Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 120: The Slaps

“If it weren't for you, my parents wouldn't get imprisoned. You'll get what's coming to you.”

Yayoi said with anger.

“Ha-ha, you're really angry, aren't you?”

Candance became even more complacent. “I don’t know whether I and Vito will be punished, but I do
know that your parents will suffer. Perhaps they will be jailed for several years.”

“Candance, don't get cocky. Although your father is the CEO of the Young Group, there must be
someone who can deal with you.”

Yayoi clenched her teeth and said.

Candance smiled, “Indeed, there are many people in this world who can deal with me. But you can't.
Otherwise ... you wouldn't be trapped by me.”

She was very provocative.

“Candance, shame on you!” Yayoi was so angry that she raised her hand to slap her.

However, Vito grabbed her hand.

“Yayoi, don't go too far.” He said in a cold voice, which made Rosiley’s face covered with anger.

Sachin and Payton were surprised by her anger.

Rosiley was always cool. Even when she dealt with Yunis and Rorey, she had never got so angry.

So, they were surprised that she got furious when Yayoi was in trouble.

Sachin hurriedly hugged her and whispered to her, “She should handle it on her own. Your interference
might make things worse. If she can't deal with it, Payton will help her.”

“Why me? Again?”

Payton protested discontentedly.

He was so handsome and graceful that many women wanted to date with him. How could they take
him as a shield? Why?

“You have nothing to do all day, so I got you some work.” Sachin calmly rolled his eyes and said.

Payton didn't know what to say. As for Yayoi, she trembled with hatred. If she hadn't fallen in love with
this bastard, she wouldn't have got into trouble.

How could he implicate her parents? Bastard!

Yayoi got angrier. She gritted her teeth and gave him a slap with all her strength. A loud slap spread
across the restaurant. It drew everyone's attention. Everyone turned to look at them.

However, Yayoi didn't mind at all. She glared at Vito and said, “This is for my parents, you scum.”

Then, here came another slap.

Yayoi slapped him hard across the face again, leaving the marks of fingers on it.

“This is for me. I have been stupid in the past two years. I shouldn't have fallen in love with you.”

“Yayoi, are you asking for trouble?”

After being slapped twice by Yayoi in public, Vito got very angry.

“Bitch, how dare you slap him?”

Candance was also enraged. She raised her hand to slap Yayoi back.

The onlookers exclaimed.

However, Candance's hand was grabbed by a hand. Then, she heard someone say, “You're not to slap

“Who are you?”

Candance said angrily and turned around.

She saw a man who was very handsome and graceful.

Vito was overshadowed by him.

That man was Payton.

His striking features made Candance fall into a trance.

However, when she realized that the man in front of her was on Yayoi's side, she frowned and said,
“Who are you?”

Payton snorted. He shook off her hand and said, “It’s none of your business. You're the other woman.
He's a sycophant. Shame on you! Now, piss off!”

Payton said in a sharp tone. Many onlookers looked Candance and Vito up and down.

Yayoi also heaved a sigh of relief after Payton came to her aid. If she was slapped, she might have
rushed over and fought with them. And she was pleased by Payton’s harsh words.

“What ... what did you say?” Candance, who had been ridiculed so directly by Payton in public, got very
mad. Her face was distorted by anger. She couldn't believe that a man would treat her like this! With
her status, she was always sought after by other men.

Vito looked annoyed too. His family background wasn't good. Although he was capable, he achieved
nothing. However, after dating with Candance, he had already been promoted to the general manager
of the Young Group. He was already in a high position that made others look up to him. But Payton
mocked at him relentlessly.

Vito was angry and embarrassed. “Sir, watch your mouth. Don't offend someone you shouldn't offend.
Otherwise, you'll be regretful.”

“Why? Just because of the Young Group?” Payton smiled contemptuously and said with disdain, “How
dare you threaten me with that? It's nothing for me.”

“Ha-ha, you're really pompous.”

Candance was enraged. She sneered at Yayoi and said, “the Young Group could ruin her family easily.
I don’t know why you defend her. But you know what, the Young Group can also make you find no
place for yourself in Benin City.”

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