The convenient Bride

Chapter 139: Public Display of Affection

After returning to the Media Department, Lina gathered everyone from the department to a meeting.

The new president and boss had just taken office, and it was unknown if the company's policies would
change or not. Hence, Lina solemnly instructed her subordinates to do their jobs and behave
themselves, so as not to leave a bad impression on the new president.

Lonny thought for a while before asked Lina suddenly, "Lina, do you know why Mr. Shen came to TEG?
I heard that his career has been very successful abroad. Is it true?”

"I'm not sure.” Lina glanced at her indifferently. "His career is his own business, which we have no right
to stick our noses in. I hope you know what to ask and what not to ask. Your priority now is to get two
headlines in next week's weekly magazine!”


Lonny did not say anything else. Lights flashed in her eyes but betrayed none of her thoughts.

Yayoi pursed her lips and sneered, "Some just don't have any self-awareness and dream of suddenly
being rich and noble.”

"Yayoi, what did you say?” Lonny's face changed.

"Nothing. I was just saying. Don't take it seriously.”

Yayoi grinned annoyingly.

Lonny was furious. Just as she was about to retort, Lina said coldly, "Stop arguing. I hope you all do
your job well. Also, the new president is not to be underestimated. You better not let him find out what
you just said. Otherwise, you'll be fired.”

Lina wasn't threatening them. Judging from the grumpy new president she met today, he was definitely
not a man to provoke.

After the meeting, Lina stopped Rosiley and asked her, "Rosiley, you know who the new president is,
don't you?”

Rosiley nodded, "Yeah, the young master of the Shen family. People are all talking about him."

“So do you know him?” Lina asked.

Caught off guard, Rosiley chuckled, “Why would you ask that? I don't know him. How could people like
me know the kind from family as great as the Shen family?"

“Is that so?”

Lina didn't believe it.

Maddox acted like he was protecting Rosiley today.

Could it be that she was overthinking it?

Lina had no idea. She examined Rosiley for a long time before deciding that she didn't seem to be lying
and sighed, "Forget it. You can leave now.”

Perhaps it was just a coincidence!

At the president's office of TEG.

Maddox was lounging on the sofa and making a phone call while his slender legs casually rested on
the coffee table. He didn't sit like a president but like a playboy.

"Cousin Sachin, I've done what you told me to.”

Maddox said respectfully to the person on the other end of the phone, his previous domineering
manners all gone now.

“You didn't expose your cover, did you?"

"No, I didn't. Don't you trust me?"

Maddox raised his chin arrogantly and asked curiously, “By the ways, Sachin, who is that Rosiley? Is
she worthy of you to call me back from abroad?”

"... She's my wife!”


Maddox widened his eyes in shock as his jaw dropped. "You must be lying to me, right?” He laughed
out loud.

“Do you think I got nothing better to do?"


Maddox claimed with certainty. But then he shouted in disbelief, "So, Sachin, you're married? Why
didn't I know? How could you not inform me of such an important matter?"

"Rosiley is relatively low-key. So keep it a secret that you're my cousin. Otherwise, she will be unhappy
to know that I interfered in TEG's affairs."

After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone without waiting for Maddox's reply.

Maddox was speechless.

He held the phone in his hand, his eyes slightly dull.

‘Sachin is married?’

‘How could he get married?’

‘Good Lord! What kind of hopeless woman she was to marry such an abstinent man who doesn't seem
to be interested in women or men?’

Maddox guessed the world had gone crazy.

He had never expected that Sachin had called him back from abroad in such a hurry just to support his

Rumors had it that Sachin Lu with the REG was a ruthless, cold-blooded dictator. Countless beautiful
women threw themselves at him, but he never bothered to cast a glance at them. No one could

imagine that he had a beautiful wife already!

Maddox became excited at once.

He couldn't wait to see what kind of woman had enchanted his outstanding cousin to the point that he
was willing to help her without her knowing it!

Rosiley had no idea that Sachin's secret help saved her from Melissa Su's another scheme.

Colleagues were still talking about their new president. "Sure enough, only rich handsome men are
popular these days. If a man is poor, nobody cares if he is handsome or not. It's not like good looks can
pay the bills.“ said Yayoi.

Uninterested in the topic, Rosiley smiled. "Actually, compared with this, I'm more curious about whether
there's gossip about him. If there is, releasing it will certainly help us get the headline."

"Hey, Rosiley, you're so bold. He's from the Shen family, who are influential in politics and business.
You'd be doomed if you gossip about him!"

Yayoi was so terrified at the thought that her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

Rosiley thought for a while and grinned, "My Sachin said that I can do whatever I want in Benin City.
Whoever I've offended, he'll take care of it for me.”

"You're showing off how much he loves you, aren't you?" Yayoi rolled her eyes.

Rosiley laughed heartily. Sachin just happened to send her a message asking her to have lunch

Rosiley agreed and texted him, "We got a new boss in our company and I was discussing with Yayoi to
dig up his gossip."

Words failed Sachin.

He looked at the message with amusement and subtle feelings.

Maddox was only TEG's nominal president, and Rosiley was the real boss of the company.

Now, his wife just claimed that she wanted to dig up his gossip!

After being silent for a long time, Sachin replied, "You could do whatever you want and I'll take care of it
if something happened.”

Rosiley sent him an innocent face. "That was what I told Yayoi. And she said I was showing off.”

"Tell her that we are showing off our affection towards each other."

Rosiley laughed heartily. Yayoi called Juliet in resignation and cried, “Julie, I can't stand Rosiley and
Sachin anymore. They kept showing off their relationship in front of me. You have to help me.”

Juliet comforted her sympathetically, “Don't worry. I'll get you a boyfriend later then you can revenge on
her by having a PDA in front of her."