Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 103: The Prince Charming Came

Payton frowned as well. Especially when Manny looked at him with hot gazes, his face was brimming
with indifferent coldness. He looked somewhat similar to Sachin.

He didn't say anything, only exchanging a meaningful glance with Rosiley.

The two of them were silent, while Hazel and Manny became rather embarrassed.

There was nothing more embarrassing than asking people questions and not getting a response.

Hazel and Manny had frustrated expressions on their face. However, Manny quickly calmed down. She
gave a smile that she thought was charming and said to Payton, “Hello, sir. My name is Manny. You
should have heard of me, right? I'm glad to meet you. May I know your name?"

Manny was quite smart. She was showing her glamor with her all coquetry and behavior, attracting
many men's attention.

However, Payton didn't even look at her. He said coldly, "I'm not interested.”

Manny's expression froze, as if she was somewhat shocked by his response.

“Well, sir, I don't mean anything else. I just..." she regained her senses and said.

“I'm not interested. Don't you understand me?”

Payton interrupted her impatiently. With his beautiful eyes, he stared at Manny's face. "You're cheap!
Stay away from me. I have zero interest in plastic faces.”

Hazel froze.

Rosiley was also shocked.

Although Rosiley knew that Payton had a sharp tongue, she was dumbfounded by his ruthless words.

Manny was also stunned by this vicious remark.

She widened her eyes in disbelief, as if she couldn't believe her ears.

Plastic face?

This man called her plastic face!

in the showbiz, almost no one would admit having done plastic surgery. Even if there was, it would only
be a few.

Manny never thought that this handsome and noble man, who she had taken the initiative to flirt with
for the first time, would actually say that she was cheap!

Manny's face became serious.

"Sir, you're going too far."

Hazel also regained her senses at this time, and she looked quite frustrated.

"Going too far?"

Payton pursed his lips and a warm and gentlemanly smile appeared on his face. "I thought I was being
very polite. After all, plastic face sounds much better than shameless bitch. Also, are you blind? Didn't
you see such a gorgeous woman standing beside me? Are you qualified to compare with Rosiley?"

Payton's words made sense.

Although Rosiley's dress was rather conservative tonight, she stood in front of Hazel and Manny and
easily dwarfed them.

It wasn't that Hazel and Manny's dresses weren't gorgeous enough.

On the contrary, the two of them were wearing elegant and high-end Chanel dresses. But they were
pale before Rosiley. It was because of their difference in temperament.

Rosiley had a kind of elegance that they did not possess!

For a moment, Hazel and Manny didn’t know what to say in reply.

Words failed Rosiley too. She thought to herself, ‘Payton, how can you catch them on the raw? Even if
what you said is true, you should put it tactfully! Your straightforwardness is giving these two arrogant
women a hard time.’

Just as Rosiley didn't know what to do next, Hazel and Manny's faces darkened.

Payton’s vicious words touched them on their most sensitive spot.

After all these years in the entertainment industry, almost everyone had some hidden secrets. Being
exposed in front of others like this would definitely embarrass them.

Manny was so angry that her entire body trembled, "Rosiley is exceptional? Well, this woman was
abandoned by Yunis. I wonder how many times she has been abandoned by men. You are the only
one who treats her as a treasure.”

"Manny, you're talking nonsense!”

Rosiley's face darkened, and her eyes were so cold.

"Am I wrong? You've been with Yunis for so many years. Don't tell me you're still pure.”

Manny scoffed coldly. She was irritated by Payton and wanted to vent all the anger on Rosiley.

Hearing this, Hazel also tried to throw mud at Rosiley, “Sir, I have known Rosiley for a longer time than
you. I also know more about what kind of person she is than you. I really hope you won't be tricked.”

"Shut up! It's not your turn to evaluate her. Why don't you put your time and energy into improving your
own quality and seducing others?"

Payton glanced at the two with disdain. He didn't want to talk nonsense with them and directly pulled
Rosiley away.

Behind them, Manny and Hazel clenched their teeth in hatred as they watched the two of them leave.

"Damn it, that bitch Rosiley. Wherever she goes, she hooks up with a man. What qualifications does
she have?"

“Rosiley, don't take the words of those two women to heart, okay?"

As soon as the two of them walked away, Payton immediately comforted Rosiley.

“With you standing up for me, is there any need for me to be angry?" Rosiley glanced at him with a
smile, “I found that you had a smooth tongue as well as a sharp tongue.”

Payton shrugged his shoulders, "It all depends. If it's for one of us, it will be sweet and smooth. But if
it's to deal with those two women, I must be more ruthless. Just as my brother often says, the best way
to deal with an enemy is to leave her no room to resist at all.”

Rosiley nodded in agreement, "That's true. Your brother is indeed wise.”

As the two of them were chatting, a commotion came from the entrance of the venue. Rosiley hurriedly
looked over and saw that the man she had been expected had finally arrived.

Tonight, he was wearing a dark blue suit with stripes. Simple patterns, exquisite workmanship, beautiful
ties, and dazzling cuff links made him look gorgeous. His black hair was slicked back, revealing a fair

and clean forehead. His eyebrows carried a hint of coldness, and his temperament was of an infinite

The arrival of the man was like a bomb thrown into the water, instantly boiling the entire venue.

“Heavens! Isn't that REG's President Lu?"

“It seems to be him! Hurry up, hurry up. I didn't expect to see him here today. I must go to greet him

“As expected, he projects a natural charm and nobility. He is truly handsome! His aura and his
temperament are simply admirable! If I could talk to him, I would die in peace..."

Many male and female celebrities couldn't hold back any longer and rushed forward.

After Sachin entered the venue, TEG's chairman took the lead in welcoming him and said with an
earnest smile, "President Lu, thank you for taking the time to attend the annual meeting of the
company. You should tell me that you will come here, so that I can go out to welcome you.”

"Don't bother. Today is an important day for your company, so I'm here to take a look.”

Sachin kept a poker face. His calm appearance became the focus of many women around him. Some
of them even had eyes filled with deep admiration.

Obviously, many people did not expect that they would actually see the legendary prince charming here

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