Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 136: Play Dumb

Rosiley's words hit the nail on the head.

Everyone was silent at what they heard.

in a company where mediocrity was never tolerated, employees were where they were not because of
luck but their abilities.

Rosiley earned her position as a deputy manager from hard work.

Not only could she endure hardship, but her ability was also outstanding. News edited by her would
make the headlines every time.

It was too much for Melissa to make things difficult for Rosiley the moment she took office.

All of a sudden, everyone looked at Melissa with odd expressions.

The general manager certainly felt everyone's gaze, and her face twitched involuntarily.

This damned Rosiley instigated everyone so easily.

Now, not only could she not fire Rosiley, she could not even demote her as deputy manager.
Otherwise, all she got would be employees’ disappointment and the failure of her attempt to establish

Melissa was seething at the thought of that.


“Good, Rosiley! No wonder you got the better of Rorey and Yunis!"

“Since you've humiliated me in front of everyone, you're not going to have a good time in the company!”

“Alright. Since you've said that, I'd be unreasonable if I kept making a big deal about it.”

Melissa took a deep breath and tried all she could to suppress her rage, but her face was a little twisted
from too much fury. "I know you're all working very hard. The aim of this meeting for me to get to know
you and I never want to deprive your hard-earned achievements. But I've remembered a subordinate
who contradicted her boss today. I hope you won't do it again next time. "

Melissa seemed to compromise with Rosiley, but everyone could hear the hidden danger in her

It seemed that offending this well-known general manager was not a wise move.

Rosiley would probably have a rough time in the future.

Rosiley turned a blind eye to the sympathetic gazes from the crowd.

She knew Melissa very well.

This woman had always been vindictive. Being embarrassed in front of her employees, she would hit
back at Rosiley.

But this wasn't the worst about Melissa. The most disturbing thing was that this shrewd woman could
come up with trickier ways of revenge that would be troublesome for Rosiley to deal with.

With too many things happening one after another recently, even people like Rosiley found herself a
little irritated.

The meeting ended very quickly, and Rosiley's name spread all over the company. No one would ever
forget that the young lady had fought against the new general manager on her own with extremely
sharp remarks.

She was probably the only one who dared to treat her boss like that in the world.

What people admired her was that she solved the crisis of being demoted or even dismissed by her
own strength.

“Rosiley, I'm totally impressed with you.”

When they came out, Lina looked at Rosiley with surprise.

Lina asked herself if she had been Rosiley, would she dare to talk against Melissa like that.

And she got the answer quickly.

She wouldn't dare!

Therefore, for the first time, she placed her subordinate on the same level as herself.

With her guts, Rosiley was even more than competent to be a manager. If Melissa kept
underestimating her, she would probably end up the same as Rorey!

On the same night, Yunis booked a table in a luxurious restaurant downtown to welcome Melissa and
celebrate her entry into TEG.

The three Jis, along with Rorey, had been waiting early in the private room.

When Melissa came, she was in a beautiful dress. Because it had been a long time since they had
seen each other, they exchanged some small talks.

After a while, Rorey asked eagerly, "Melissa, how do you feel about the company today? Have you
seen Rosiley? Did you teach her a lesson?”

Her questions cooled down the air in the room instantly.

Yunis and Quinta noted that Melissa's face darkened.

Frowning, Quinta asked, "What's wrong, Melissa? Even you can't deal with Rosiley?"

"Of course I can.”

Melissa denied it through her gritting teeth and felt humiliated at Rosiley’s words during the day. "I just
didn't expect that she has changed so much after so many years of not seeing her. Didn't she always
be like an obedient girl in the past?"

"She has changed a lot. She has become more and more difficult to deal with, and more and more

Gnashing her teeth, Rorey uttered.

They had all been deceived by Rosiley. That woman was not a doormat at all. Instead, she had been
playing dumb and waiting for a deadly attack, from which Rorey had suffered a lot these past few

“In my opinion, you and Yunis are to blame. If you hadn't forced her too far, would she have become
like that?”

Although Melissa was abroad, she knew everything about Yunis and Rosiley.

She did not like Rorey, but because Yunis did, she could only choose to stand on Rorey's side.

Today, she made things difficult for Rosiley mainly because of Rorey.

Thinking of which, Melissa was a little annoyed.

If it wasn't for this useless woman, how would she have been humiliated like that by Rosiley?

Seeming to have sensed Melissa's displeasure, Yunis quickly formed a refined smile and comforted
her, “Alright, Melissa, don't blame Rorey. No matter what, you are TEG's general manager now. I'm
sure that no matter how capable Rosiley is, she doesn't dare to behave unmannerly in front of you. You
can take this opportunity to knock her down and stop her from being

too insolent. "

"You're telling me!”

Melissa let out a cold snort as a shrewd light flashed across her eyes suddenly.

‘Rosiley, you'll see!"

When the Jis were discussing how to deal with Rosiley, the young lady, however, was completely
unaware of it.

Even if she had known, she probably wouldn't care too much about it.

She dared to show her defiance to Melissa in front of all the managers of the company. How would she
be afraid of her conspiracy?

In the evening, Rosiley went to the hospital after work and return home at around eight oclock.

After entering the room, she lay on the sofa with an exhausted look on her face.

It was only when she returned home that she would relax after a hard day. She let go of all vigilance
and reveal her true feelings completely.

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