The convenient Bride

Chapter 135: Troublemaker

Melissa's appearance hushed the whispering crowd immediately and attracted everyone's gaze.

Soon enough, Melissa and a few senior managers sat side by side at the front.

She looked up and skimmed the crowd with her disturbing eyes, “All the senior staff of each
department are here, right?”


Everyone replied in unison.

"Very good.”

Melissa nodded in satisfaction. When she saw Rosiley, her gaze lingered on her for two seconds
before she looked away as if nothing had happened and continued. "I am Melissa. From today
onwards, I will take over the position of General Manager of TEG. I hope that in the days I work with
you, we can work together to make TEG a better place. So, now, managers and

deputy managers of each department, please introduce yourselves. I need to know you.”

“Let's start from the front!"

After her request, managers of the various departments in the conference hall began to stand up and
introduce themselves.

"Hello, Ms. Su. I am Norman Cooper, manager of the film and television development department and
this is my deputy manager, Regan Hamilton.”

"Hello, Ms. Su. I'm the director of the planning department...”

Department managers introduced themselves one after another. Fifteen minutes later, it was finally the
turn of the media department.

Rosiley narrowed her eyes warily.

“I'm the manager of the media department, Lina. They are the deputy managers of my department,
Lonny and Rosiley.”

Lina stood up and reported evenly, with her expression neither humble nor arrogant.

Melissa nodded as her eyes swept over Lonny and Rosiley.

Lonny knew how to act according to the situation. She stood up immediately and said respectfully,
“Hello, Ms. Su. I am Lonny. I have been working as the deputy manager of the media department for
four years.”

“Okay, please sit down.”

Melissa smiled at Lonny but stared at Rosiley. "Ms. Lina, there is only one manager in the other
departments. Why do you have two in yours? TEG does value talents, but isn't it redundant to have two
persons in one position?"

She made a move!

Rosiley's heart skipped a beat at Melissa's comments.

Sure enough, this woman was determined to make it hard for Rosiley!

"Ms. Su, deputy manager Lonny and Rosiley are appointed by the top managers, so there is no such
thing as redundant. Moreover, they are competent and more than qualified to be deputy managers.”

Knowing that Melissa was aiming to make things difficult for Rosiley, Lina offered her an impeccable

But Melissa was not so easy to deal with. She sneered immediately, "They're in the same position and
there will always be a better and a worse one. Before I came here, I knew that Lonny had always
performed well in this position and had served for a long time. She is more than qualified as a deputy
manager. But Rosiley, who has been in TEG for less than three years, has

already taken this position. If I remember correctly, it takes at least three years for TEG's internal
employees to be promoted, right?”

“Moreover, as far as I know, Rosiley doesn't enjoy a very good reputation in the company. Her
scandalous affairs have spread everywhere, some of which even compromised TEG's honor. I
wondered how such a person could become deputy manager.”

The onlookers detected something strange from her concise comments.

The new general manager seemed to be taking aim at Rosiley!

Melissa's speech was very sharp, and it was based on the interests of the company.

This woman was indeed difficult to deal with.

Eyebrows knitting, Lina was about to say something to defense Rosiley.

But Rosiley stood up before her manager could and said leisurely, "You seem to have a lot of
objections to my position as deputy manager?”

"Im just looking at things from my point of view. There s no need to have two deputy managers in the
Media Department. So, from today onwards, you should no longer be the deputy manager!"

Melissa said without hesitation, the loöok on her face showing that she offered no room for any further

Other employees shook their heads inwardly and looked at Rosiley with sympathy.

Many even complained silently that Rosiley was such a troublemaker. Wherever she went, she would
offend others.

Rosiley had long expected the general manager to say so and sneered on the spot, "You re so
arrogant, Ms. Su. But you probably dorit have the right to fire me. Back then, l was promoted based on
the decision of the board. Since you re that capable, why don you go and persuade them instead of
making a scene here?"

"What are you talking about?"

Rosiley's sarcasm resulted in Melissas instant gloomy face.

The crowd was in an uproar, astonished that Rosiley dared to humiliate Melissa.

They exclaimed that Rosiley was too bold and wondered if she wanted to stay at the company.

"Ms. Su, you and Í are both smart. The only reason you gave me a hard time in front of everybody is to
revenge Rorey, isnt it? Huh, you ve come up with some noble reasons, though. Working years and
reputation are just your excuses. I have worked hard for the company and everyone sees what I've
achieved. lÝ you want to play dirty tricks, I can only tell you that youre

targeting the wrong person!”

Rosiley didn†t care about the stunned gazes of others at all.

lf Melissa tried to overwhelm Rosiley with her power, Rosiley would be more powerful than her. Rosiley
wanted to see what Melissa could do to her!

Dead silence!

The entire conference hall was deathly silent and the air was tense.

Everyone didnt dare to say anything, fearing that they would make trouble for themselves the moment
they made a voice.

Melissas face was ashen.

As the powerful general manager with high status, if she wanted to fire Rosiley, no one would dare to
raise any objection.

However, Rosiley bluntly pointed out that she was biased. If Melissa fired her now, her authority would
be compromised.

Melissa was furious.

With her status, everyone fawned over her wherever she went.

She never expected that Rosiley, who used to be soft, weak, and obedient to Melissa whenever she
met her, would dare to slap her on the face in front of everyone.

How dare herl

"Rosiley, this is TEG, not the place for you to play bossy. Also, this is how you treat your boss?”

After a long stretch of silence, Melissa barely suppressed her anger and criticized Rosiley.

"I will certainly honor my respectable bosses, but ... are you one of them?”

Rosiley sneered and continued to fight back, ”Colleagues here have paid great effort and hard work to
be where they are today, while you, a new-pointed general manager, decided to erase others' hard-
earned achievements. [d like to ask you a question. Since we never harm the company s interest or
loaf around, and we got this job by our own efforts, how could you fire us at your will?"