The convenient Bride

Chapter 126: Framing Up

As soon as Hazel left, Rosiley and Yayoi stopped talking about what happened just now. After having a
pleasant lunch, they went back to work.

Around three o'clock in the afternoon, Rosiley suddenly received a phone call from Seneca.

Seeing the person calling was her father who had not contacted her for a long time, Rosiley looked up.

The man usually wouldn't call her. Every time he called her, there must be something wrong. She didn't
know what he wanted this time.

After pondering for a while, Rosiley couldn't help but sigh. She answered the phone and said
indifferently, “What's wrong?”

Unexpectedly, the voice over the phone wasn't Seneca’s but Butler Zhao's anxious voice, “Miss
Rosiley, something bad happened.”

“Butler Zhao?”

Rosiley was stunned and frowned, “Butler Zhao, what happened?”

“It is Master. He is currently in the hospital for emergency treatment.”


Rosiley’s expression changed drastically as soon as the butler spoke.

She did not get along well with Seneca because of Rorey and Xenia over the years. However, no
matter how bad their relationship was, they were still father and daughter. So, even Rosiley was always
calm, she couldn't help but turn pale when she heard that Seneca, who had always been healthy, was

“Is he sick? Is it serious?”

Rosiley barely regained her rationality and asked in a deep voice.

“I don't know. Master collapsed at noon. The doctor hasn't come out yet. Miss Rosiley, can you come
and see Master?”

The butler's tone sounded a little solemn. Presumably Seneca’s situation was not optimistic.

Rosiley took a deep breath and immediately said, “I know. I'll be right there.”

After hanging up, Rosiley asked for leave from Lina and rushed to the hospital without stopping.

At this moment, three figures were waiting at the entrance of the emergency room of the Benin

One of them was Butler Zhao, who had just called Rosiley.

Butler Zhao walked around anxiously, and his old face filled with worry.

The other two were Xenia and Rorey.

At this moment, they were sitting on the chairs in the corridor with different expressions.

Rorey’s expression was indifferent. There was a glimmer of satisfaction in the depths of her eyes.

However, when she saw Butler Zhao walking back and forth, she became testy. “Butler Zhao, can you
stop walking around? You're making me dizzy.”

“Sorry, Miss Rorey. I... I'm just worried about Master.”

Butler Zhao stopped and said with a fearful expression.

Rorey snorted coldly, “What are you worried about? The doctor has been giving him first aid. Is it useful
to worry?”

“How can you say that, Miss Rorey? Master's life is uncertain now. Aren't you worried at all?”

Hearing Rorey's nonchalant words, Butler Zhao felt indignant.

Rorey’s expression froze when she heard this. She knew that she shouldn't be acting so indifferent at
this time. So, she could only grit her teeth and hummed, “Humph, stubborn old man.”

After she finished speaking, she ignored Butler Zhao. Instead, she stared at Xenia, who was beside

At this moment, Xenia seemed to be a little uneasy. She clenched her hands so tightly that the veins on
the back of her hands almost appeared clearly.

Judging from her expression, she was more flustered than worried.

Seeing this, Rorey frowned. She reached out and grabbed Xenia’s hand and whispered in her ear,
“Mom, what are you nervous about? That bitch Rosiley is coming. You'd better be at ease. That woman
is very shrewd. If she finds out anything, it will be troublesome at that time.”

“I... I know. But I can’t help it.”

Xenia's body trembled slightly. There was a deep panic in her eyes, as if she had done something

Seeing her like this, Rorey gritted her teeth and directly frightened her, “Mom, the Ji family is in danger
now. I can only make use of the Tang family to help it. If we succeed, then you and I will be well
provided for the rest of our lives. If we fail, then you'll be driven out by that bitch Rosiley in the future. In
the end, the Tang family will definitely not give you any money.”

Hearing that last sentence, Xenia’s body couldn't help but tremble, “Mom knows what you mean. But
what if their efforts to revive Seneca were futile?”

“Shut up!”

Hearing Xenia’s words, Rorey’s expression changed and she rebuked her in a low voice immediately.

Rorey turned to look at Butler Zhao beside her. Seeing that he didn't pay attention to them, she
continued to whisper, “Mom, you'd better not talk nonsense about these things. Otherwise, we'll be
over. All you have to do now is cooperate with me and pretend that we don't know anything. Remember
that if you accidentally reveal yourself and ruin my business, I won't take care of you anymore. For the
rest of your life, you can never expect me to provide for your old age.”

Rorey’s harsh words also shocked Xenia. She became serious and said, “Mom won't say it anymore in
the future.”

Just as they were whispering to each other, Rosiley finally arrived at the hospital.

Butler Zhao hurriedly greeted her and said respectfully, “Miss Rosiley, you are here.”


Rosiley nodded and glanced at Xenia and Rorey. She ignored them and directly asked, “Where is my

“Master hasn't come out yet.” Butler Zhao answered faithfully.

Rosiley frowned, “How long has it been since he entered?”

“An hour.” Butler Zhao looked at the operating room worriedly.

“Tell me the specifics.”

Rosiley said softly as she helped Butler Zhao to a chair.

Rosiley had always treated this old butler with respect. Butler Zhao had worked for the Tang family for
many years. It could be said that he had watched her grow up.

In the Tang family, he did his best. Because he had no children, Butler Zhao was also kind to Rosiley.

During the period when Rosiley left home, Butler Zhao had always mentioned it in Seneca’s ears and
hoped that Seneca could take Rosiley home as soon as possible.

To Rosiley, Butler Zhao could be considered her family.

Butler Zhao nodded, recalled his memory, and began to narrate, “Master still looked well when he went
to work at the company this morning. In the afternoon, he suddenly went home, as if to get some
important documents. I didn’t ask too much at that time. But I didn’t expect that not long after he
entered the study, he suddenly twitched and fell to the ground unconscious. Fortunately, Madam found
out in time and sent the unconscious Master to the hospital for treatment.”

Hearing Butler Zhao’s simple explanation, Rosiley frowned and subconsciously glanced at Xenia.