will solve it.”

Helplessly, Yayoi could only nod her head. "I will be more careful.”

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