The convenient Bride

Chapter 116: From Heaven to Hell

They found the room empty when they arrived, and Yayoi wasn't there.

But Rosiley noticed the key on the table and knew that Yayoi was at home.

They went to the bedroom and saw Yayoi inside.

However, Yayoi seemed in a low spirit. She curled up in the corner, with her head lowered,
overwhelmed with sadness.

The room was dim with all the curtains closed, shutting the sunshine out.


Rosiley and Juliet gently crouched down in front of her and said softly.

Yayoi trembled at hearing this. Then, she slowly raised her head and looked at them.

Rosiley felt heartbroken for Yayoi when she touched Yayoi's face.

Yayoi’s eyes were red and swollen, filled with sadness and self-accusation. Her makeup had been
ruined by tears.

Rosiley felt upset too. When she also felt hurt when she was betrayed before, but she bore all the pain

However, Yayoi's parents were implicated, and they might even go to jail...

“My poor girl. How can you hide yourself here when in trouble? Do you think Juliet and I can't help

Rosiley said unhappily, but reached out and hugged Yayoi at the same time. She knew that what Yayoi
really needed was warmth and care.

“Rosiley, Juliet, what should I do? If it weren't for me, my parents wouldn't get into trouble...” Yayoi burst
into tears.

“It's not your fault.” Rosiley patted her back to comfort Yayoi, her eyes filled with anger. Rosiley seldom
felt so angry!

“What exactly happened?” Juliet asked.

Rosiley sighed and tried to pacify Yayoi first. Rosiley asked Yayoi to wash her face and then went to
the refrigerator to get her some food.

At the same time, Rosiley told Juliet what she knew.

“Vito and Candance? Yayoi, why don't you ask me to deal with them? Anyway, I have just returned
home, and I have much free time.” Juliet sneered.

Yayoi’s face darkened when she heard those names. A hint of pain and resentment surged in her eyes.

After a while, she gritted her teeth and said, “I don't care about them now. I just want to help my
parents get off the hook.”

“My poor girl, this might be a little tricky for you when I'm not at home. But now that I’m back, I will help
you. Even if I weren't here, Rosiley would help you. She has got a powerful man behind her, you know.”

Juliet patted Yayoi’s head gently, looking into Rosiley's eyes.

Their eyes both shone with a tinge of anger. Then, Rosiley said to Yayoi, “You supported me during my
hardest time. Now it's my turn. We will try to help your parents out. As for Vito, just like you once told
me, the earlier you see through him, the less suffering you would undergo. That bastard will get his


Thanks to Rosiley’s consolation, Yayoi finally felt better, but she was still upset. Only then did she
understand how distressing it was to be betrayed after years of devotion.

Yayoi wasn't as calm as Rosiley, who endured others’ hurts quietly at first and then took her revenge.
She thought she would be so angry when she met Vito and Candance that she even wanted to kill

After Yayoi calmed down, Juliet left. Rosiley was worried that Yayoi would think too much at home, so
she took Yayoi to the company to divert Yayoi's attention.

Yayoi also knew what Rosiley was thinking, so in order not to make Rosiley worry too much, she had to
pull herself together and focus on her work.

Just as Rosiley was racking her brains to help Yayoi solve the problem, a shocking scandal suddenly
hit the entertainment industry.

Manny, a promising actress, was said to have spent a night with a CEO of a well-known estate
company in H City, who had been married for many years and had a son and a daughter.

After the news was released, the term ‘mistress’ went viral online again. Manny became a hot topic on
Weibo. Criticism and curses flooded to her and her fans also felt disappointed at her.

Manny was much more popular than Rorey. As a result, the impact of the scandal had reached an
unprecedented level.

Manny's photos with that CEO went viral on the Internet soon, and her innocent image that she had
built up with great difficulty was completely ruined.

Rosiley was also shocked by this piece of news. She carefully looked at the photos in the news and
found that many photos were taken last night at the Hooverphonic Club and other photos were taken
when Manny and the CEO were having a date.

There were more than twenty photos. Obviously, the paparazzo had followed Manny for a long time.
Rosiley couldn't help but sigh.

The entertainment industry was very complicated. Obscure stars might be able to enjoy their private
life. But popular stars like Manny had no privacy at all. Once someone got something on her, she would
hit the bottom and go from heaven to hell.

Most importantly, it would be very difficult for her to redeem herself.

Of course, no matter how heated the discussion was, it had nothing to do with Rosiley. But that
mattered for Manny.

In a separate lounge on the set, Manny was smashing things angrily. The charming smile on her face
had faded away. Instead, her face was gloomy with resentment and malice.

“Damn it! Rosiley, how dare you do this to me!” She threw everything to the ground, including
cosmetics, glasses, clothes ... Her assistant and makeup artists did not dare to stop her, because they
were afraid that Manny might vent her temper on them.

After a long while, Manny was a bit calm down but still with a gloomy face.

She asked her assistant coldly, “How is our company going to response?”