Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 114: Advice and Warning

Suddenly being shouted by Manny, Rosiley couldn't help but stop and asked indifferently, “What's the

Manny walked over and glanced at Rosiley. She said gloomily, “You'd better ignore what you saw just

“Are you ordering me?"

Hearing this woman's words, Rosiley frowned.

“I'm just advising you not to do so much. Otherwise, you won't have a good ending.”

Manny stared at Rosiley, and her tone was exceptionally serious.

She was used to being arrogant. So it was impossible for her to be polite to Rosiley.

“Manny, I think you should figure out one thing first. If you're weak, you have to be polite. Don't be
arrogant. First, I don't owe you anything. Second, I’m just passing by. I’m not interested in what you're

doing. Also, please pay attention to your tone. What qualifications do you have for ordering me?”

Rosiley looked at Manny mockingly and didn't care about her.

In terms of strength, she wouldn't lose to anyone!

Hearing this, Manny's face turned red.

Manny had also heard that Rosiley wasn't easy to cope with. Originally, she was quite disdainful of
Rosiley. She felt that Rosiley was just a reporter, and no matter how powerful Rosiley was, Rosiley
would not be able to trouble her. Therefore, Manny also looked down on Rorey, who had repeatedly

However, after this, Manny knew how difficult Rosiley was to deal with.

This woman was not as stupid as she imagined!

“What exactly do you want?”

Manny thought for a long time. She finally gritted her teeth and asked.

“I don't want to do anything. You go your way and I'll go mine. But I still have something to tell you.
Don't try to offend me, or else you might become poor like Rorey. This is my advice and warning. You
can take it seriously or turn a deaf ear to it. I hope you won't regret it in the future.”

After saying this, Rosiley didn’t continue talking to her. She directly bypassed her and returned to the
private room.

Before she left, Manny stared at her back with an extremely ugly expression and said frantically,
“Rosiley, don't be arrogant. I'm not afraid of you.”

When Rosiley returned to the private room, Juliet was the only one left.

She held a piece of fruit in her hand and ate it with relish. Seeing Rosiley return, she asked vaguely,
“Why did it take so long?”

“Nothing. I met an acquaintance and chatted for a while.”

Rosiley smiled and sat down beside her, “Where's Yayoi?”

“She got a little drunk and went to the bathroom.” Juliet laughed proudly. She was very satisfied with it.

Rosiley laughed, “In terms of drinking, we're not good.”

They sat and chatted while waiting for Yayoi to return. Unexpectedly, they had waited for more than half
an hour.

“Is anything wrong with Yayoi?”

Rosiley looked out of the box worriedly and muttered.

Juliet shook her head and got up from her seat.

They got out of the room and went straight to the bathroom to look for her. However, after looking
around, they didn’t even see Yayoi.

“Did her go back first?” Juliet asked doubtfully.

Rosiley shook her head, “Probably not.”

“Then where can she go?”

“I don't know.”

Just as Rosiley was considering whether to split up and look for Yayoi, her phone suddenly rang.

Rosiley picked up the phone and heard Yayoi's voice. “Rosiley, I’m sorry. I went back just now. You
don't have to wait for me. Tell Juliet that I'm sorry. I will definitely compensate her later.”

“Yayoi, what's wrong with you?”

Hearing her voice, Rosiley soon found something wrong with Yayoi's voice.

“I'm fine. Don't worry about me. See you at the office tomorrow.”

Without waiting for Rosiley to reply, she hung up the phone.

Rosiley stared blankly at the screen for a long time, and she could only tell Juliet helplessly, “She
seems to be in a hurry. She has returned home.”

“Alright. Since that's the case, then let's go home. Anyway, I’m not leaving this time. We'll have plenty
of time to get together in the future.”


When Rosiley returned home, it was already eleven o'clock in the evening.

The lights in the hall of the villa were still on. When she entered, she saw the familiar figure. He was
still busy.

The man sat on the sofa and stared at his computer. He wore a long nightgown, his collar slightly open,
revealing the lines inside. His skin looked great under the illumination of the lights, and his legs
crossed, making him exceptionally elegant.

At this moment, he was exceptionally focused. From Rosiley’s point of view, she could see his
handsome face clearly, as well as the charming demeanor that naturally appeared when he was

The men in working were always the most handsome. Rosiley believed it once again from Sachin.

She walked quickly behind him, bent down, wrapped her arms around his neck, put her delicate chin on
his shoulder, and blew mischievously in his ear, “You're still here so late. Are you waiting for me?”

"You're back?”

The man smiled and turned around. His gaze was gentle and refined, “Did you have a good time?”

Rosiley nodded contentedly, “I'm happy. I drank some wine, but I’m not drunk.”

“Let me see.”

Sachin pulled her and looked at her carefully.

Perhaps it was because she had drunk wine that her cheeks were pink like peaches. Her beautiful eyes
were sparkling. She looked somewhat attractive. When she spoke, there was an aura around her. Her
rosy mouth made him unable to help but kiss her.

Rosiley’s heart couldn't help but beat faster after being stared at by him like this.

Although they had already had sex, Rosiley was rather reserved. Being stared at by him, she couldn't
help but feel shy.

This was the first time she had seen Sachin’'s eyes so closely.

His pitch-black eyes were like obsidian, revealing an indescribable charm. It was like a deep sea, which
was mysterious and unfathomable, causing one to be unable to control herself and wanting to indulge
in it.

But soon, Rosiley realized that something was wrong.

His eyes were suddenly filled with desire. Then, he stretched out his arm and pulled Rosiley onto his
lap to sit down.

Rosiley cried out in surprise. She was about to speak, but before she could say anything, he kissed

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