The convenient Bride

Chapter 137: I'll Find You No Matter Where You Are

Noting her exhaustion, Sachin felt sorry for her. He walked over, crouched down beside her, and gently
stroked her long hair. He asked gently, “What happened?"

Low and deep, his voice seemed to possess the power of cheering her up. It sounded very warm and

Rosiley opened her eyes and looked at him.

Sachin was in warm-colored homey clothes and looked rather handsome. Rosiley had always believed
that men who looked good in any kind of clothes were truly handsome. Sachin was one of them. He
was even more attractive than any beauties.

Moreover, even if he was in warm-colored clothes, his unique cool temperament wasn't compromised.

Unable to move her gaze away from him, Rosiley could not help but tease him, "You're so handsome!"

Sachin smiled and said tenderly, "Then I'll allow you to watch me for the rest of your life.”

“Why are you so nice to me?"

Rosiley was touched.

No matter how she fought with others outside, she would be tired.

No matter how brave and bright she was, she was still a young lady, who was fragile sometimes and
needed someone to protect her.

Neither Yayoi and Juliet could protect her, but this man did.

She could feel the warmth of Sachin's palm. His deep sea-like black eyes were focused on her with
affection, love, and care as if she was the treasure he cherished.

Ever since her mother passed away, she had never seen such kind of gaze again.

Sachin was silent for a long time about her question.

After a long stretch, he replied, “Because you are my wife. My value is to be with you when you are
tired, when you need protection, and when you need someone to rely on. If possible, I'd rather you
weren't that independent. I hope my wife can be happy. When you were on yourself, they bullied you at
will. Now that you are my wife, I will do my best to take care of you

and protect you from any harm. ”

The man's magnetic whisper was like a wrecking ball, smashing into her heart fiercely.

Some indescribable strong emotion, like fermented dough, swelled and took possession of her.

She had suffered the most tragic betrayal at her most beautiful age.

However, she had also met the best person at her best age.

She used to think that God had treated her unfairly, but now she assumed that God had treated her too
well because she had been given the best!

"What should I do? If I have to leave you one day in the future, I will be so sad that I would probably

Rosiley put her arms around his shoulders and rested in his embrace. She greedily smelled his scent
and enjoyed his warmth.

She wanted to remember his smell and his body temperature forever.

"If there does come a day, you must not die, because I will find you. I will find you no matter where you

Sachin hugged her tightly and kissed her gently on the cheek before his voice changed, “Of course, I
will try my best to avoid this kind of thing happening because I can't imagine what you would be like
without me around.”

Hugging her tightly, he only wanted to have the lady by his side so she would never leave for the rest of
her life.

Rosiley grinned sweetly, “If there is the day, I will stand in the most conspicuous place for you to see. In
this way, you won't miss me.”

"That's the deal!"

Touched by those sweet talks, he picked her up with a smile and went upstairs to their room.

Outside the window, the night was gentle. Inside the room, the couple was enjoying their night.

Melissa's revenge was slower than Rosiley had expected. Rosiley waited for several days and found
no movement from her.

But Rosiley knew very well that this was only the calm before the storm. Melissa could not let her go so

As Rosiley had expected, it wasn't that Melissa give up taking revenge, she was just looking for the
right time to do so.

As a powerful manager of TEG, she could play a lot of tricks in many places and could ruin Rosiley

However, she was waiting for the best time to attack Rosiley!

But another serious event happened in the TEG these few days.

Early in the morning, Rosiley had just arrived at the office when she was instantly overwhelmed by

"Have you heard? There's been another personnel change at the top management of our company.”

"Another change? What's going on? Why are there so many things happening in our company
recently? Can't they just leave us to focus on our work?”

“I went to the personnel department this morning and heard what their manager said accidentally. It's
said that our president has changed. It shouldn't be fake news."

“Looks like this should be high-level information. Do you know who the new president is?"

"It's said to be the young master of the Shen family!"

“Which the Shen family?”

“Who else can it be? The one comparable to the four great families and enjoyed a great reputation and
power in both military and politics!”

"No wonder the female celebrities of our company are all crowded in the lobby downstairs. So they are
waiting for the young master to take a look at them.”

Rosiley asked Yayoi in confusion, "What's going on?”

“As you can see, our company is going to have a new president again. This time, it is the young master
of the Shen family, Maddox,” Yayoi shrugged.

"The Shen family? Aren't most of them politicians? When did they start doing business?” Rosiley raised
her eyebrows doubtfully, “What's wrong with that Maddox?"

"You don't even know that? Looks like you're not a qualified gossip reporter.”

Yayoi rolled her eyes and began to inform Rosiley, “It is said that Maddox has been in poor health since
he was young, so he gave up joining the army and chose to be a businessman.

Don't underestimate him. It is said that he did well abroad. Not only did he start a company, but he was
also rich. He has a very impressive family background.”

“Oh, I see. No wonder all the women in the office are so excited today.”

"Huh, who doesn't want to get wealthy by marrying into a rich family nowadays? It's almost every
woman's dream. Didn't you see that downstairs is crowded with female celebrities?"

Rosiley did not comment on Yayoi's speech.

Right now, she had too many things to take care of and had no interest in knowing who would marry
into which rich family.

Moreover, families like the Shen family had been rooted in Benin City for at least a hundred years.
They were influential in politics as well as business and had befriended almost as many rich and
powerful people as the great four families did. How could any ordinary person manage to marry into
such a great family?

“Ah, those women were so naive. How can ordinary people like us marry into such a wonderful family?
It's not like everyone is as lucky as you, who's picked up a perfect husband randomly on the roadside.”

After gossiping for a while, Yayoi could not help but shake her head.

Rosiley gave her a funny look and didn't bother to pay any more attention.

Outside the office, everyone was discussing the change of their president, but Lina received a phone
call from the CEO's office.