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Chapter 133: When Have I Ever Lied to You?

"Xenia, is it true? Seneca gave Rorey the shares that easily?"

Quinta looked at Xenia suspiciously, doubting the credibility of her words.

Rorey offered immediately, "Of course, Mrs. Ji. This is true. My father promised me that as long as I get
married to Yunis, he will give 20% of the shares of the Tang Group to me. Although my shares are less
than Rosiley’s, I'm still the successor of the Tang Group. Besides, Rosiley didn't pay much attention to
the company these years, so sooner or later, the company will be mine. At that time, the Tangs and the
Jis would be closer, and we would be able to take care of each other if something

happens to one of us. What do you think?"

Rorey was smart enough not to tell the whole story.

The sudden fall of Seneca was indeed strange. If she claimed that the Tang Group was all hers, she
would attract suspicion.

If the 20% share was dowry, however, the Jis couldn't find fault on that.

It worked as she had expected. With her explanation, Quinta's expression softened at once. "If that's
the case, I have no objections. But it still depends on Yunis.”

As she spoke, the others turned their gaze to Yunis.

The man looked a little surprised by the news, but he did not reply immediately.

He had always had feelings for Rosiley.

Unwilling that she became someone else's woman, he'd been trying all he could to win her back.

He had been so busy with the troubled company that he had no time for it. But now, when he was
finally free, Rorey suggested getting married.

Yunis was a little reluctant to that, but Rorey's belly was getting bigger and bigger. It could be not good
if he said no.

After thinking for a while, he nodded and said, "Let's get married then. Anyway, it's just a matter of time.
Leave the wedding ceremony to Mom. There's no need to be too rushed. I want a glorious wedding

As for Rosiley.... After Melissa coming back and taking up her post, he would have plenty of
opportunities to charm her!

After staying in the ICU for three days, Seneca was finally transferred to the general ward. However, he
still did not show any signs of waking up.

On the second day, the doctor reported the cause of his illness.

"Mr. Sachin, we've run a test on the bottle of potion you brought earlier. According to our analysis, the
potion contains a harmful ingredient that can stimulate the brain and even cause signs of a stroke.
Moreover, people who take it will fall into a coma for a long time. This potion is not allowed to be sold at
home or abroad because it is harmful to the human body."

The doctor looked at Sachin seriously and kindly reminded him, “Sir, this illegal drug has poisoned Mr.
Seneca. So please call the police if you get any other information. If this drug is on the market, it will be
a disaster for many people. As a doctor, I don't want to see such a thing happen.”

As Rosiley had expected, Seneca's coma had something to do with the potion.

Rosiley was chilled to the bone at the thought of Xenia and Rorey poisoning her father.

What a vicious woman who had accompanied her father all these years!

"Should we call the police for this? Xenia and Rorey basically murdered for money."

Rosiley asked Sachin, unable to be more disgusted at the mother and daughter.

With an icy face, Sachin still maintained his composure and shook his head. "It involves a lot of people.
Lacking evidence aside, it is useless to call the police. Just take the potion as an example. It is not
good for the entire Tang family to have the drug. If the police launch an investigation, your father, and
even you, will be implicated. Not to mention that Rorey and Xenia are very likely to frame you, so we
cannot act rashly. "

"Is there no solution?"

Rosiley gnashed her teeth, her pretty face now occupied by anger.

"It's not that I don't have one, but I need time to gather evidence. First of all, I need to figure out where
this potion is from. But there is neither a model number nor a specific place of origin on it, so I'm
undoubtedly searching for a needle in a haystack."

Sachin explained the fact evenly. However, when he noted Rosiley's pale face, he added immediately,
"But don't worry, Rosiley. I only need some time to find its source."


Rosiley asked with red eyes.

Sachin touched her cheek with regret and said, "Yes, when have I ever lied to you?"

"Sachin, thank you!” Rosiley threw herself into his arms and smelled his scent greedily.

Only then did Rosiley realize the importance of power.

With power, one could handle things that ordinary people couldn't.

If it weren't for Sachin, she would probably be at a loss for what to do right now, wouldn't she?

Rosiley didn't know when Seneca would wake up, and she couldn't keep staying with him. Therefore,
she hired someone she trusted to take care of her father.

As for Xenia and Rorey, the former came to the hospital symbolically every day, while the latter was too
lazy to even show up.

Witnessing their behaviors, Rosiley couldn't help but feel that Seneca deserved to be treated better.

To protect Xenia and Rorey, he had repeatedly cold-shouldered his own daughter for so many years. In
the end, that was what he got—he almost lost his life.

Rosiley had hatred and resentment towards her father, but when he was lying in the hospital bed
waiting for his fate, she felt so terrible.

Because of that, Rosiley wished she could have brought her stepmother and stepsister to justice as
soon as possible.

Those two were too ruthless and would do whatever they need to achieve their goals. They tried to kill
Rosiley last time and now it was Seneca's turn. They simply wanted them dead.

Rosiley had been taking care of Seneca for three days in the hospital. On the fourth day, the company
called and ordered her to return quickly.

Knowing that she shouldn't be absent for too many days, she did not refuse the request and rushed
back to work immediately.

However, the vibe in TEG today seemed to be somewhat different from before.

The air in the company used to be quite harmonious, but today, it was somewhat tense.

Puzzled, Rosiley asked Yayoi in a low voice, "Is there something big going on at the company?"

“Well, there is something big happening.”

Yayoi sneered and said with a mocking expression, "Melissa has returned home and today is the day
she officially takes office. As the general manager, ranked second only to the chairman, she requested
all the employees in the company be in place to show their welcome and respect for her.’

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