Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 122: Kidnapping

The news was getting hotter and hotter, and it was almost uncontrollable.

However, Manny Qin, who was the person involved, did not say a word from beginning to end. It was
as if she had vanished.

Now, dozens of media reporters had rushed out and started a carpet search. They all hoped that they
could interview Manny Qin personally.

So did Rosiley. That was also why she was out today.

It was definitely not easy to find Manny Qin. After all, she had intended not to show herself before the

So, Rosiley could only start with some celebrities who were usually on good terms with Manny Qin.

At such a sensitive time, however, the celebrities in the circle were all in danger. They didn't have the
guts to talk about this matter at all, afraid that they would be affected. Even if some of them would like
to talk about it, they were talking in a hypocritical tone.

Rosiley buried herself in her work, not knowing that danger was approaching her quietly.

She had looked around for news about Manny Qin all afternoon. At around 8 pm, after a casual dinner,
she prepared to go to the Lu Group to look for Sachin. They had agreed to go home together.

However, just as Rosiley reached an intersection, a car suddenly came out from the darkness and
stopped beside her. Then, before she knew it, a man in the car covered her mouth quickly and dragged
her into the car.

Rosiley was shocked. She struggled to call for help. However, before she could open her mouth, she
sensed a strong smell of potion. Then, her eyes darkened as she lost all consciousness.

In the CEO office of REG.

Sachin was sitting at his desk, dealing with his work unfinished. Lane brought a cup of coffee in and
said respectfully, “Mr. Lu, your coffee.”

Sachin nodded. He took the coffee, but for no reason, his temples suddenly ached. He loosened his
grip of the coffee cup before it hit the table with a “bang”.

in an instant, the pitch-black liquid spilled over the entire table, soaking many important documents
beside it.

Lane was shocked. He hurriedly took out a tissue to wipe the table. At the same time, he looked at
Sachin in surprise and said worriedly, “Are you alright, Mr. Lu?”

Sachin frowned slightly. He was feeling uneasy. He hurriedly raised his hand to look at the time on his

It was already half past eight, but Rosiley was still not here.

He gave Rosiley a call, but couldn't get through.

He tried several times but in vain.

Sachin frowned again. He raised his head and asked Lane in front of him, "Was Rosiley here just

“No. I didn't see her.”

Lane shook his head. Seeing that Sachin’s face was a little pale, he asked cautiously, “What's the
matter, Mr. Lu? Can I help you with anything?”

After pondering for a moment, Sachin said in a calm voice, “Not for the time being. You can leave first.”

However, intuitively, he felt that something was wrong. He switched on the positioning program on his

He had installed a positioning system on Rosiley’s phone, so that he could find her if anything
unexpected happened.

He thought that Rosiley was delayed by something, which was why she was late for their appointment.

However, when he saw Rosiley‘s location in the suburbs, his expression immediately changed.

“Lane!” he shouted.

Lane was just about to leave the room. Hearing his boss's frightening tone, he fearfully turned around
and said,

“Yes, Mr. Lu?”

“Go get the car. We're going out. Hurry up.”

Sachin stood up from his office chair. He didn't tell Lane why they were leaving, but directly picked up
his coat and walked out.

Lane had been working for Sachin for many years. Seeing Sachin’'s serious expression, he knew that
something must have gone wrong. He did not hesitate, but hurriedly nodded and followed Sachin out of
the room.

Rosiley did not know how long she had been unconscious. When she woke up, she found herself in a
pitch-black place. An unpleasant smell of moisture poured down on her face. She felt nauseated.

She sat up from the ground in a daze, only to discover that her hands and feet were tied by ropes. She
could barely move.

Rosiley was stunned. It took her a while to realize what had happened to her.


She was about to look for Sachin, but she was kidnapped halfway!

Fear suddenly filled her heart. She looked around her surroundings in terror.

The room was dark. Only the faint moonlight poured in from outside. Rosiley could vaguely see that
she seemed to be in an abandoned warehouse.

The quietness, the unfamiliar surroundings, as well as the deadly darkness, all added to her panic.

“Hello?” she said.

Her slightly trembling voice sounded inside the warehouse.

She could hear nothing but her own echoes. She became even more frightened.

“Hello? Is anyone here? Let me out! What do you want from me?”

Rosiley trembled from head to toe.

She had never experienced this before, and she was a little confused for the moment.

Why would someone kidnap her?

What was in it for them?

Could it be Rorey?

No. Rorey had been obedient lately. It shouldn't be her...

Then, who could it be? What did they want from her?

Countless thoughts flashed through Rosiley’s mind. However, she had already been engulfed with fear,
which made her panic even more. She could no longer stay calm.

Suddenly, the metal door of the warehouse was pushed open.

Then, she heard a rough voice. A man said, “Oh, little beauty, are you awake?”

Rosiley was shocked. She became vigilant as she shrunk back.

Following his words, the lights in the warehouse were turned on. Then, Rosiley saw four tall and sturdy
men walking towards her.

Judging from their appearances, Rosiley could see that they were gangsters.

“Why did you kidnap me?”

Rosiley continued to retreat in fear. She knew at a glance that they weren't good people.

When she saw the malicious smiles on their faces, her heart tensed up.

“Why? We just did. So what?”

The four men looked at each other and laughed heartily. Then, they looked at Rosiley up and down.

“Miss Tang, you were quite famous a while ago.”

“You are really a fair lady. Beautiful. You get me so hot.”

“Do you want us to play some games with you tonight?”

The four burly men smile sinisterly and rubbed their hands as they approached Rosiley step by step.

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