The convenient Bride

Chapter 131: Crush Their Hope

Payton was aggrieved. He came all the way here to deliver lunch to Rosiley and Sachin, only to find
himself maligned the moment he arrived.

He walked into the room and as soon as he saw Juliet, he curled his lips. "You petty woman!"


Juliet gave him a ferocious stare and snorted.

Payton was a little angry and then put down the lunch, rolled up his sleeves, and approached Juliet,
"You've always called me that. Since you think so, if I fail to fulfill your wish, I would be very sorry."

"What do you want to do?"

Juliet stepped back with a vigilant look on her face.

Payton smirked and waved his hands in front of her and said, “Being a true playboy. Tell me, should I
drag you out and do it directly or do you want me to do it like last time?"

"Don't you dare!"

Juliet stared at his swaying sinister hands and gritted her teeth. "You can try and see if I could castrate

The two were at each other's throats as soon as they met. Rosiley shook her head in amusement at

Yayoi laughed and joked, "Why don't you go out and get a room to have a ‘serious quarrel’? This is a
hospital. No noise here."

"Shut up."

Juliet and Payton rolled their eyes at Yayoi simultaneously.

Yayoi's interruption ceased their fight, but they still didn't like each other.

Rosiley couldn't do anything about it.

The two "enemies" were both so arrogant that it would be rather strange if they get along well with each

Rosiley shook her head in resignation again and changed the topic, "Yayoi, how are your parents?"

"It's more complicated than I expected. Uncle Sid has been searching for evidence, but Candance and
Vito didn't give anything away. We have no clue for the time being.”

Yayoi sighed in disappointment.

The later she got the evidence, the longer her parents would have to suffer in prison. Nobody could
stand such a thing.

"Don't worry, things will get better."

Rosiley patted her friend's shoulder and comforted her gently.

Yayoi nodded, collected herself, and said, “Don't worry about me. You should take care of yourself first.
It's hard for you, too.” She paused. "Right, Rosiley, do you know the latest news about the Ji Group?”

"What news?"

Rosiley's face darkened when she heard about the Ji Group.

"It's inside news. The Ji Group has purchased a large number of shares in TEG and has officially
become its largest shareholder. The news has gone viral in the company."

"The Ji Group has bought a large number of shares in TEG?"

Rosiley seemed to be astonished at that. She looked over her shoulder and exchanged a look with
Sachin, noting the same puzzlement on the man's face.

A few days ago, the Ji Group had been tied up by the project that they couldn't get rid of.

Why did they suddenly have the extra money to buy the shares of TEG after only a day?

"I'm here to talk about it, too."

Payton interrupted, "The Ji Group has found a buyer abroad who is willing to take over their project.
According to the investigation, the company took over the project is called AR GROUP, which is
involved in a wide range of businesses, including hotels, real estate, electronics, and entertainment.”


Rosiley thought about the familiar name for a moment and was suddenly enlightened. "I remember that
Yunis's cousin Melissa seems to hold a high position in this company. I have seen her several times
before. She is a cold-blooded, formidable woman."

"That's right. In fact, Melissa has something to do with the Ji Group's getting rid of the project.
According to the information we received, Melissa will officially join TEG's and would probably be the
general manager."

Payton nodded and looked at Sachin. "Boss, that woman is ruthless and not easy to deal with. Do we
need to stop her?"

Most importantly, Rosiley was still working in TEG. With Melissa's capacity, she would give Rosiley a
hard time.

Rosiley knitted her delicate brows.

She did not expect that the Ji Group would come back to life at the very last moment.

After Melissa returned, Rosiley would be in even more trouble.

Just as Rosiley was pondering, Juliet commented, "Why stop her? It's just AR GROUP. Does Yunis
think that he has found a powerful backer? Since Melissa is coming back, let it be. She has become the
hope of the Ji Group and we'll crush this hope. I wondered how many companies like AR GROUP will
come to save them at that time."

Juliet declared it in a rather domineering way, not even less impressive than Sachin did.

Rosiley glanced at her and felt somewhat funny, "You want to have fun, don't you?”

Juliet winked at her and smiled. "I got nothing to do anyway. That Melissa is indeed formidable and is a
bit difficult to deal with. But no matter how capable she is, she is nothing compared to me! And I guess
this Melissa is probably the last hope of the Jis, isn't she?"

"The Ji Group has gotten quite a few allies these years. It won't be easy to break them down, but it
won't be too difficult.”

Looking down, Sachin pondered for a moment before meeting Rosiley's eyes and asked softly, "What
do you say, Rosiley?"

"I don't have the energy for Melissa right now. I don't even know whether my father will survive, or
when he will wake up. It's harmless in the short term. But if he stayed unconscious forever, there will be
problems with the Tang Group sooner or later. I'm afraid that I might have to personally take action by

A group without its leader would have problems sooner or later. It was only the beginning, and Rosiley
had to make plans for the future. Therefore, regardless of whether it was the Ji Group or Melissa, she
had no interest in them, let alone spending time paying attention to them.

"But if someone tries to mess with me, I won't be soft-hearted”

"Then it’s decided!"

Juliet concluded with excitement, her manner amusing the others.

‘She's having fun in it, isn't she?’

Sachin shook his head and reminded his subordinate, "Payton, pay attention to this as well.
Remember, it doesn't matter how you want to play the game but you should never harm Rosiley. Also,
keep me informed of it."

"Boss, don't worry. Leave it to me.”

Payton smiled and promised as he patted his chest.

Rosiley and Yayoi were at a loss for words.

It was understandable that Payton and Juliet decided to have fun. But how come even Sachin was the