The convenient Bride

Chapter 127: Unconscious

Although the relations between her and Seneca were very strained, she knew his health very well.

Seneca had always had health habit, and he also loved some outdoor sports. Even if he went to work,
he would not force himself too much. After all, he was at such an age. If he tried too hard, he would
break his health sooner or later.

According to what Rosiley knew, the Tang Group had been progressively developing in recent years.
The company didn’t make a big move. In this case, Seneca shouldn't become sick from overwork.

But now, Butler Zhao said that her father suddenly twitched unconscious?

For some reason, Rosiley felt strange and wanted to ask Xenia about the specific situation.

However, just as she was about to say something, she saw Xenia’s evasive eyes.

Even though it was only for a moment, Rosiley had captured it.

Rosiley felt shocked as she narrowed her eyes.

Something was wrong with this woman!

Xenia seemed to be able to sense Rosiley’s gaze. Her hands on her legs quivered lightly. It was just a
small movement which disappeared soon.

Rosiley was sharp-eyed and caught her action again. An absurd thought suddenly crossed her mind ...
Seneca’s illness seemed to have something else hidden?

Thinking of this, Rosiley was scared and felt a chill run down her spine.

Had these two women truly been frantic to such an extent?

Just as Rosiley was anxious and doubtful, the door to the operating room finally opened. A doctor
wearing a mask walked out with a nurse.

Rosiley greeted them in a hurry, “Doctor, how is my father?”

Xenia and Rorey also followed behind her.

Xenia was so nervous all the time that she blurted out, “Doctor, is my husband still alive?”

Rosiley and Rorey were stunned when they heard this.

Rosiley remained calm but Rorey’s expression changed slightly. She hastened to explain, “My mother
is asking whether my father is OK”

“Although the patient is out of danger, his situation is still not optimistic. His symptoms are a bit like a
stroke. But he fell into a coma for some reason. So, he may maintain the status quo for a long time. I
hope that you will be prepared for this.”

The doctor took off his mask, sighed, and seemed unable to help.

Hearing this, Rosiley was a little nervous. She asked worriedly, “Doctor, do you know why he suffered a
stroke? My father has always been in good health. How could this happen suddenly?”

“There are many causes of stroke. I'm not sure about it. However, from the patient's symptoms, it
should be caused by brain problems. The patient will be sent to the intensive care unit for observation
for two days. We will also report the details to you in time.”

After saying that, the doctor did not say anything else and left with the nurse.

As soon as the doctor left, Xenia and Rorey heaved a sigh of relief at almost the same time. Their
expression of relief was particularly intriguing.

Rosiley looked coldly at them and did not expose them. But she looked grave.

Although she was very suspicious of Rorey and Xenia, there was no evidence. So, she could not say
anything but temporarily hid her doubts.

Shortly after Seneca was sent to the ICU, Xenia went back to the Tang's villa to take some clothes for
him. Rorey also left the hospital quickly on the pretext that she was pregnant and could not be tired. As
for Butler Zhao, Rosiley was worried about his health. So, she sent him back first.

In less than half an hour, Rosiley was left alone outside the ward.

She stood quietly in the corridor and looked at Seneca lying on the hospital bed through the glass. She
was suddenly sad.

Over the years, she and Seneca had seldom cared about each other. Every time they met, they would
quarrel and get angry, causing their relations to become more and more estranged.

In the past, Seneca was always energetic and solemn. Rosiley had never expected that he would be so

Seeing this, Rosiley felt guilty.

She always said that Seneca was an unqualified father. But had she ever been a qualified daughter?

He supported the entire Tang family by himself and controlled the Tang Group. All these years, she had
been doing what she liked and had not shared anything for him.

Thinking of this, Rosiley’s nose twitched.

At this time, a warm voice suddenly sounded beside her, “It will be fine.” Then, one arm was gently
around her shoulder.

Rosiley turned around in surprise and looked at the man, “Sachin, why are you here?”

The man wore a black shirt and casually rolled up his sleeves. The Patek Philippe watch on his wrist
made him exquisite and graceful. On his tall nose was a pair of golden-rimmed glasses. His deep
eyebrows were hidden behind the lenses. He looked even more mysterious.

At this moment, he was gentle. His charming temperament of abstinence was mingled with a bit of
indifference that strangers were not allowed to be close. Many people were deeply attracted to him.

Wherever this man was, he would always catch everyone's eyes.

“I knew you were coming to the hospital. So, I came to take a look.”

Sachin smiled lightly. After Rosiley was kidnapped last time, he had been paying close attention to her,
fearing that something, which would make him regret, would happen again.

Therefore, not long after Rosiley arrived at the hospital, Sachin was worried and came to take a look.


Rosiley smiled and nodded. Her gaze once again turned back to the ward. She suddenly felt upset. “My
father has been in good health all these years. He suddenly collapsed and I felt a little uncomfortable.
In the past, he always quarreled with me because of Xenia and Rorey. He was partial and unwilling to
stand by me. Every time I was angry, I would contradict him.”

“At that time, I couldn't understand why he didn’t love me even though I was his biological child.
Instead, he loved the child his mistress brought back. However, no matter how much trouble I caused,
he was still strong and vigorous. Not long after I left home this time, he became like this...”

“Don't blame yourself.”

Sachin hugged Rosiley and comforted her softly.

Rosiley smiled bitterly and shook her head, “Anyway, I didn't fulfill my filial piety as a daughter.”

“It is not the time to talk about this now. The most important thing is that father can recover as soon as

Although he did not like Seneca, seeing his beloved wife be so sad with his own eyes, Sachin could
only change his address.

This little woman was so kind. No matter how much hatred and resentment she had, she still could not
be heartless towards her father